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Lenses, settings, capture moment of impact

When we hear the word “impact,” most of us think of a crash, but to a professional photographer it also can mean the moment the light hits the sensor.

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Capturing children’s imagination in the kitchen

Several weeks ago as part of the Wine Country Culinary Institute’s Community Kitchens Series at Walla Walla Community College, a class was offered to get children from 5 to 13 years old to learn about eating healthy and having fun in the kitchen.

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Learning, photographing a restaurant’s inner workings

Remember the last time you made lunch reservations, arrived at the restaurant and the hostess said to the waiter, “Take this party to table number six.” Did you find yourself counting the tables to determine what numbers the other tables might be?

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Photographer field-tests Santa’s gift — a new digital lens

Santa was good to me this year! As my wife handed me a package from under the Christmas tree she said, “Be careful, it’s fragile.”

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Garde manger: The culinary wonders of keeping food

When was the last time you enrolled in a class that you could not spell or pronounce?

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Photographer cooks up recipe for visual appeal

It’s 5 o’clock and your work-day has come to an end and you are feeling good!

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Techniques can bring on drama, mystery to photographs

One of the most frequently asked questions in my digital photography classes at Walla Walla Community College is, “How can I make my pictures look better?”

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Creating a digital storybook tale

One of the pleasures of teaching is mentoring students to explore, take some risks and hopefully see the world differently.

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Shooting in an instructional kitchen not the same as on TV

Have you ever noticed in the weekly television guide the promotion of culinary cooking shows featuring food and stern-looking chefs staring at each other? Why even PBS has its own instructional food program.

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Field test of iPad: Tablet's a winner for photos

I will admit I was scared when my wife and I and our 12-year-old grandson recently embarked on a two week trek through Oregon and Western Washington without my DSLR camera. The only camera I would have for the entire trip would be my new iPad.

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Quest class broadens horizons

I just finished teaching a five-week Quest photography class at Walla Walla Community College for those who have attained the age of 50 years and up.

Get up close to capture a new photograph

Over the course of a school year I work with many digital photography students at Walla Walla Community College who have the opportunity to display their digital images in the classroom.

Spring into rich season of photography

It's time to spring into action with your digital camera as the days are getting longer and the landscapes are in full bloom.

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Some questions to ask before taking picture

As the designated photographer, have you ever experienced these two scenerios: you are visiting at a friend's home and one of the guests proclaimed, "You just have to get a picture of our dog, Sparky, sleeping by the fireplace." You are driving out in the

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Slow down the pace to enrich your photography

February is the month when we are bombarded with a myriad of new models of digital cameras and accessories that will do almost anything we can imagine. The media blitz advertising these new digital cameras are packed with slogans like "go mobile, tag easi

Looking for a retirement hobby? Pick up a camera

At the last photography class at Walla Walla Community College I was challenged with a very insightful question from one of my students: "My grandfather has just retired and our family wants to keep him mentally and physically challenged, so how can I per

Cameras can illustrate your bedtime stories

When I was young my mother would always read a bedtime story to my brother and me. That was the time of day when my imagination would take over even though Mom always read from a library storybook. Just listening to the words, "Long, long ago, and far, fa

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Resolutions can pave way to better photos

This is the time of year that photographers make their New Year's resolutions, and if Santa's sleigh stopped at your house and inside the gift wrapping was a digital camera then your fun and work is about to begin.

Prepared photogs can capture fast-paced action

Prior to going to the Vineyard Photography class this week I had noticed a "quick survey" message on my computer from National Geographic Base Camp.

High-dynamic range puts shooters on cutting edge

As the vineyard photography class approached the mid-term of the fall quarter at Walla Walla Community College the students seemed ready for a big challenge.

$n$ Slug has lesson to teach for vineyard photographers

With harvest in the Valley now in full production I knew the vineyard photography students were anxious to get going and start taking pictures, but tonight I wanted to them to pause and anticipate the images they would be taking.

Opportunites ripen for vineyard shutterbugs

It was 5:30 p.m. and the start of the vineyard photography class at Walla Walla Community College. I flipped the switch near the lectern and the 8-foot screen slowly lowered into position in front of the class. Almost on cue one of the students walked ove

Black-and-white shooting calls for shift in thinking

As I walk-ed into the classroom for the Vineyard Photography Class at Walla Walla Community College one of the students asked if we would be taking any digital pictures in black-and-white format.

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Smells can add texture to photos

On this warm Walla Walla summer evening I thought I would ask the first question in the vineyard photography class, "How many students have home gardens?"

SIMPLY DIGITAL - To get the perfect shot, it helps to have a plan

As I was walking into the Vineyard Photography classroom, I noticed several students huddled together talking, and I overheard one say, "I really wanted to photograph some awesome flowers in the vineyard last weekend, but everything kept blurring."

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Bug's eye view opens new world of photography

The vineyard photography class at Walla Walla Community College had already been on three field trips to local vineyards and tonight I was eager to have the students explore a passion of mine, the world of macro (close-up) photography.

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Down time can pay off as chance for preparation

It was raining and as I walked into the classroom at Walla Walla Community College the students seemed to be disheartened knowing our vineyard field trip would be canceled.I knew I had to quickly change the agenda to recapture the students' attention. It

SIMPLY DIGITAL - Digital spells easier for homemade photo albums

Last week when I was reorganizing our garage I came upon several large boxes of photographs that had been tucked away in the back of one of the cabinets.These were the extra prints left over from years of family activities that did not fit in the family a

Photographers need to keep size, composition in mind

Inevitably the first two questions I get asked when teaching the vineyard photography class at Walla Walla Community College are, "how do I reduce my digital photographs and how can I compose my pictures better?"It was not so long ago that families bought

So you got a new digital camera ... now what?

With the cold weather we have been having in Walla Walla it's the perfect time to snuggle up to a warm fireplace with a good book and stay warm. However the odds of that good book you snuggle up with will not be the manual for your digital camera.Based on

Clearing the fog on freezing days

As the students arrived at the Vineyard Photography class at Walla Walla Community College this week they were bundled up in their heavy winter jackets and layered clothing due to the subfreezing temperatures.Immediately several students wanted to talk ab

Winery's massive scale a new challenge for students

As the vineyard photography class students assembled at the Institute for Enology & Viticulture parking lot, little did they know the photographic surprise they were in for tonight.After visiting some small and medium-size Walla Walla vineyards the class

Students full of questions on first vineyard shoot

After spending two lectures focusing on the students' digital cameras, the Walla Walla Community College vineyard photography class was about to embark on its first photo shoot.