Editorial: Obama’s plan for free college isn’t really free

President Barack Obama’s latest attention-grabbing effort — a proposal to provide two years of free college — is not something the federal government should fund.

Letter - Walla Walla needs joyful sound of swimmers

In the middle of a cold, dark winter, it may be hard to remember the sweltering heat of a Walla Walla summer. Soon enough, though, the 100-degree days will be here again and we will all be ready for a dip in the pool.

Two-thirds majority for tax hikes is unconstitutional

Two Republican state senators, frustrated that the will of the voters has been thwarted, are pitching a plan to circumvent a state Supreme Court ruling. The justices said a constitutional amendment is the only way to impose a requirement that tax increases need two-thirds majorities in each house of the Legislature for approval.

Letter - Get back to the center and common sense

Our history can be viewed as a series of actions and reactions, a pendulum swinging if you will. Swinging can be affected by a number of factors: Political, judicial, societal, economic, etc. Usually the swing of the pendulum is subtle and goes unnoticed. However, sometimes it reaches a point where it is too wide and must be brought back.

Free college? We’re already doing it in state

Free college? That’s crazy talk.

Letter - Tired of being taxed?

I ask for Walla Walla citizens to think about the proposal of $5.7 million for a bond to rebuild Memorial Pool.

Letter - Christian Aid Center helps the less fortunate

I am a Boy Scout in Troop 305.

Letter - This time, let’s get pool approved

Citizens of Walla Walla are now noticing the “Vote Yes to Rebuild Memorial Pool” signs popping up all over town. The grassroots campaign started by your friend and neighbors has taken off. It’s time to rebuild Memorial Pool!

Letter - Time to rein in out-of-control government

The framers of our Constitution put the big, bold words ”We the People” up front and center to clearly emphasize that all power and authority in the United States originates with the people.

Letter - No to a new pool and new roundabout

OK, I can’t keep silent any longer.

Letter - Rebuilt Memorial Pool good for kids and WW

I think rebuilding Memorial Pool would be good for Walla Walla.

Letter - ‘The’ mentally ill is false, misleading

In regard to the Union-Bulletin editorial published Dec. 31:

Letter - Rebuilding of Memorial Pool long overdue

Imagine a place where children can go to learn to swim and families can go to play, get a little healthy exercise and cool off — all together.

Letter - Columns by local people appreciated

The U-B’s gratifying piece on the third-graders who are becoming aware of, and learning to express gratitude, moved me to do something I’ve long thought of doing. That is, to praise the newspaper for its many columns written by people in our community.

Letter - Time for marriage, family after college

In reading the article “Child care handcuffs student parents” by Ylan Q. Mui of The Washington Post, it raises a couple of thoughts for me.

Housing: Weak or Strong?