Letters To The Editor


Letter - A straight razor is more than step back in time

In Karlene Ponti’s recent U-B article about my Boy Scout Scoutmaster Owen Agenbroad’s mission to present a Japanese-made folding straight razor and hone to the former owner’s son on Iwo Jima on March 19, 2014, he credited me with finding a member to translate the handwriting on the inside of the razor’s box.

Letter - Facts, psuedo facts and Initiative 594

I’m a progressive liberal, former lifetime member of the NRA. I have had a large gun collection and can put three rounds in the 10 ring of a B27 target at 25 yards with a Colt Government. I’ve assisted in teaching women’s self-defense courses and I have a lifelong love affair with firearms.

Letter - Today is Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day is the symbolic day where women’s earnings finally catch up to men’s earnings for the previous year. The gender pay gap results in women receiving about 23 percent less in pay than men, and it takes women an extra three months of wages to make up that difference each year.

Letter - Walla Walla Support Fountains for Youth

I do not write many opinion letters to the U-B. I only write when I have something to say I believe is important and I believe will actually persuade others to act, when they otherwise would not.

Letter - Port District’s Scoular deal questioned

Lately I have been reading about how our Port District signed a 25-year lease with the Scoular Company who will lease part of the District’s grain facilities in Burbank. The lease was tentatively set to begin April 1 and Scoular has the option to terminate the lease upon a two-year written notice.

Letter - Support Wa-Hi bond to keep Walla Walla Valley strong

I heard something worrisome the other day.

Letter - Allowing anonymous comments on U-B site wrong

I am writing in response to Dan Calzaretta’s letter to the editor that appeared in the Union-Bulletin (March 30). I agree with Mr. Calzaretta’s criticism of the Union-Bulletin’s policy of allowing anonymous comments that appear on the Union-Bulletin website.

Letter - Home Depot employees amaze with kindness

You are 88 years old, standing with a collection of measurements in your hand, trying to guess exactly what materials you need. You have been told the only way your wife of over 60 years can come home from rehab is if you have a ramp built and in place (among other things).

Letter - Rise up and say no to nonsense

On March 23 the U-B published another article regarding the Walla Walla High School science building bond measure. It was stated by Sergio Hernandez, a school district administrator, that the new facility would “not” be eligible for state matching dollars as it is not replacing the current building, which the district hopes to modernize in a “future bond” proposal.

Letter - Build new science building; re-purpose old one

I have three impressions after touring Walla Walla High School’s science building.

Letter - Windmills turning aren’t necessarily generating

Thanks to Chris Gibbar for reading my letter, and for getting windmills’ embarrassing failures into print a second time.

Letter - Removing wheat straw has a price

The Columbia Pulp plant being built in Starbuck will convert wheat straw into a product suitable for making paper, thereby giving farmers an economical alternative to burning. While area residents might embrace new industry and the improvement in air quality each fall, the basic premise of the enterprise needs to be examined.

Letter - Global warming commentary appreciated

Needless to say, I salute the U-B for printing the Perspective commentary, “Global Warming — Is the Science Settled? Not necessarily,” by John R. Christy (March 23).

Letter - President Obama and SpongeBob SquarePants

Some 12 years ago my grandson introduced me to SpongeBob SquarePants. In a favorite episode SpongeBob is told to forget everything except fine dining and breathing.