Column: Oregon woman died in a philosophically responsible way

Brittany Maynard's ordeal is now over. On Nov. 1, the 29-year old with terminal brain cancer, who became the face of a movement to allow dying patients to choose when to end their lives, used the pills provided by her Oregon physician and died. Compassion and Choices, the nonprofit Maynard worked with, reported “she died as she intended — peacefully in her bedroom, in the arms of her loved ones.”

Column: This wasn't a Seinfeld election — it was really a Kramer election

One of the best episodes of “Seinfeld” was also arguably the most meta. In it, Jerry and George are dreaming up a television show to pitch to NBC. They're eating, they're riffing about salsa, and, boom, George declares they have a plot.

Column: What the GOP needs to accomplish

With Republicans in charge of Congress starting in January, here are six suggestions they should adopt to restore public confidence.

Letter - Support for Garfield County health care is humbling

I am humbled by overwhelming support of the citizens of Garfield County for their health care services; they passed the hospital district levy by 70 percent!

Letter - 60 percent of counties rejected I-594

Based on information in a Seattle Times story, Initiative 594 passed by nearly 60 percent of the votes as of Tuesday. It also had an interactive graphic that showed county-by-county results. Based on that another way of looking at the I-594 vote is that less than 40 percent of the counties representing 30 percent of the area of Washington state passed I-594.

Letter - Reduce length of letters in U-B

While visiting in Portland recently, I noticed The Oregonian newspaper limits letters to the editor to 150 words. I would suggest the U-B consider doing something similar to spare us from excess verbosity on many subjects. It is also environmentally correct, due to paper savings. Op-eds are suitable for more lengthy subjects. Several quotes may be helpful here.

Football playoffs kick off — and Wa-Hi is in hunt

Pro football and big-time college gridiron action capture the attention of ESPN and the other 24/7 sports channels, but it’s high school football that really means something to communities throughout America.

Republicans, Obama must work together to end gridlock

Republicans got what they wanted — control of Congress.

Letter - WIAA discriminates against WWVA athletes

As one who has lived in the Walla Walla Valley for many years, I have been very pleased to watch the rise of the Walla Walla Valley Academy Knights volleyball team over the last several years. For the last five years it has qualified for postseason play. For two of those years (including this year) it has been the top seed.

Letter - Move forward with unity, purpose

By the time this letter is published, the voters will have decided the results of the tenacious sheriff’s race. In an attempt for neutrality, I wrote and delivered this letter before the election returns were known.

Letter - Turner must work to regain trust

The election is over and John Turner has been re-elected sheriff.

Letter - U-B dropped the ball with recommendation

Each election year the Union-Bulletin submits its voter recommendations for which it gets some heat. I don’t always follow these recommendations entirely but appreciate them especially regarding initiatives, etc.

Letter - U-B works tirelessly to inform community

Union-Bulletin, we love you.

The case for a supermajority vote on tax hikes

Usually when voters speak, lawmakers listen — though some may claim the message from voters wasn’t clear. What could be unclear, though, about the voters saying five times that they want broader consensus before their financial burdens are raised?

Letter - It’s absurd: Democrats, GOP spend, spend, spend

Why is it that if people oppose Democratic policies they’re almost always assumed to be Republican? Why doesn’t someone assume they may be independent?

Housing: Weak or Strong?