Letters To The Editor


Letter - Initiative 594 is a lawyer’s dream

I appreciated the U-B’s Our Opinion editorial on Sunday regarding Initiative 594. (Is winning with 60 percent truly a “landslide?”)

Letter - It’s business as usual for Obama

Americans have spoken. The results of the midterm elections prove we want our country back.

Letter - President should have honored veterans

As I sit in front of my television watching the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, my thoughts are many.

Letter - Can we find a way to help the homeless?

HAHAW is not funny. HAHAW actually stands for Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week.

Letter - City leaf pick up started too early

I think it is a fine thing the city of Walla Walla sends crews around to pick up the leaves in the fall.

Letter - Take time to hear from those facing poverty, hunger

I had the good fortune to be able to attend the recent Community Council event that shared findings from its study on food insecurity in Walla Walla. I left the event disheartened about the scope of hunger and nutritional deficiency right in our backyard and also heartened by the specific recommendations the Council offered for action.

Letter - Dog pepper spraying illegal cruelty

I am a dog walker who was deeply concerned after reading the recent letter to the editor about a woman whose dog was pepper-sprayed by a runner on the Mill Creek trail.

Letter - Object to alcohol abuse — don’t drink

For a number of years, the idea of “responsible drinking” has been a mantra of the beverage alcohol industry. Your readers should know that this year’s World Cancer Report categorically states no amount of alcohol is safe.

Letter - Rep. Walsh deserves ‘Crime Fighter’ award

Congratulations to Rep. Maureen Walsh for earning a “Gold Crayon Award” for her work on early learning in the 16th Legislative District and throughout the state.

Letter - Our future requires united state of Americans

In 1795, Congress chose a motto for the seal of this nation: “E Pluribus Unum” — Latin, meaning “Out of Many — One.” It soon appeared on U.S. coins and paper money. It recognized a migration of humanity from different places, customs, faiths and languages, led by the English who brought with them a budding legal system and a desire for self-government.

Letter - Trouble at WWCC about far more than budgets

I am writing in regard to the guest column written by Jim Peitersen about Walla Walla Community College on Nov. 2.

Letter - Support for Garfield County health care is humbling

I am humbled by overwhelming support of the citizens of Garfield County for their health care services; they passed the hospital district levy by 70 percent!

Letter - 60 percent of counties rejected I-594

Based on information in a Seattle Times story, Initiative 594 passed by nearly 60 percent of the votes as of Tuesday. It also had an interactive graphic that showed county-by-county results. Based on that another way of looking at the I-594 vote is that less than 40 percent of the counties representing 30 percent of the area of Washington state passed I-594.

Letter - Reduce length of letters in U-B

While visiting in Portland recently, I noticed The Oregonian newspaper limits letters to the editor to 150 words. I would suggest the U-B consider doing something similar to spare us from excess verbosity on many subjects. It is also environmentally correct, due to paper savings. Op-eds are suitable for more lengthy subjects. Several quotes may be helpful here.

Letter - WIAA discriminates against WWVA athletes

As one who has lived in the Walla Walla Valley for many years, I have been very pleased to watch the rise of the Walla Walla Valley Academy Knights volleyball team over the last several years. For the last five years it has qualified for postseason play. For two of those years (including this year) it has been the top seed.