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Perseid meteor showers to rain down in August

Every year in mid-August the Earth intersects the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle comet. Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle independently discovered this comet in 1862.

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Walla Walla doubles up on farmers markets

WALLA WALLA — In spite of each being low on produce and high in winds, two farmers markets held their season openers on Saturday.

News release: Walla Walla toy store owner plans to continue mural fight

The following news release was received by the Union-Bulletin from Inland Octopus this morning. Watch union-bulletin.com and the Union-Bulletin's print edition for further coverage. An image of letter referenced in the release was attached to the emailed release. That image accompanies this story.

Downtown Farmers Market manager chosen

Cheryl Thyken was chosen to run the market that runs behind City Hall.

WALLA WALLA — The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation has picked a new manager for the Downtown Farmers Market.

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Boarded but not bored

Area pet boarding facilities offer a range of short- and long-term services.

Whether you need to get away for a vacation or due to an emergency, sometimes pets can’t come along.

Informational meeting set for Downtown Farmers Market vendors

WALLA WALLA — Potential vendors for the Downtown Farmers Market are invited to an informational meeting Thursday.

Downtown Foundation to operate farmers' market

WALLA WALLA — The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation is the new operator of the city’s farmers’ market, again.

Meeting called to gear up for farmers market

WALLA WALLA — The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation is reaching out to potential vendors for the 2013 farmers market.

Walla Walla farmers market splits, replants at fairgrounds

The remaining vendors are working with the Downtown Foundation and the city to keep a market downtown.

WALLA WALLA — The city is poised for two farmers markets in the 2013 season.

Call for bids should benefit Farmers' Market

Asking for a plan should reduce the disputes that occurred at the market.

When all the smoke clears from this year's internal friction -- and strife -- at the Farmers' Market, new rules and a new outlook should be in place that should benefit the entire community.

City puts out call for proposals to run farmers market

WALLA WALLA — City officials have not renewed the lease for the Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market and are asking for proposals from would-be operators, citing recent issues between vendors and management as the reason.

Bazaar vendors craft offerings to meet demand

WALLA WALLA — ’Tis the season to shop and not just at stores.

'Calvin and Hobbes' art fetches record $203K in auction

A quarter-century ago, Brian Basset and Bill Watterson did what many cartooning peers do as an act of camaraderie: They swapped originals.

Concerns over Walla Walla Farmers' Market need to be resolved

Those involved with the open-air market have agreed to talk, and that's a positive step.

The internal conflict at the Farmers' Market -- vendors vs. management vs. vendors vs. board members -- has become a public issue because it threatens the future of the outdoor event at Fourth Avenue and Main Street.

Farmers Market meeting centers on change

WALLA WALLA — Voices peaked at near-shouting levels at a Farmers Market board meeting Monday night, where supporting and opposing vendors both lauded and lambasted the market’s current board and management.

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City sours on Farmers Market dispute

Potential new operators may be asked to apply to take over the operation.

WALLA WALLA — After a season with more strife than usual at the Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market, the operation may be ripe for new management, Walla Walla’s city manager said Friday.

Correction - 9/10/12

CORRECTION: A story on disputes at the Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market in Friday’s edition contained an error. The story said Antoinette LaRondelle’s business was turned into the Health Department but no violation was found. In fact, the Walla Walla County Health Department received the complaint Aug. 14 about LaRondelle allegedly preparing food at her home. In the process of investigating, health officials determined she was not using the designated commissary where she had previously said she was storing her food. Based on the finding her permit was suspended. On Aug. 24, the day the Farmers Market was notified of the suspension, LaRondelle established a new site as her commissary. The Health Department required she reapply for the permit. The new permit was approved, and a new owner was listed on it. The notification was sent to the market manager from the Health Department in a letter dated Aug. 31. We regret the error.

City seeks info from market

WALLA WALLA — City officials are investigating aspects of the recent controversy surrounding the Walla Walla Valley Farmers’ Market.

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Farmers' Market dispute boils over

WALLA WALLA -- A dispute between a vendor and the manager of the Walla Walla Valley Farmers' Market has grown into a full-scale clash at the heart of a beloved community event.