Letters To The Editor


Letter - Praise for Walla Walla City Council member Barbara Clark

Although she is unopposed for her next term on City Council, I wanted to write a letter that gives an example of Council member Barbara Clark’s value as one of the seven.

Letter - Steve Moss has history of finding solutions

Steve Moss has the experience and proven leadership qualities to be an outstanding councilman for the city of Walla Walla.

Letter - Support Elia for a better tomorrow

Please join me in supporting Dominick Elia for Walla Walla City Council, Position 7.

Letter - Second Amendment allows gun regulation

We keep abundant guns in our home. Both of us have been NRA members in the past but its positions have been so irrational that we’ve chosen a different organization.

Letter - Storefronts are empty yet we build more

I love Walla Walla, especially our downtown. I worked downtown for nearly 20 years, and many locals don’t realize how good we have it here.

Letter - What are examples of statistics pulled from sky?

Curt Stone — “Second Amendment is as necessary now as 1700s,” letter of Oct. 23 — would be far more persuasive if he had provided examples of “statistics pulled from the sky.”

Letter - Let's look at Hillary Clinton's past

As the liberal media continues to paint the Benghazi hearings as a “scintillating performance” by Hillary Clinton, I thought a brief reminder of days gone by might be in order. Below is a quick synopsis of frighteningly similar events.

Letter - Coach on field is not private citizen

When Assistant Coach Joe Kennedy at Bremerton High School insists on taking the field after the game to pray with students, he is not a private citizen exercising religious freedom, contrary to the Union-Bulletin editors’ opinion. He is a government representative using the government’s power to indicate to students and attendees that his religion is preferred over others.