Op-Ed - WW City Council should reduce homelessness, not criminalize it

At its public meeting this Wednesday evening, the Walla Walla City Council has an excellent opportunity to make a decision that could reverse a terrible national and state trend to criminalize men and women who are homeless.

Editorial - Efforts to revitalize M-F will benefit entire Valley

The folks in Milton-Freewater are generating ideas and energy aimed at revitalizing the city only a few miles from Walla Walla across the Oregon border.

Editorial - Marketplace is deciding GMO labels

In recent years, the food and agriculture industries have won political and economic victories by mounting campaigns against ballot initiatives requiring labels on products containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Op-Ed - Stop using DNR public timber sales for school funding

It seems unthinkable that our smart, outdoor-loving citizenry would condone clear-cutting thousands of acres of trees each year to help fund public education.

Letter - Hey, average people can understand science

It appears some consider average people like ourselves to lack the ability to reason or understand the basic things in life. In that regard, it does appear a few did fall off the turnip truck as it was passing through town.

Editorial: State Senate’s social media policy is lame

Those elected to the state House and Senate like to feel in control, and they are in matters such as approving the state budget and setting state policy.

Column: As Legislature ignores voters, teacher frustration grows

As a veteran teacher, parent and local business owner in Walla Walla, I am writing to explain my support for more than 20,000 teachers around the state who are staging one-day walkouts. Walla Walla Valley Education members have chosen not to walk out, but rather to “Wear Red for Public Ed” on those walkout days as a way to acknowledge the efforts of our statewide colleagues.

Letter - Airport should have supported restaurant

One of our favorite places to go out for dinner was Dominick’s on the Runway. It is very disappointing it closed.

Letter - Small raise for teachers is not enough

I read with interest state Rep. Terry Nealey’s missive and plea to our Walla Walla teachers to write to him. I read with interest about his lifelong supporter of our schools and his recognition of the important role of our teachers.