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Etc - Convention-bound Mac-Hi FFA students give report to M-F Rotary

With coaching from adviser Emily Holden, students in the FFA program at McLoughlin High School prepared to discuss the usefulness of a global positioning system collar on livestock on Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service land while at the state FFA convention.

Weathervine - Weather gods grant free rain to Valley after heartfelt supplication

A long-lost friend made it back to town this past weekend after an extended absence that had many wondering if he were gone for good.

Field Notes - Planning helps farmers, home gardeners reap what they sow

“Can I plant my peas now?” This is the first question I got from everyone I saw in the midst the recent glorious, sunny March days.

Deja News - Hot case of spring fever leads to chilly dip

I try to stay lighthearted and not dwell for too long on things that upset me — at least not anywhere public. But this warm late-winter weather makes me suspicious. Oh well. I have always consoled myself with the bleak idea that at least our planet will be fine, even if our species — at least people like me — may not survive a long-term heat wave.

Home Place - Pole position leads to first-place finish for fitness enthusiast

Every day this job is steak — meaty and filling work that sticks to my mental ribs. Sometimes, though, I get dessert, smack in the middle of the day.

'Rightsizing': How to make your home fit just right

Upsizing. Downsizing. Try “rightsizing,” a concept that means finding the right size living space for a person’s situation.

Etc: Kids’ Share the Love campaign benefits Humane Society

Students in Stefanie Crumpacker-Flerchinger’s music classes at Blue Ridge Elementary started March 2 on a high note when she greeted them with pink highlights in her hair.

Column: Dental exams for horses keep them in grass all year round

Last month we talked about dental care in cats and dogs. This month I’d like to focus on horses that also need routine dental care. Many horse owners have heard of floating a horse’s teeth, but some may not understand what this means or what we are floating — or filing — when we perform a dental procedure on a horse.

Etc: Family History Seminar set for March 21

The Walla Walla Washington Stake FamilySearch Centers is hosting Family History Seminar 2015 on March 21.

New Tamástslikt exhibit explores Native skateboarding

PENDLETON — “Ramp It Up,” the Smithsonian Museum’s traveling exhibition on American Indian skateboarding culture, will open Friday at Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, 47106 Wildhorse Blvd., Pendleton.

Etc: Wa-Hi students benefit from team-up with college students

Opening the classroom to college students has been a win-win for Walla Walla High School social studies teacher Michelle Higgins.

Column: The blind share their viewpoints

How would you face blindness if today you were told you were going blind? As follows are things other blind people have shared with me, as we try to show that blindness may not be all bad.