Letters To The Editor


Letter - Voters can do better than current commissioners

Does anyone in Walla Walla County believe the audacity of these county commissioners? Consider these thoughts, please.

Letter - Publication of LA Times article disappointing

I am very disappointed by the Union-Bulletin’s printing of “Angry, impulsive — and armed” by Los Angeles Times reporter Melissa Healy. She cites no sources for her statistics making it nearly impossible to determine what biases are in play.

Letter - Presidential candidates unprepared

When the army needs a lieutenant-general, it searches its roster of major-generals. It does not consider lieutenants or captains.

Letter - Religion and government should not mix

I have known Tom Baker for almost exactly 50 years. I like him and I respect him, although I don’t often agree with his political points of view.

Letter - Shame on those who made ‘MumFoo’ deals

As kind of a newcomer to this area (won’t have reached my 10th anniversary as a resident of Walla Walla until this coming December) I find I’m still learning how this community operates.