Editorial: Amend state constitution to require supermajority to raise taxes

Washington state voters have made it clear, over and over, they want to make it more difficult to raise taxes. Initiatives have been approved that mandate a two-thirds majority in the state House and Senate to raise taxes and fees.

Letter - The Democrats are in disarray

It began in 1979 when President Carter visited the site of the nuclear-power meltdown on Three Mile Island, and reported to his Cabinet it was only a minor incident.

Column - Keeping Washington competitive benefits all

Our state stands at a critical moment in determining our future. In every direction, geographical neighbors are implementing pro-growth policies and making long-term investments in trade-related infrastructure with the ultimate goal of expanding their global economic reach.

Op-Ed - Snake River dams are assets that must remain

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin has recently printed several letters to the editor from citizens supporting the removal of the Lower Snake River dams. A new environmental group at Whitman College has been formed for the same purpose.

'Social airbags' give children of affluent an edge

What’s the difference between growing up in an affluent family and growing up poor in America?

Editorial - It’s the law: Public records are public

The kerfuffle over the email policy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to fester.

Roach - Saving state’s children from the Internet’s dark side

Sadly, Washington state is among the nation’s biggest offenders when it comes to the escalating crime of online child pornography and subsequent child-sex trafficking.

Editorial - State should try to keep waiver for lousy NCLB law

The federal No Child Left Behind law, although well-intended, has been a disaster.

Specialty plates: Fair policy may not be palatable

The right to free speech means nothing if not the right to express ideas that other people might find offensive. Protecting the exercise of that right is essential to democratic government, as the world was reminded, horrifically, by the mass murder of Muhammad-mocking cartoonists at France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine in January.

Life in Singapore contradicts Western view of late prime minister

Between my early life in India and my current life in the United States, I spent 14 years in paradise: Singapore.