Letter - Government should help bridge income gap

Following are excerpts from a Nov. 17 New York Times article by Steven Rattner, Wall Street executive and recent returnee to his first job as a contributing opinion writer for the Times. Rattner’s headline: “Inequality, Unbelievably, Gets Worse”.

Letter - Observations from travels around the world

A Thanksgiving message to my hometown. I haven’t been home for nearly 20 years, so I’m sure it’s no longer the same, but there are things I would like to share about my travels.

Letter - Council doesn’t listen; pool levy will fail

I received a survey in the mail for the proposed swimming pool in Walla Walla. I was happy to fill it out and send it back. It was nice to be able to express my opinion of what we needed.

Editorial: Despite request, there’s no need to change law

It is never a surprise when a government entity balks at a public disclosure request and then squawks about how onerous it will be to fulfill the request.

Letter - Health benefits drive China’s new climate policies

The recent agreement between China and the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is great news The follow-up announcement that China intends to cap its coal-fired electricity generation by 2020 is even better news.

Opinion - Stop saying Washington ranks 47th in class size

Don’t believe the hype. Washington does not rank 47th for class size.

Letter - Stop president from violating Constitution

The day JFK was assassinated, I was in school. A few years later my fiancee and I were glued to the TV as Neil Armstrong took “one small step.” When the 9/11 attacks occurred, I was on my way to work.

State insurance commissioner’s candor refreshing

Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is a Democrat, but he isn’t anybody’s yes man — including President Obama’s.

Education reform remains elusive in state

Education has been reformed so many times in Washington state it seems to have come full circle. The state is starting over.

Column: Why do hipsters look alike? Do the math

Jonathan Touboul is a French mathematician and neuroscientist who typically publishes papers with titles like “Pulsatile localized dynamics in delayed neural-field equations in arbitrary dimension” and “Propagation of chaos in neural fields.”

Letter - Salmon runs back with dams in place

Several people have asked what is going on with the Columbia River salmon.

Better ways sought to reduce domestic violence

On a high school football field near Pittsburgh, an assistant coach tackled a topic unrelated to the upcoming game.

The Keystone XL Pipeline debate is too puny to fret over

Modern political strategy rests on seeking the most flamboyant and attention-grabbing way of doing nothing. You must appear to be decisive in indecision, consequential in ineffectiveness and earnest in amorality. That is the right thing to do.

Editorial: Washington state can’t afford lower class-size mandate

The voters have spoken, and Initiative 1351 will become law. A bad law, but a law nevertheless.

Housing: Weak or Strong?