Carolyn Henderson

Freelance writer Carolyn Henderson is the co-owner, with her husband, of Steve Henderson Fine Art, and a consultant for Wenaha Gallery of Dayton.

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Art collectors: Be yourself, buy what appeals to you

Dear Art Collector: I am the wife of an artist, and like all artists, we look for you. Many of you find us by our website, Steve Henderson Fine Art, but there are thousands of you out there somewhere that we, and other artists like us, are unable to reach.

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Column: The artist’s wife views the artist’s life

“It must be fascinating, being married to an artist!”

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Dayton woodcarver has an eye for local trees

DAYTON — Sustainability. It’s contemporary, fashionable, sensible, beautiful. And for woodcarver Jordan Henderson of JDC Woodcarving, there is an art to doing it right.

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Rivers, drylands — all inspiration for Dayton watercolorist

DAYTON — Water is one of our planet’s most valuable resources, and other than air it’s probably one of our most vital.

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Sculptors Pat, Peggy Bookey coax art from wood

When you live way up north, what do you do with wood?

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Eastern Washington photographer: Have camera, will explore Pacific Northwest

DAYTON — Those of us who live on the east side of Washington’s Cascade Mountains know that there is more to the Pacific Northwest than the city of Seattle.

Sculptor turns unlikely materials into artworks

Most people think of pecan shells as something to throw away after eating the nut within. For sculptor Ralph Trethewey, however, the outside is far more valuable, and he has literally carved a career out of them.

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Dayton duo make architecture for avians an art

For sculptors Jon and Marilu Bryan, art is for the birds, literally.

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Wenaha Gallery artist fuses psychology with spirituality

We’ve all heard of the artist’s Muse. While some artists credit (or blame) an outside source of inspiration for their work — whether it is one of the classical Greek goddesses or an actual human being ­­— painter Denise Elizabeth Stone of La Grande interacts with a unique, physical muse, consisting of the very materials that she uses.

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