Did the election go the way you wanted?

Absolutely 28 votes


Good enough 10 votes


Not thrilled 4 votes


Disaster 42 votes


84 total votes


Chas 3 years ago

For not thrilled and disaster—get over it.

Time only moves in one direction. Many of us are weary of the same social conflicts by initiative every two years.

i'm not crazy about the MJ law. Our present law and its enforcement have brought a general disregard of law. That was the primary reason Prohibition ended. Too many flout the law and society cracks.

The letter to the editor that heaped abuse of Rep Walsh brought out the most vile of the extremists. I hesitate to call them Republican.

Rep. Walsh voted equality. There's not a greater issue. No one has lost anything.


oneStarman 3 years ago

Walla Walla STILL - as of Sunday Morning - has NOT even counted HALF of its Ballots. We are the WORST County, in the State that was LAST of any US Race to Declare a winner for Governor . The SYSTEM operated under a GOP Secretary of State is ONLY Less suspect than the one run by the GOP of FLORIDA. But Even so - We have a GREEN Governor who has focused his career on Clean Energy like wind and solar and even with the rise of the KKK/Tea Party we STILL have a Kenyan-Born-Muslim meaning BLACK President.


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