Letter - Why is the race for sheriff a race (if it is)?

I admittedly — just to be upfront — am partisan and opinionated. I contribute to the re-elect John Turner campaign, and I hold that it’s the duty of each and every good citizen in Walla Walla County to do so.

Letter - Blackman is a leader who works with community

As a high school teacher and father of two young boys, it’s important to me that community leaders understand what it takes to keep kids on the right path.

Letter - Deputies performing well under Turner

Based on recent letters to the editor, it seems like there is a lot of confusion about local crimes, crime rates and statistics. One writer called a “19.4 percent decrease in crime in Walla Walla County” false, a lie and misleading. As a retired police officer I know that watching crime trends is important.

Results of poll on sheriff’s race mean ... a lot of votes were cast

The votes on the just completed Union-Bulletin.com poll on the election for Walla Walla County Sheriff are in and the final tally is unbelievable.

Letter - Sheriff Turner focused on creating solution

I am writing to share an experience I witnessed, and was a small part of, with Sheriff John Turner.

Letter - The only mudslinging is by Sheriff Turner

After reading each of the sheriff candidates’ websites, it’s clear the only candidate slinging mud is John Turner. His website is filled with personal attacks, claims that his opponents are unfit for duty and can’t handle the job of sheriff.

Letter - Barry Blackman was thrown under the bus

Walla Walla is not Los Angeles. Here, you don’t besmirch a fellow officer. And to do that to one under your command is a serious character flaw.

Letter - Barry Blackman is hardworking and honest man

I am supporting Barry Blackman for Walla Walla County sheriff because he is an honest and hardworking man, a great father and a person who stands by his word.

Letter - Turner’s leadership needed now more than ever

“Walla Walla ... known for wheat, wine and weed.” That was the sad comment I overheard from the audience at a Walla Walla City Council meeting earlier this year.

Letter - Say no to negative campaigning

What would you do if you are an employer interviewing for a difficult job that takes a breadth of knowledge and expertise to accomplish successfully?

Letter - Cooper was first to reveal confidential information

Jerry Votendahl’s letter of June 5 regarding Tom Cooper not working as a full-duty deputy for nearly two years is clearly intended to implicate Sheriff John Turner for revealing confidential information.

Letter - Sheriff Turner is highly qualified

I support John Turner’s re-election as Walla Walla County sheriff. He is unquestionably the superior choice.

Letter - Sheriff Turner has been ethical, impartial and fair

Sheriff John Turner has done an excellent job in his first term as sheriff of Walla Walla County.

Letter - Sheriff Turner has made good changes

Just a comment on the June 12 column by Rick Eskil that ran on the editorial page.

Letter - Turner is still best choice for sheriff

John Turner is by far the best candidate for sheriff and here’s why.

Letter - One term enough for John Turner and Dick Morgan

Dick Morgan’s recent letter to the editor, printed in the June 15 edition of the Union-Bulletin, was meant to be critical of Tom Cooper’s campaign to be the next sheriff, and supportive of current Sheriff John Turner.

Letter - See for yourself, Turner is a good, honest man

After reading Jason Postlewait’s letter posted on June 15, I have to say I agree with his statement, “it is important that community leaders understand what it takes to keep kids on the right path.”

Letter - Why would Sgt. Blackman ask for a demotion?

Sheriff John Turner likes to hire his old friends, and putting them in the appointed positions lets him avoid the county’s normal hiring process.

Letter - Stop mudslinging in race for sheriff

Rumor, innuendo, half-truth and outright lies have become the methodology of the attacks on incumbent Sheriff John Turner. Let’s take some of them in turn and try to put them to rest.

Letter - Ex-police chief’s endorsement of Turner is huge

The upcoming election for Walla Walla County sheriff is important to us all.

Letter - Sheriff Turner misleads with statistics

According to information in some of the letters to the editors, Sheriff John Turner’s campaign materials and the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office website, crime was reduced in 2013 by 19.4 percent. This is false, a lie and misleading.

