Who do you support for Walla Walla County coroner?

Frank Brown 5 votes


Richard Greenwood 52 votes


Derek Hayden 15 votes


72 total votes


WWFYI 1 year, 2 months ago

The County Coroner’s Office for the 30 years preceding Richard Greenwood getting elected Coroner in 2010 was a problem department for the County Commissioners. The Commissioners said that they would regularly receive complaint after complaint filed against the two previous Coroners. The Commissioners have also stated recently that they have received no complaints about the Coroner’s Office since Richard Greenwood was elected in 2010. The previous two Coroner’s over a 30 year period left 305 cremated remains in the basement without a proper burial. These were 305 people with a heart and a soul!

Here is a quote from the Re-elect Richard Greenwood Facebook page about what he did with the cremated remains the previous two Coroners left in the basement: “Out of 305 cremations in the office, Mr. Greenwood, partnered with the College Place VFW, identified 15 honorably discharged Veterans and put them to rest at the Medical Lake Cemetery. The remaining 290 deceased were laid to rest in a pre-established public crypt at the Mountain View Cemetery. With their teamwork, 305 remains were properly buried and by using resources already available to him, this didn't cost the taxpayers a dollar extra.”


WOW 1 year, 2 months ago

@ WWFYI that is the job of the Coroner and shame on the previous two (Ames & Brown) for not doing their job! Doing the job that you are elected or hired for is expected.


WWFYI 1 year, 2 months ago

@WOW thanks for commenting on my original comment. I do not understand how this has not been addressed publically as the scandal I see it to be. It is a complete dereliction of their elected office and a crime against the 305 people left in the basement without a proper burial.


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