jeffrey Allen Badgett

1966 - 2012

Jeffrey Allen Badgett was born July 1, 1966, at Walla Walla General Hospital. Jeff was a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident on Oct. 23, 2012, in Goodland, Kan., resulting in his death. He has been cremated at his wishes and brought home where he will be laid to rest at the Milton-Freewater Cemetery. Graveside service will be Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 at 11 a.m.

He is survived by his mother, Donna Jean Martin (Badgett); one brother, William (Bill) L. Badgett; three sisters, Inez M. Badgett, Debbie J. Badgett, and Tammy K. Badgett; his closest niece, Christy Badgett; nephew, Shelby Badgett; and several other nieces/nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles. He was preceded in death by father, George William Badgett; a sister, Lori A. Badgett.

Jeff grew up in Milton-Freewater, where he resided until he graduated from McLoughlin High School in 1984. He loved playing the drums, which encouraged him to play in the high school band. He also played soccer where he had the ability to go across the country.

Once Jeff graduated he moved to Colby, Kan., with a cousin, Danny Lumbert. He worked for McDonald’s until he found a position with ADM Sunflower Seed Company in April of 1993. He then moved to Goodland, Kan., where he worked from the bottom to the top landing him a supervisor position. He was the most loved and respected supervisor and according to fellow co-workers he was the “go to guy” when something went wrong he knew how to fix it. He loved playing several sports, on teams or leagues and watched football; favorite team was the Oakland Raiders. Some sports included baseball, golf, bowling, darts; at the VFW, pool, bingo, hunting, fishing, and so much more. He was the rock for many and anytime someone had a problem he was there to lighten your day.

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