Newspaper, Cooper took ‘cheap shot’ at sheriff

It is obvious (and appalling) to me that the Union-Bulletin editor, reporter and Walla Walla County sheriff’s deputy Tom Cooper threw a “cheap shot” at our sheriff on April 14.

Letter - County commissioner’s comment demeaning

Shame on county Commissioner Greg Tompkins for using the term “glorified secretary” to describe the position of the sheriff’s chief administrative deputy! (Sheriff John Turner’s guest column, Feb. 16).

Letter - Sheriff Turner compassionate, caring professional

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of endorsement on the occasion of Sheriff John Turner’s intent to seek re-election for the office of sheriff in Walla Walla County.

Sheriff’s Office overruns budget

WALLA WALLA — After a discussion Monday, Walla Walla County commissioners agreed on a fix for overruns in the county Sheriff’s Office 2011 budget.

Letter - Sheriff Turner never overspent budget

David Brewer’s letter to the editor, May 6, claims a Sheriff John “Turner supporter doesn’t have the facts.” However, he doesn’t seem to have many of his own correct. To be clear, repeating something often enough does not make it a fact.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner has right credentials for sheriff

After researching the candidates for the open Walla Walla County sheriff's position, there is no doubt in my mind John Turner is the right person for the job. Spend five minutes with John and it becomes very clear he has the best credentials and the abi

Letter - Qualifications for sheriff

I am amazed by how many people seem to think that being born/raised or simply working in a department in Walla Walla makes you qualified to lead.

Letter - A Turner supporter, and proud of it

I’m writing to give folks facts in response to David Brewer’s deceptive remarks about John Turner’s much-appreciated time as our sheriff.

A simple look at budget process

There seems to be a continuous squabble going on between the U-B, sheriff and commissioners. Now it’s over the budget!

Letter - Keep Sheriff Turner in office

As a member of the higher education community for 36 years, part of that time as a Division Chair, it has been my privilege to evaluate many individuals for professional positions.

Letter - Turner most qualified, experienced to be sheriff

I am supporting John Turner for re-election as our county sheriff. After 42-plus years of law enforcement experience, including 28 years as Walla Walla Police chief, I have a good understanding of what I want in a sheriff.

Letter - Walla Walla fortunate to have Sheriff Turner

As a former 20-year resident of Walla Walla, I care about the challenges, progress and success of the Walla Walla Valley. Of particular interest has been the campaign to re-elect Sheriff John Turner because when I lived in Walla Walla, I was genuinely pleased when he took office and initiated the Sheriff’s Foundation to bring back the K-9 patrol unit.

Letter - Sheriff Turner is a skilled leader and manager

As concerned citizens living in Walla Walla County, my wife, Allison, and I are writing this letter to help inform the community at large about our personal experience in working with Sheriff John Turner.

Chris Blackman is best candidate for commissioner

I would like to express my support for Chris Blackman’s campaign to become county commissioner for District 2 and give my reasons why:

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Blackman should wait until husband retires

The race for county commissioner seat in District 2 is going to be an interesting one.

Sergeant to run for sheriff's position

Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Sgt. Barry Blackman announced his candidacy for the department’s top job.

WALLA WALLA — Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Barry Blackman will run for Sheriff this year, according to a press release from his campaign committee.

Blackman dedicated to children, families

I believe Kathy Jordan's letter on July 30 is an act of irresponsibility.

Letter - Coverage of Sheriff Turner’s plan is balanced

Finally, a balanced reporting job on Sheriff John Turner by a U-B reporter.

Letter - Turner supporter doesn’t have the facts

I’m responding to Robert Phillips’ letter featured in the opinion section of the Union-Bulletin’s April 13 edition. I’m assuming it ran in the opinion section because there isn’t a fantasy/fiction page.

Letter - Sheriff Turner’s integrity has earned him respect

There is a rich, deep history regarding the office of the sheriff.