Editorial - Fire protection consolidation makes sense for Waitsburg

The city of Waitsburg is making the wise move in attempting to consolidate a government service — fire protection — to better serve the taxpayers at a lower cost.

Letter - Hearing on marijuana store was colorful

I attended the marijuana shop hearing and have a little different perspective on what occurred than what I’ve been reading in the letters to the editor.

Column: Lessons learned in pigheadedness from another Washington

The state on Monday sent out shutdown notices to 4,000 contractors — the latest sign our political system is lurching from one manufactured crisis to another. Just like that other Washington.

Editorial: When states issues license plates they control content

Free speech is not an unfettered right.

Editorial - Lawmakers have no excuse for not approving budget

When lawmakers convened in the Capitol in January all 147 of them knew they had 105 days to agree on a state budget.

Column: Dolezal brings up specter of delusional ‘racist anti-racist’

The story of former Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has seemingly allowed America to shift attention from black lives that still matter to the seemingly delusional qualities of anti-racism and our contemporary notions of identity.

Letter - Magna Carta and qualifications for office

Monday the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary was celebrated as a cornerstone of our liberties.

Letter - Obama efforts to censor Fox are wrong

In his letter of June 14, L. Robert Evans presented the accusation that Fox News and the conservative base have joined forces to become “The gravest threat to our freedom and way of life.” Really? Not climate change?

Editorial: Pot might be legal, but employers can ban use by workers

The use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes is legal under state law in Washington and Colorado and will be legal in Oregon starting in July.

Column: I-735 volunteers work to make sure ‘small potatoes matter’

As if on cue, another million bucks was dumped into a so-called “citizens’ initiative” — by one rich guy. But some citizens calling themselves “small potatoes” say they’re going to prove me wrong that only the superrich can make the ballot.

Editorial: Foo Fighters singer put audience before his own pain

Although Mumford & Sons are the driving force in the Gentlemen of the Road Tour, which makes a stop in Walla Walla on Aug. 14 and 15, many who have tickets for the festival are most excited about the opportunity to see the Foo Fighters.