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Women flock to the shooting range

Why, all of a sudden it seems, are women finally discovering shooting?

Washington, Oregon to allow seine fishing

The states are still developing details of the net fishing program.

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Ammo crunch: Manufacturers struggling to catch up to demand

Almost a year after ammunition shortages began, manufacturers are still struggling to meet demand.

State stocks pheasants in Eastern Washington

Pheasant hunting opened Saturday in Eastern Washington.

Milking a cow elk tag in the Blues

Drawing an antlerless elk permit increases a hunter’s chance of success by five times or more over the grim odds of a hunter with an over-the-counter elk tag. Still, it’s no guarantee.

Spending an enchanted day at Juniper Canyon

Juniper Canyon welcomes us, its gentle slopes hung with a loose network of trails. The smell of sage fills the air, and I breathe deep.

Hunter survives 19 days in wilderness

Gene Penaflor made it through 19 days lost in the wilds of Northern California’s Mendocino National Forest by going into “survival mode,” his son, Gale Penaflor, 37, said Monday.

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Proving grounds: Marathon draws those looking for a challenge

In the past four years and over the past 104.8 miles (that’s 26.2 times four), the Walla Walla Marathon has laid a course to establish itself as a major community event that not only allows runners to compete but various groups to come together for their causes.

Bialozor: Patience, common sense rule the road

Despite the vast differences in size and speed, cars and bicycles are both operated by human beings deserving respect and the safety that the rules of the road offer.

Anglers tapping record run of chinook

Officials are forecasting a record run of chinook salmon on the Columbia and Snake rivers.

October a month of change in the Walla Walla Valley

October is the most important transition month for thousands of organisms in Walla Walla County as well as the northern hemisphere.

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Exploring Summit Lake at Summer's End

A late-summer excursion to the Elkhorn Mountains and Summit Lake proves arduous, but worth the trek.

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Walla Walla man nabs massive elk

Seventeen years of trying paid off in spades for Jim Eggart recently. After winning the only permit allowed for a five-day hunt in the Blue Creek Unit, Eggart bagged a bull elk that is likely to land in the record books.

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Bow hunters survive cougar double jeopardy

A pair of hunters get a surprise when they discover they killed two cougars with one arrow.

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Exploring Yellowstone during 'shoulder season' proves enchanting

Exploring the wonders of Yellowstone country during the ‘shoulder season’ can be enchanting. Just be sure to have a backup plan.