Letter - Guess who is buying US equipment, supplies

ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and will become ISIL the Islamic State of Levant including the present area of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

Letter - Property tax is least fair tax

Contrary to many conclusions emanating from my U-B letters, I’m OK with the fact that Walla Walla will rebuild Memorial Pool. The old pool should not have closed.

Column: Firing of VA hospital director raises other questions

When the Veterans Affairs scandal was breaking last year, there was no delay from politicians and the press in identifying the villain: Sharon Helman.

Editorial - Supermajority approval for school bonds is still reasonable

A 60 percent supermajority is a high threshold to gain voter approval for a school construction bond. It is also a reasonable threshold.

Opinion - President needs to help end West Coast port dispute

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my legislative aide stopped in to browse at a kitchen-supply store in Walla Walla. She noticed the shelves were not fully supplied as previous years before Christmas.

Editorial - Voters have ultimate say over senator’s behavior

State Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, has once again offended and been admonished for it.

Editorial - Searching emails should require warrants

Given the rapid advances in technology — and the way Americans constantly use that technology — it’s troubling the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 has not been updated to better protect privacy rights.

Editorial: Words from Washington, Lincoln

Presidents Day is a national holiday to honor all U.S. presidents. It falls near the birthdays of two of the greatest presidents, George Washington (Feb. 22) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12). Following are a portion of Washington’s Farwell Address and the Lincoln’s entire Gettysburg Address. These are considered two of the best speeches ever given.

Letter - Answers needed in Pasco shooting

As one who has always been a strong supporter of law enforcement and argued generally a “tough on crime” approach, I find this latest Pasco episode quite troubling. The various videos and eyewitness accounts raise extremely grave questions for the three officers involved — and the entire Pasco Police Department.