Letter - Word is show at Power House Theatre worth seeing

My wife and I recently received an email from a Seattle friend. Briefly: “Run, don’t walk, to get tickets for ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’”

Letter - Effort to save VA hospital makes citizen proud

In light of the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center, I must borrow from Paul Harvey and tell “The rest of the story.”

Letter - Hmmm, Wa-Hi conspiracy?

I’m convinced there is a conspiracy going on with this latest Walla Walla High School bond issue proposal. In fact this conspiracy permeates every corner of the Walla Walla Public Schools. It starts with the School Board and runs through the administration, to the teachers and the support staff. I saw it first when I was a kindergarten student at Green Park. I saw it at Pioneer and at Wa-Hi. I’ve been a willing pawn of this widespread conspiracy for the past 20 years, assisting the past three superintendents to help identify physical plant repair and replacement priorities.

Boeing gets tax breaks; state loses 2,000 jobs

SEATTLE — When state politicians were scrambling last fall to give Boeing the largest state tax break in U.S. history, they did pause, briefly, to hold three public hearings over the course of two days.

Letter - Will students be brainwashed with scientism?

I’m confident this letter won’t be published given the U-B’s unbridled sycophancy for materialistic scientism; but all views should be heard.

Letter - All of Wa-Hi could be updated for $10 million

The current Walla Walla High School science building has two classrooms updated approximately four or five years ago. These updates allowed these two rooms to be used extensively as computer classrooms.

Letter - What are we growing?

I have sat back and listened and read all the comments about our schools and school district. We all have our problems and excuses.

Hypocrisy of state lands commissioner a concern

Washington state Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark is unquestionably a smart man. Before being elected lands commissioner, Goldmark, among many other things, earned a doctorate in molecular biology and was state Secretary of Agriculture.

Video replay has been good for pro baseball

Baseball is a game built on traditions and an unwritten code of conduct.

Letter - Pascal’s wager

Blaise Pascal was a mathematician, physicist, religious philosopher and master of French prose. The Encylopedia Britannica mentions his “wager,” which in essence indicated if God did not exist the skeptic lost nothing by not believing in Him.

Long sentences for candy robbers built case for reform

OLYMPIA — The most important thing about Senate Bill 5064 isn’t that it passed the Washington Legislature, but that it passed with large, bipartisan majorities.

Letter - Council cuts off competition for backflow testing

I attended a Walla Walla City Council meeting a few weeks ago on the subject of Backflow Assembly Testing. The Council’s discussion was about compliance, which is down to under 70 percent from over 80 percent two years ago (a number the city had committed to the state).

Letter - Burden of funding schools is shared by all

So now we’re starting to hear from the whining property owners having to pay for all the children’s educations, even when they themselves don’t have any!

Letter - Dayton bond addresses current, future needs

As an member of the Dayton School District Facilities Committee, the first order of business was to review the state’s comprehensive (independent) report on the current “health” of the district’s structures, which include electrical, mechanical, H/VAC and the like. The facts spoke volumes.

Letter - Everyone should vote; support future of children

Young voters, parents and grandparents of current or future Walla Walla Public School students, vote “yes” for the Walla Walla High School science building bond.