Fewer hunters hurt wildlife agency

Due to dwindling numbers, Oregon’s wildlife agency wants to increase license and tag fees.

Tri-State Steelheaders crab feed scheduled for May 15th

The Tri-State Steelheaders Salmon Enhancement Group’s 37th Annual Crab Feed Fundraiser will be held at the Fairgrounds at 5 p.m. on May 15th.

Walla Walla Valley Bowling Association meets this Saturday

The annual meeting for the Walla Walla Valley Bowling Association will be held 6 p.m. at the College Place Lions Club, 801 S.E. Larch St.

4-H program seeks volunteer youth shooting sports instructor

The Walla Walla County 4-H Program is looking for a volunteer youth shooting sports instructor.

Buffalo Bill museum aquires Lone Ranger's Pistol

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Cody Firearms Museum purchases the Colt .45 single-action revolver.

Lookout Pass expansion advocates hope to avoid delays

The Friends of Lookout Pass hope to speed up the process of expansion.

‘Two-legged wolves’ take heavy toll

Area game wardens say poachers kill staggering amounts of game every year, although the exact figure is still unknown.

Wallula Gap offers dramatic views

The Wallula Gap, which is just south of the confluence of the Walla Walla and Columbia rivers, offers dramatic vistas.

Montana T. rex goes to Washington, D.C.

As thunder boomed and lightning illuminated their small camper, Kathy Wankel couldn’t help but think that after years of being buried, the few fossilized bones she and her family had dug up that day, and carefully swaddled in towels and an old sweatshirt, did not want to be moved.

Spring brings end to era, rebirth to Valley life

Time is a constant, but we humans change and age through the course of our lives. The creatures in the natural world are tied to generations as they replace each other in looks and actions that are much alike, such as ants in a colony.

High demand likely to blame for ammo shortage

For more than four years, shooting enthusiasts have suffered through ammunition shortages that have often left shelves bare even at giant retailers such as Cabela’s.

Record gun sales boost wildlife budgets

Record-breaking sales of guns and ammunition in recent years have resulted in a windfall for wildlife conservation.

Tease photo

Cheap UAVs give photographers an eye in the sky

Aerial photography, once confined to shots taken from an expensive-to-fly airplane or helicopter operated by a highly skilled pilot, can now be made from small remote-controlled helicopters holding mini cameras, the whole outfit costing as much as one tank of helicopter fuel.

Landers: Ghostly moose are proof that ticks suck

The graying look of moose you might see in the field this spring isn’t the result of old age.

Century rides are great way to explore Northwest

With the harsh winter weather finally behind us, cyclists are back out on the road in greater numbers, ramping up mileage and finalizing cycling event plans for the 2014 season. As a complement to the many excellent riding opportunities we have in the Walla Walla Valley, scheduling some century rides during the season is a great way to meet people and enjoy the scenic beauty in other areas of our region. It also establishes your training needs and the incentive to train.