Editorial - City wisely takes conservative approach in plans for Memorial Pool

Things aren’t exactly going (pardon the pun) swimmingly as city of Walla Walla officials piece together plans to build a public pool with the $5.8 million approved by voters earlier this year.

Letter - Masterminds? Try fanatical psychopaths

Can’t we please stop referring to the fanatical psychopaths who plan these awful terrorist attacks as masterminds?

Letter - Obama is not doing enough to keep us safe

President Obama says protecting American citizens is his responsibility. Then, in the next breath, he states there will be “no change” in his dealings with ISIS.

Editorial: VanAusdle’s three decades of leadership shaped WWCC

Walla Walla Community College President Steve VanAusdle, who announced his retirement this week, leaves behind a record of accomplishment worthy of a hall of fame. He will be stepping down this summer.

Op-Ed - A portrait in bravery: The Syrian scapegoat next door

Hussein Ali is an engineer at Crane Aerospace in Lynnwood, Wash. His first reactions to the Paris terrorist attacks were not unusual: He was horrified, then upset and sad.

Editorial - Increase in number of local flights a positive sign

Increasing the number of flights in and out of Walla Walla is a big deal.

Letter - Is compostable approach too revolutionary?

Today I saw a commercial on PBS! Yes, it could be considered a commercial. But it was actually a news story. And it was astounding.

Letter - Wa-Hi production one of the strongest

Congratulations to the Walla Walla High School Drama Department for its incredible presentation of “A Long Bridge Over Deep Waters.”

Editorial: Making travel to school safer for kids is a worthy effort

An ounce of prevention, as Benjamin Franklin wisely noted, is worth a pound of cure.

Letter - School start time: Do we consider mind or body?

The recent discussion about later start times for Walla Walla High School being helpful for sleep disorders, needs a small injection of common sense.

Editorial: Sleep isn’t only factor in setting Wa-Hi schedule

In an effort to gain teenagers more sleep, should Walla Walla High School adjust its start time so no student would have a class before 8:30 a.m.?