Do you agree or disagree with the Walla Walla City Council's decision to close the Pioneer Park Aviary?

Agree 47 votes


Disagree 649 votes


696 total votes


brit0583 8 months, 1 week ago

Who are the yes votes? The council people?


GLG 8 months, 1 week ago

Why is it since all the wineries have taken over Walla Walla it seems that all the people that have come with them want to destroy everything that is/was the town?! I, as many others, have left the town because of the obsessive desire of these people wanting to get rid of the old, that is the charm and major greatness that WAS Walla Walla!!!! It was always "home" where I grew up and no matter where I strayed off to, I would always come back, but no more! I don't even recognize the town as it has been over-ran with rude people and commercialism. It's sickening!! And what irritates me more is those that moved to Walla Walla to "get away" from the big city life but then try to overrun it with all this crap that it doesn't need! It's like, what was the point of moving from it just to bring to Walla Walla?!

Anyway, I used to live on Edgewwod street (the street one back from the back of the park) and almost daily would make it a routine to go over and enjoy the birds. It is great for the kids and learning, and kids need to be out more learning hands on than stuck in front of their electronics. At this rate, there won't be a reason to leave your house living there as there is nothing to see!


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