Letter - Background checks for gun purchases work

I was surprised to read your reason given for recommending a “no” vote on Initiative 591 and Initiative 594:

Clear rules on free meals for state lawmakers are welcome

State lawmakers don’t need free — very expensive — meals. And, as we’ve argued for years, they should not take them in most cases.

Column: The ethics of hacking

At the University of Tulsa, professor Sujeet Shenoi is teaching students how to hack into oil pipelines and electric power plants.

Editorial: Take reasonable steps to contain Ebola threat

It was announced last week that the U.S. starting on Monday will monitor for 21 days everyone traveling into this country from Ebola-striken nations.

Letter - Turner unwilling to work with other county officials

Over the years I have had many opportunities to interact with Tom Cooper. I find him honest, intelligent and someone who cares about our community.

Letter - Greenwood is professional and pleasant

I would like to commend Richard Greenwood for all of the work he has done as county coroner. In my experience as a physician locally he has been professional, thorough and pleasant to work with.

Letter - ‘Creative destruction’ brings about change

I have been amazed by the level of vitriol expressed in the letters to the editor occasioned by the current sheriff’s race in Walla Walla. As I’ve read through the many weeks of letters, they appear to sort themselves into two main themes (apart from the vitriol).

Letter - Karen Martin most competent choice for auditor

Karen Martin is a tremendous asset to Walla Walla County as our auditor.

Letter - Tom Cooper has what it takes to be sheriff

Tom Cooper has made his career with Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office.

Letter - Dog owners should be more considerate

It’s too bad someone’s dog is suffering because she thinks everyone should love it as much as she does.

Letter - Culwell will keep Columbia County moving forward

Rea Culwell is our prosecutor for the future. She has the talent, energy and experience to serve the county well. She wants the job and takes this campaign serious.

Letter - Rea Culwell, the right choice

While working a jury trial in Dayton, I had the privilege of working with Rea Culwell, who was the prosecuting attorney for the case.

Letter - Join the revolt, toss the incumbents out

After reading the U-B’s ringing endorsements of our candidates, I have decided to weigh in with my own thoughts.

Letter - Tom Cooper has never let family down

I am writing to express my support and enthusiasm for Tom Cooper for the office of Walla Walla County sheriff. There are so many things about the man that make him right for this important post.

Letter - Karen Martin is hard working public official

Debi and I would like to convey our reasons for supporting the re-election of Karen Martin for county auditor.

Housing: Weak or Strong?