Letters To The Editor


Letter - Decision not to prosecute isn’t justice

The prosecutor’s decision published in the March 14 U-B stating no charges would be filed in the pedestrian death leaves some unanswered questions.

Letter - Sign initiative on campaign finance amendment

“We the people” don’t count for much

Letter - Time to impeach, fire, vote out those who want more taxes

I’ve had it with those who continually support leaders (so-called) who demand more taxes, lie and misconstrue facts.

Letter - Fifty years is long time without major renovation to high school

I graduated from Walla Walla High School in 1966. I was a sophomore in 1963 and we made the move to the new campus during Christmas break. It looked, and was, a state of the art architectural design and campus setting.

Letter - Despite denier’s claims, windmills aren’t failure

The recent letter to the editor from a local wind power denier (LWPD) is in response to another reader’s response to one of the LWPD’s letters.

Letter - Support offered for Barreto in Oregon legislative race

Election year rolls around more and more quickly for this senior citizen. Historically, a high percentage of seniors vote, which is why candidates actively court senior citizens.

Letter - Wait on Wa-Hi science building until Edison is paid off

Regarding the condition of the current science room at Walla Walla High School, there sure seems to be a lot of contradictions in the opinion letters.

Letter - Walla Walla County should cut its losses, get out of Kelley Building

As reported earlier by the Union-Bulletin, the Kelley Building is costing Walla Walla County at least $1,000 a month because renters of the building cannot pay! This is a $12,000 a year loss.

Letter - Initiative would take excessive money out of elections

The Supreme Court has essentially said that money used in the political process is the same as speech and therefore is protected by the Constitution.

Letter - Property taxes make bond issue unaffordable for many in Valley

Those who fervently support spending $10 million for a new Walla Walla High School science building are those who are not property owners and pay no property taxes; those who are financially well off and can afford higher taxes; and those who have something to personally gain, such as contractors, parents of students, and employees of the education system.

Letter - Schools do a lot for us; now it’s our turn to help them out

We ask a lot of our public schools. All those hats to wear — teacher, nurse, consoler, cook, guardian, trainer, counselor, janitor, arts instructor, adviser, coach, mentor and friend. They turn our many challenges into opportunities. We ask more of the schools now than at any point in our history. And they still strive to be the best — not because we deserve you, but because if they let up our children’s lives and the future of our Valley would be considerably less.

Letter - Wa-Hi science bond needs to be more financially sensible

Vote no on Walla Walla High School science bond.

Letter - Local homeless situation different from way presented

I’m writing because the recent article about homelessness in Walla Walla made several grossly inaccurate statements about our community, its services and misrepresented the drivers of homelessness here.

Letter - Teaching, resources must change to keep up with the times

The nameplate “Domestic Science” above the door across the hall from my first-grade classroom in Iowa was my introduction to the word “science.” By the time I was 12 I definitely knew I wanted to be a part of that “Domestic Science.”

Letter - Walla Walla High School bond is a community imperative

I don’t have that golden nugget of information or inspiration to send you directly to the “yes” box on your Walla Walla High School science building ballot.