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Ice dance duo's journey to gold began long ago

On a chilling Monday night at the Winter Olympics, Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in ice dancing by dancing as if there were no ice.

January: the perfect time to change things up

Regardless of whether you are a rookie to the routine, an aspiring athlete or a veteran of the road, this is the time of year to establish good habits and create consistency in one’s schedule that allows you to meet your fitness goals.

Shooter's Corner: Modern gun clubs ditch dirty reputation

Modern shooting range design has made huge progress in both noise and dust control.

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Tamarack Resort survives despite financial turmoil

A ski resort built on the back of the real estate bubble survives despite financial turmoil.

The story of Tamarack has been told often, and the resort is frequently tagged with “financially troubled” or a similar description.

REI head honcho drops suit and tie

Three months after taking the helm at REI, Jerry Stritzke looks every bit the part of CEO at the Northwest’s popular outdoor-equipment retailer.

Ski areas vary on how to handle up-hillers

Ski areas across the USA are in an uphill battle to get a grip on the growing number of skiers and snowshoers who use the resorts’ plowed roads, facilities and groomed slopes without chipping in on the costs by purchasing a lift ticket.

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Man's journey to Olympics begins in back yard

It took a mountain of Zamboni shavings to make Tom Wallisch an Olympian.

Wild Files: A small bird with a big journey visits the valley

Many folks think of January as a lifeless cold month. That is not the case as all of nature is still outside living in one state or another.

Shooter's corner: Hunting doesn’t need to be expensive

While I love to peruse catalog pages, and imagine myself going afield with some of their high-tech goodies, I’m wondering if maybe it’s not a mixed blessing — having so much stuff to choose from.

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Winter is here, it’s time to break out the... bike?

The cold wouldn’t keep Kevin Jeffrey and David Sears inside, though. In their world, it was a perfect afternoon to hit the snow for … a bike ride.

Orb photo mystery solved

Mystery solved.

Hunter’s photo sparks imagination

It was only later, after he saw the golden orb he then captured on his smart-phone camera, that Scott Vierck got to thinking about the odd feeling he experienced on his drive into the forests of southwest Oregon in search of elk.

Study finds recession top driver in reasons to hunt

Why do you hunt or fish? How about your friend — what’s her reason? Is it for the meat, the recreation, or maybe it’s a way to connect with family and friends.

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Holiday joy on the banks of the Umatilla

I’m wedged on one haunch between the turkey itself, a box of Thanksgiving decor and sundries, and my squirming daughter in the back of my mother-in-law’s sedan as it travels toward the Bar M Ranch near Adams, Ore.

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Denny: Approach of winter a time for the common loon

Winter is dropping down on us out of the Gulf of Alaska. The sun has slipped off to the south and daylight periods are getting shorter. In the Blue Mountain region about the only warm thought is that summer is approaching south of the equator.