Carolyn Henderson

Freelance writer Carolyn Henderson is the co-owner, with her husband, of Steve Henderson Fine Art, and a consultant for Wenaha Gallery of Dayton.

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Column: ‘Stay-at-home mom’ your voice, not title

Most of the years of my professional life, I’ve been a nonperson. In a society that defines itself by a specific job title, mine — stay-at-home mom — was singularly unimpressive.

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Expressions in espresso, an eye-opening watercolor form

Very few of us, after watching a movie, embark upon a yearlong project of intense and highly disciplined creativity, but fine artist Paul Henderson of Yakima finds insight in uncommon places.

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Column - Do-it-yourself art a creative way to spiff up the home

DIY — do it yourself — is a trend that never goes out of style.

Artist’s lifework celebrates extraordinary of ordinary

Woven baskets and clay pots — humble vessels used by ordinary people throughout history. Although they remain a major factor in the daily lives of many, humble vessels are frequently overlooked and discounted in the worlds of academia and fine art.

Column - Blue Mountain Artist Guild’s eclectic art

There are so many misconceptions about artists, the most pronounced being that they are solitary creatures reluctant to appear in daylight, preferring instead to lurk like hermits in attic-loft studios.

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Dayton painter Vivian McCauley: Prolific, determined and 95

It sounds like a riddle that Gollum would propound to Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit”:

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The art of art appreciation

Most of us understand and empathize with our fellow humans who are afraid of mice, spiders, snakes, small spaces or vampire movies starring Christopher Lee. We all have our fears and foibles, and they vary depending upon the person.

It takes a village to stock a food bank

While agencies and organizations and boards are all part of the team, the “community” factor of Dayton's community food bank is supplied by local people and civic groups who live in the area and care about their fellow residents.

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Artist scrutinizes natural world

Jim McNamara is a man who moves mountains, because that’s what landscape painters do.

Carver would rather turn than burn hardwoods

As winter sets in and the days — and nights — get colder, a warm, merry fire in the hearth cheers the hearts of most.

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