Hessler records first career ace at Veterans Memorial

Chase Hessler recorded a hole-in-one on the 6th hole at Veterans Memorial on Saturday.

Hutchins, Powell finish first and second in Knock-Out

Fourteen players competed in a game of Knock-Out at the Elks Lodge in Milton-Freewater on Friday.

Where the Musselshell meets the Missouri

The remote area where the Musselshell River joins the Missouri charms and disappoints.

Loomis’ Sinlahekin Wildlife Area celebrates 75 years

Washington’s first state-managed wildlife area observes its anniversary by holding special events.

Hanson aces on 13th hole at Walla Walla Country Club

Lyle Hanson had a hole-in-one on the 13th hole at the Walla Walla Country Club on May 23.

Zerba nails hole-in-one on 13th hole at Country Club

Linda Zerba carded a hole-in-one on the 13th hole at the Walla Walla Country Club on May 25.

Early records 16th career hole-in-one at Vets Memorial

Dennis Early recorded his 16th hole-in-one on the 6th hole at Veterans Memorial on May 23.

Capturing a modern-day dinosaur

Crews drift Yellowstone River to net pallid sturgeon as part of a federal program to capture adult fish for spawning.

Golf market stuck in bunker

Slow sales have created a glut of inventory, which has forced some retailers to slash club prices.

New dove on the block — friend or foe?

Exotic species usually spell trouble for natives.

Climber recalls Mount Rainier blizzard

Tom Stewart and five other men found themselves trapped at the summit of Mount Rainier 50 years ago.

Lahontan trout thrive despite net poaching

Thanks to the Lahontan cutthroat trout, three Washington lakes stand out as prized fisheries even though their waters are too alkaline for virtually all other sportfish.

Ann Ride returns June 21

In recent years, Walla Walla has been ranked the No. 1 friendliest city in the U.S. and one of the best places to live in the nation. Washington State has also been nationally ranked No. 1 six consecutive times as the most “Bicycle-Friendly State” (2008-2013).

Garton cards second hole-in-one at M-F Municipal

Mike Garton carded his second hole-in-one on the Milton-Freewater Municipal Golf Course on May 14.

Sage grouse thrive on grazed lands

The threatened birds occupy less than 60 percent of their historical range and have been extirpated in five of the 16 states they occupied.