Do you feel the local economy:

Remains in the recession and is about the same as last year? 19 votes


Remains in the recession and has worsened since last year? 35 votes


Is out of the recession and has started to improve? 30 votes


84 total votes


garylcasey 2 years, 12 months ago

Prices have increased on gas, groceries, shipping, labor, health care, and much more. Even cost of living raises are so minimal that inflation has swallowed up any increases and left many of us without a way to live within our means. Deficits and demands by certain labor groups continue to drive employers to the point where they must lay off some of their employees. Budgets are tight everywhere and I'm convinced that the answer is to trim or eliminate many of the entitlements we have in place.


itswoots 2 years, 12 months ago

It seems to me that if you are earning money the recession is worsening and if you collect money from the government it is about the same.


USCTrojan 2 years, 12 months ago

By almost any measure the economy is doing worse. I don't know the statistics, but in my own life I see more unemployed, more businesses closing... even those that opened up just last year. Small Business is being hurt. If you're not in a Trade (and even if you are) times are very tight.

Travel to Seattle. I see plenty of activity. The West Side has gathered for itself the major transportation, luxury, industrial, governmental... etc... businesses. Small towns have a hard time surviving.


msjenny51 2 years, 12 months ago

Irregardless to what the Nation is experiencing Walla Walla seems to be somewhat insulated or in a bubble. Recently, I have seen signs of increasing home sales and building in this region. At the same time, I have witnessed a leaner workforce in government and more private sector jobs. My sense is we are in a gradual recovery and we are all a little impatient. If you saw the lines at the stores at places like Walmart on Black Friday, you would conclude that folks are feeling good about spending money, granted they are saving some by those sales. I am hopeful for the future!


Jo99362 2 years, 12 months ago

Walla Walla has a weird mix of jobs. In the summer, there were TONS of jobs but people who get cash assistance finds it easier to do nothing to "earn" their money and those who are still getting unemployment, its not worth your time to go pick crops. I know where my tax money goes, it goes to some single mom with 2 kids who take in more "assistance" than I make in a month. $700 rental voucher that includes all her utilities/heating free bus passes kids have 2 meals free at school over $450/month in food stamps that never make it to the end of the month Helpline paid for her move in fees of $500 state medical is free $300 cash/month who happens to have an unlimited cell phone, newspaper subscription, and cable?

Maybe requiring people on "assistance" to work/volunteer will deter their dependence on it. I don't mind helping people, but not getting your act together for 5 years is ridiculous.


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