Letter - Expand efforts to live green

How did you celebrate Earth Day? Did you make a greater effort to recycle, reuse, refurbish or refrain from unnecessary consumption?

Letter - Be a voice for children

I am a court appointed special advocate (CASA) serving in Walla Walla. A CASA is appointed to advocate for the needs of a child who has been abused, neglected or abandoned by their parent.

Letter - National forests scheduled for desecration

Every 10 to 15 years, the Congress requires the United States Forest Service to update its management plans.

Letter - Start walking on Earth Day

It’s spring, and today is Earth Day, and there’s a gift in today’s paper (pages B3 and B4) courtesy of the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian committee — a walker’s map to make it easy to get out and start walking.

Letter - Hey, at least MRAP will look super cool in parades

I find it extremely interesting that the U.S. Department of Defense would spend $733,000 taxpayer on this armored MRAP truck that the small town of Walla Walla so desperately needs.

Letter - Allow competition for backflow assembly testing

As a homeowner and an individual, I concur with Gregory Petersen as it pertains to the Walla Walla City Council’s concerns regarding backflow assembly testing.

Letter - See time travelers at Fort Walla Walla

Maria Whitman, wife of Walla Walla’s first mayor, made an inspired visit last week to Fort Walla Walla. Encountering Maria (played by Barbara Clark) rekindled my appreciation for Fort Walla Walla’s rich Living History Company.

Letter - How many more wars and lost lives?

I feel it’s necessary to answer Al Conetto’s letter addressing my remarks.

Letter - Economic gender discrimination is wrong focus

With millions of Americans unemployed or underemployed, you would think the Obama administration would be emphasizing job creation.

Letter - ‘Eye to the Sky’ column was guide to eclipse

I appreciated the “Eye to the Sky” column by Marty Scott published March 28 regarding last week’s lunar eclipse. I used it during the night as a minute-by-minute guide on what to expect next and why it would look the way it did at each step of the way.

Letter - Initiative is way to get rid of guns

Cecile Ervin’s propaganda letter for the anti-gun lobby was disingenuous, and the title of her letter, “Initiative 594 is about gun responsibility,” was equally sly and deceptive.

Letter - Greg Barreto is a candidate to like

I don’t trust politicians much, so if I vote at all I’m careful for whom I cast my ballot. A while ago, I heard candidate for the Oregon state House, Greg Barreto, speak. I disagreed with a comment he made, and so emailed him my concerns.

Letter - Simply remodel Wa-Hi science building

Why are we seeing the Wa-Hi building proposal before us yet again? Is this not the same song, second verse?

Letter - Lab experiments critical to science education

As a retired teacher of college chemistry with granddaughters in Walla Walla, I have read every letter to the editor on the proposed Walla Walla High School bond. Open houses offered at the high school allowed me to see what the current science facilities are like.

Letter - Cost of science building too much

I would like to submit a cost comparison for taxpayers to review before they vote. The information can be verified online at USKH.com.