How do you plan to vote on the Walla Walla High School bond?

Yes 99 votes


No 78 votes


Undecided 3 votes


180 total votes


sewoolley 2 years, 10 months ago

I will look forward to seeing how this poll matures in the next few days. As it is, I'm disappointed, but not surprised, at how many intend to vote no. I think it displays a kind of cheapness that is willing to sacrifice the future to the fears of the present, and the memory of a past that never was.


Iopine 2 years, 10 months ago

sewoolley - I'm glad to think that you read a poll that covers approximately 10% of the populace and call them cheap. Not everybody works in the public sector or for the unions to have a never ending contractual increases. It's been so long since the private sector has even had a raise in wages I can't remember. If I were you I would try to stick to your own personal activities and not make judgments on others. Thank you.


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