Letter - Cell structures of creatures must have had creator

As I noted in a previous letter I have enjoyed the interchange of ideas and positions on various topics covered in the Our Readers’ Opinions column. I must admit, though, that the caustic element in the current spate of letters trying to debunk Dr. Casebolt’s position on evolution has become somewhat annoying.

Letter - Vote ‘yes’ for our kids

Being on a retired income, I don’t like increases in taxes, but I do believe in helping our kids, so I will be voting “yes” on April 22 school bond.

Column: Rising fees on public lands taking a toll

The always-contentious issue of pay-to-play on public lands recently became far more heated.

Letter - Retired chiropractor giving childbirth advice, really?

I am writing to suggest the Union-Bulletin find a qualified writer when publishing advice on childbirth and pediatric care.

Letter - White House’s weak sanctions won’t stop Putin

Well, it seems that I have rattled another cage. Bruce McCutcheon has now chimed in with his opinions. Let me answer them one by one.

Letter - 20th century or 21st century science classrooms?

I would like to commend Doug Simmons for taking the time to come down to the Walla Walla High School science building open house. Though we may not be in agreement regarding the needs of the science building, I have a great respect for people who work to explore the important issues we all face as an electorate.

Reader note: Election letters deadline is noon April 15

Letters regarding the April 22 election must be in the Union-Bulletin office by noon on April 15.

Every 15 Minutes program serves community well

About 30 to 40 years ago society didn’t take drunken driving seriously.

How to spot the hallmarks of an investment scam

Time after time I am amazed, when I need to rescue a client from a high-tech scam, to discover that intelligent, highly-sophisticated and experienced investors could not tell that a deal that had all the hallmarks of a scam was, in all probability a fraud.

Letter - A straight razor is more than step back in time

In Karlene Ponti’s recent U-B article about my Boy Scout Scoutmaster Owen Agenbroad’s mission to present a Japanese-made folding straight razor and hone to the former owner’s son on Iwo Jima on March 19, 2014, he credited me with finding a member to translate the handwriting on the inside of the razor’s box.

Putting off real Medicare fix with temporary patches a poor prescription

Medicare is one of the few government programs nearly every American expects to benefit from, most likely when they retire.

Letter - Facts, psuedo facts and Initiative 594

I’m a progressive liberal, former lifetime member of the NRA. I have had a large gun collection and can put three rounds in the 10 ring of a B27 target at 25 yards with a Colt Government. I’ve assisted in teaching women’s self-defense courses and I have a lifelong love affair with firearms.

Letter - Today is Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day is the symbolic day where women’s earnings finally catch up to men’s earnings for the previous year. The gender pay gap results in women receiving about 23 percent less in pay than men, and it takes women an extra three months of wages to make up that difference each year.

Local crackdown on booze thefts is positive step

It’s good to see that Walla Walla’s two Safeway grocery stores — Plaza Way and Rose Street — are making it a lot tougher to steal liquor.

Letter - Walla Walla Support Fountains for Youth

I do not write many opinion letters to the U-B. I only write when I have something to say I believe is important and I believe will actually persuade others to act, when they otherwise would not.