Editorial - Balloonists’ spring flight is fine gesture to community

Think of the five hot-air balloons floating over Walla Walla last weekend — on what would have been the usual date for Balloon Stampede had the festival not been moved to October — as a gesture of good will.

Letter - Helping homeless must be a top priority

I appreciate the U-B’s coverage of the homeless problem.

Column: Teacher strikes misguided in midst of historic funding boost

I’ve been a lifelong supporter of local schools and recognize the important role teachers play in our communities and shaping the lives of our students. Our teachers are dedicated, hardworking and deserve a living wage.

Editorial: New carbon tax plan is no better than previous one

Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed carbon emissions tax is once again in play, this time being pushed by Senate Democrats in the current special session of the Legislature.

Editorial - Teacher-pay issue hinges on source of funds

The current debate over teacher pay in the state Legislature isn’t as much about the amount, but who is picking up the tab — at least in the eyes of the state’s Supreme Court justices.

Westneat - Seattle and its pols hooked on the Arctic oil they protest

The other day I was watching video footage of one of this city’s emerging leaders, City Councilman Mike O’Brien, as he was training to be a “kayaktivist” in opposing Shell Oil’s drilling rigs docking in the city.