Letter - The $135,000 cake and rainbow White House

From Seattle’s rainbow sidewalks, painted at taxpayer expense, to the White House awash in rainbow night lighting, to the courts discovering a nonexistent constitutional mandate to redefine marriage, we see government behavior increasingly influenced not by the objective rule of law, but by the subjective rule of feelings, emotionalism and lately, by an alarming trend toward activism against nonconformists.

Letter - Rest on the day chosen by God

In reply to the letter by Sonia Mathieson Trapani.

Letter - How do we decide which day is Sabbath?

Sonia Trapani’s letter July 12 raises the question as to whether or not we can know for certain today which day is the seventh?

Letter - Article on sermon appreciated

When I read the letter in the Union-Bulletin from Heather Ruiz I wished with all my heart that Heather and her friends could have heard the sermon at Village Seventh-day Adventist Church only one day earlier.

Letter - More ‘Pollyannaish’ improvisation

Thinking about the best way to describe our current president, the definition of “Pollyanna” came to mind.

Letter - Record drought and heat cause of Blue Creek fire

There will, no doubt, be an attempt to assign blame for the Blue Creek wildfire threatening the watershed. It is highly disingenuous to focus solely on someone who may have — accidentally or otherwise — ignited this fire.

Letter - US flag should not be worn backward

The U.S. Army wears the United States flag reversed on its uniforms.

Letter - Services offered at Kelly Place building necessary

Everett Maroon of Blue Mountain Heart to Heart’s recent analysis of the Kelly Place building was on the money. I’ll give the county commissioners credit for trying to determine fair rental rates in organizing the Kelly Place social services center. But they weren’t sweethearts.

Letter - Early Start Act will help reduce crime

I’d like to voice my appreciation to the outstanding trio of legislators who represent Walla Walla in Olympia.

Letter - Obama cavalier about horror inflicted by enemies

The deaths I know of caused by depression were suicides, not mass murders. Does depression excuse a person from knowing right from wrong?

Letter - Bipartisan effort needed to end violence, injustice

Wow, never thought I’d see the day when the ACLU and the Koch brothers would be working together. Suddenly, criminal justice reform is a bipartisan issue.

Letter - Random act of kindness touching

To show good things still happen, I’d like to share a story. Tuesday night I decided to go to the Dairy Queen drive up to get some ice cream.

Letter - Actions to protect fish appreciated

On July 16, the Washington and Oregon departments of fish and wildlife took action to close or restrict fishing on specific waters, effective July 18. Individual fish and species as a whole (including several species listed under the Endangered Species Act) are more vulnerable to environmental conditions during this period of low river flows and warm water temperatures.

Letter - Comment offered on Sabbath

In reading Sonia Trapani’s letter in the July 12 U-B I recognized her concerns centered on two issues: The validity of the seventh-day Sabbath as Saturday based on a known weekly cycle and the “mark of the beast” being observance of Sunday as the Sabbath.

Letter - Put roundabouts on the ballot

I think the citizens of Walla Walla County should be able to decide if we want more roundabouts or not. I don’t know of anyone who likes them, and judging by the other letters to the editor that’s a correct assessment.