Column: It’s unfair to burden Walla Walla passengers for Sea-Tac fixes

Nobody likes waiting in line. It makes sense that the Port of Seattle would want to improve the international terminal at Sea-Tac Airport so travelers arriving from Shanghai and Paris can clear customs and retrieve their luggage quickly.

Letter - Brightly colored religious warfare

Martin McCaw (U-B Perspective section Feb. 15) was annoyed to find in his mailbox a “brightly colored brochure” eagerly promoting a literally apocalyptic vision of a war to the finish between Christianity and Islam.

Editorial: Jail mug shots should be public record

Government — including the justice system — must be as transparent as possible. After all, it is the people the government serves and who pay the bills.

Column: Let’s move past the issue of race to better policing

Pasco is one of those towns few know much about unless you grew up there. I did, and have had to explain countless times where Pasco is — even to people on the western side of the state.

Letter - Questions, questions, questions

My old friend Stanley Pynchaloafski called the other day to catch up on what’s going on in Wally World.

Editorial: Oregon’s test with mileage tax makes sense

State lawmakers in Olympia are now pondering raising the gasoline tax by 11.7 cents a gallon to fund $15 billion in transportation improvements,

Editorial - Confront obesity sooner, not later

Those who embark on a quest to shed extra pounds voice a universal frustration: Getting the weight off is hard, but keeping it off is even harder. The common anecdote has roots in science, expressed most recently in commentary last week in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology and reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Editorial - Do local levy funds vanish if state covers full cost of education?

Going into the current legislative session in Olympia, estimates were that an additional $2 billion would have to be added to education spending to satisfy — albeit temporarily — Washington’s Supreme Court justices.

Op-Ed - Facts regarding next year’s Alder Street project

I am writing to clarify some of the information contained in last week’s U-B article on the Alder Street Infrastructure Repair and Replacement Project slated for construction in 2016.