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Column: Yard sale comes at long last

We had our yard sale recently. Check that — we finally had our yard sale recently.

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'Colossal onion' a big hit with local baseball fans

This week, Sweet Lou begins his fifth season as the face and chief enthusiasm-builder of the Walla Walla Sweets.

Column: The growing pains of gardening

I am currently in the midst of my favorite season of the year: gardening season. The time of year that, for me, marks the closure of the seemingly interminable month of tedium that commences when the NFL season ends. I’ve cultivated my garden each year I’ve been married, providing my family with fresh produce from May through November, and keeping me preoccupied with various related annoyances almost nonstop during that time.

Former feral feline family’s fourth, final

We recently got a cat. OK, technically that’s “another cat.” We now have four felines, one for each human member of the household. I just hope that equilibrium lasts — it’s rare that we can go a year without adding at least one cat.

Larger, cleaner pool gets family back in the swim of things

For my family, Labor Day means the end of summer’s swimming season. The hot months of 2013 were made vastly more enjoyable by our purchase in June of an above-ground swimming pool.

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