Letter - Local homeless situation different from way presented

I’m writing because the recent article about homelessness in Walla Walla made several grossly inaccurate statements about our community, its services and misrepresented the drivers of homelessness here.

Letter - Teaching, resources must change to keep up with the times

The nameplate “Domestic Science” above the door across the hall from my first-grade classroom in Iowa was my introduction to the word “science.” By the time I was 12 I definitely knew I wanted to be a part of that “Domestic Science.”

Letter - Walla Walla High School bond is a community imperative

I don’t have that golden nugget of information or inspiration to send you directly to the “yes” box on your Walla Walla High School science building ballot.

Letter - Thoughts to consider in our godless current times

On homosexuality, pedophilia, bigotry, these godless current times and protecting our nation’s children:

Changing Mill Creek project wouldn’t be boring

After the recent decision path regarding the Walla Walla Aviary, it is somewhat appropriate for two birds (Shoe and Fishhawk) to discuss the city on the comics pages.

Letter - Here’s how we can pass all school bonds

If in the future if we want to get all school bonds passed we need to approach it in a completely different manner.

Letter - Today’s children will decide your nursing home

Please vote “yes” for the Walla Walla High School Science building.

Letter - Solution doesn’t have to be new building

The recent letter concerning why new and not remodel was well thought out. Many of us have been discussing the same concerns.

Letter - Don’t follow Obama lead; vote no on school bond

Sounds like the Walla Walla School Board is following President Obama’s idea — just do it I don’t care who pays for it.

Letter - Vote is about children’s future, not our past

We cannot change the past. We can, however, impact the future.

Valley should step up to save Multicultural Arts Festival

A 20-year-old event may end if volunteers don’t see this as a core value worth saving.

People in the Walla Walla Valley are known for stepping up to the plate when something needs to get done.

Campaign targets distracted driving

Driving has become such a routine for people they often don’t pay close enough attention to what they are doing.

Revisting Memorial Pool is a smart move

As sure as spring follows winter, Walla Walla residents have plunged once more into the swimming pool issue as the temperatures start to rise.

Letter - More reflections of a Wa-Hi science teacher

I plead with you to pass the bond to build a new Walla Walla High School science building. I bring a science teacher’s perspective to the “physics of the facilities.”

Letter - Upcoming student, teacher and class reductions

Adding 25,000 square feet to the existing facilities when reductions in students, teachers and classes are around the corner does not appear to be the best option.