Letters To The Editor


Letter - Turner is hardest working sheriff in decades

I was proud to be a deputy sheriff with the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office for 37½ years. I served in several different capacities and retired Feb. 28 this year.

Letter - Sheriff John Turner supports the D.A.R.E. program

I first met Sheriff Turner in 2011. I was working in College Place at the time and was teaching D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) at Meadow Brook School.

Letter - Time for a new sheriff

Who is Barry Blackman?

Letter - Declaration of Independence appreciated

Praise to the Union-Bulletin. Every Fourth of July since we moved to Walla Walla (1972), the Declaration of Independence has been in the paper. It may be the only time some will read this good proclamation.

Letter - Turner must rise above what he sees in print

After reading two of the articles regarding candidates for sheriff of this county I am left deeply disturbed.

Letter - Joe Pakootas’ focus will be 5th District

We have a unique opportunity this fall to replace a legislator who ignores our district with one who has deep roots in and concern for it. We can exchange a congresswoman whose focus is increasing her own power with one whose focus is the 5th Congressional District.

Letter - Auditor Karen Martin safeguards our tax money

Those who read the July 11 letter to the editor by Edward Freyer (former undersheriff to Sheriff John Turner) must be scratching their heads. Why would Mr. Freyer, who had little contact with the Walla Walla County Auditor’s Office and who lives in California, have any interest in our county auditor’s race?

Letter - Those on bikes must stop at stop signs

My wife and I walk at the Murr Sports Park every morning. The other day, as we were finishing, I was in my car ready to go home. I saw a man and his two young sons riding their bikes around the park.

Letter - ‘America,’ the movie, worth seeing

It’s a rare opportunity that a movie provides an unvarnished chronology of our American history pro and con, and then provides the transition to the current events as they are occurring with each passing day.

Letter - Sheriff candidates fail to attend Burbank debate

I feel the candidates for county sheriff, Barry Blackman and Tom Cooper, have no respect for other people’s time. I drove two-and-a-half hours with a friend to hear the debate in Burbank on Tuesday only to find Blackman and Cooper left the venue due to not wanting to be videotaped.

Letter - Sheriff Turner is the most capable leader

Law enforcement is dangerous work. Law enforcement officers in the U.S. suffered a 24 percent increase in deaths by gunfire from 2009 to 2010, according to a recent report.

Letter - U-B’s candidate coverage is questioned

What happened to the format the U-B used to use to compare candidates for office? The same questions were posed to each candidate making for a much better read for candidate comparisons.

Letter - Turner’s behavior tore Blackman up inside

It was day three after my dad, Barry Blackman, had been captain under Sheriff John Turner when he came home from work and whispered in distress, “We made a mistake.”

Letter - Greenwood supports families in grief

My vote for county coroner is Richard Greenwood:

Letter - Sheriff John Turner deserves another term

Sheriff John Turner has done an excellent job in his first term as sheriff of Walla Walla County.