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Top of the Gap

Spectacular views are found on a geocaching hike to the summit of the Wallula Gap.

I vastly enjoyed last week’s pursuit of a geocache atop the west side of Wallula Gap with Bret Rankin and Nora the Schnauzer.

The Big Sink

A hike to the geologic anomaly is a mix of beautiful scenery, a variety of wildlife and some mysterious feelings.

I got the message when I lurched nose-first into a sticky spider web on the shade-darkened Sinks Trail:Perk up, dagnabbit!When I pulled at the gluey filament, a long-legged gray spider bustled across the back of my hand and fell from view like Batman swin

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Animals galore found along Mill Creek

Tuesday of last week sizzled. Nora the Schnauzer and I left home at 6:17 p.m. for her daily outing. It usually takes an hour. Or two. This one took longer. Way longer.

OUTDOORS - Animals galore found along Mill Creek

Tuesday of last week sizzled. Nora the Schnauzer and I left home at 6:17 p.m. for her daily outing.It usually takes an hour. Or two.This one took longer.Way longer.Let me set the scene.Normally in such heat we motor 10 minutes to Mill Creek, near Walla Wa

A 600-foot climb leads to stupendous views

WHEELER, Ore. — I won't pretend that Darlene and I actually planned a strategy for our visit to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument during the two hours that we spent driving from Burns to John Day.We accepted some limitations, however.We could vis

It's a Fowl time

among the lakes, ponds and swamps along roads south of Burns, Ore.

Fowls by the dozens dipped up tasty tidbits in the grassy lakes, ponds and swamps along roadsides south of Burns, Ore.We saw ibises, avocets, black-necked stilts, curlews, grebes, egrets, herons and pelicans.And diving Caspian terns and swallows nipped bu

Jaw dropping

Views of Palouse Falls are awesome after high volumns of water cause a spectacle.

As March slipped into April, an unusually high volume of water plummeted 185 feet at Palouse Falls.Its roar and clouds of mist caught my fancy.So much so that after Nora the Schnauzer and I saw it on a Wednesday, we inveigled Darlene into going with us on

Spirits up — and down — on the Oregon Coast

Stormy weather causes differing emotions on the Oregon Coast.

The visit took place March 11-18.That Storm Watch beachcombing stint at Newport, Ore., on Tuesday (March 13) spiked my spirits up.Way up.The rains and the blustery winds that dominated Tuesday night, Wednesday all day and all night, Thursday off and on an

A Respite

from the March Storm Watch follows a power failure in Newport, Ore.

So, all normal motel sounds ceased at 8:21 p.m. on the second evening of our March Storm Watch stay at Newport, Ore.'s Hallmark Inn.No lights buzzing; no television yapping; no heater droning.And neither Darlene, Nora the Schnauzer nor I muttered a sound

Storm Watch turns out to be apt promo for trip to Newport

Near the end of February we received a Hallmark Inn at Newport email promo for March: Storm Watch.It's one of our favorite places, and a little wind and rain certainly would NOT be unusual on the Oregon Coast in March. And Nora the Schnauzer loves that be

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