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Editorial: Give generously to United Way of Walla Walla County

The success of the annual United Way of Walla Walla County campaign is critical to this community. The money raised supports services used by 30,000 in this county every year.

Community warming shelter should be established

The First Congregational Church of Walla Walla came to the rescue. The church on Palouse Street opened its doors to be the city’s warming center for those who had no place to seek protection from the weekend’s frigid — and dangerous — temperatures.

Editorial: Obama’s effort to promote ‘net neutrality’ is welcome

President Obama is seeking to protect “net neutrality” with his proposal to regulate Internet service providers in the same way the emerging telephone industry was regulated in 1913.

SEA-TECH provides career opportunities, options for students

The Walla Walla Valley is fortunate to have a new and important educational opportunity that will give local high school students more — and better — options as they chart their future.

No excuse for pathetic voter turnout in US

Voter turnout in Walla Walla County was strong in comparison to the lousy voter turnout statewide and nationally.

Editorial: Voter mandate to lower class sizes creates turmoil

State lawmakers already faced an enormous task heading into their annual session in January.

Editorial: Let’s hope I-594 is limited in scope

Initiative 594 (expanding background checks on gun sales and transfers) was approved in a landslide Tuesday, but that does not necessarily mean it will be a great law.

Football playoffs kick off — and Wa-Hi is in hunt

Pro football and big-time college gridiron action capture the attention of ESPN and the other 24/7 sports channels, but it’s high school football that really means something to communities throughout America.

Republicans, Obama must work together to end gridlock

Republicans got what they wanted — control of Congress.

Lighten up! Nothing wrong with US Postal Service selling fun stamps

The U.S. Postal Service can’t win. Or, at least, that’s how those running the federal agency probably feel.

Green light for splash pad is positive for Walla Walla

Summer should be a lot cooler for kids in Walla Walla next summer.

Seahawks gesture brings joy to grieving teens

The Seattle Seahawks sell out every game. Seahawk jerseys, hoodies and T-shirts are the best sellers in the NFL.

Don’t forget to cast your ballot

General Election Day is almost here, yet most folks who plan to vote have already done so.

Selfless acts by high school athletes inspiring

The National Football League has had a few recent, high-profile domestic violence incidents that have triggered some disdain for the NFL and, at least to some, athletics in general.

Clear rules on free meals for state lawmakers are welcome

State lawmakers don’t need free — very expensive — meals. And, as we’ve argued for years, they should not take them in most cases.

Free speech on the Internet is protected

The Washington state Supreme Court is poised to make a ruling on the limits of free speech on the Internet that could have far reaching implications.

WWCC president can mend rift with faculty

The turmoil at Walla Walla Community College is surprising, perhaps even shocking, given the school has been hailed as the best community college in the nation. Even the school’s president, Steve VanAusdle, was surprised about the depth of the discord.

Disability claims should not be allowed to linger

Government inefficiency — too often supercharged with incompetence — has left the American people with low expectations. We’ve come to expect a slow response and long line when seeking government help or services.

Editorial: Johnson and Stephens are easy picks for Supreme Court

Four state Supreme Court positions are on the Nov. 4 ballot. Two are uncontested.

It’s time for US to do away with the draft

Although nobody in the United States has been drafted into the military in more than 40 years, it remains violation of federal law if men do not register for the draft between the ages of 18 and 25.

Editorial: Ignore useless advisory votes on the ballot

Once again, advisory votes are on the 2014 General Election ballot. Don’t waste your time filling in the oval or giving the two faux measures any thought.

Editorial - Police chief’s disingenuous election stand is insulting

Walla Walla Police Chief Scott Bieber continues to say he has not taken sides in the sheriff’s race between incumbent John Turner and incumbent Tom Cooper.

Editorial: Rep. McMorris Rodgers should be re-elected

Although Congress — the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House — remains dysfunctional, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been doing a relatively good job representing the 5th Congressional District over the last two years.

Editorial: Martin should be re-elected Walla Walla County auditor

Walla Walla County Auditor Karen Martin has done an excellent job running the Auditor’s Office for the past 16 years. Voters should re-elect her for another four years.

Editorial: Duncan has slight edge in Walla Walla County commission race

In the race between Dale Johnson and Jim Duncan for the open seat on the Walla Walla County Board of Commissioners, the winner is clear — it’s the voters.

Editorial: Rep. Terry Nealey is the clear choice

Rep. Terry Nealey, a Dayton Republican, has done an excellent job representing for 16th Legislative District.

Editorial: Rep. Maureen Walsh has earned another term

State Rep. Maureen Walsh continues to be an outstanding legislator.

Editorial: Cooper wins on issue of trust in sheriff’s race

Who can best heal the strained relationships within the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office and in the Courthouse — Sheriff John Turner or his challenger, Sgt. Tom Cooper?

Editorial: Greenwood is clear choice for county coroner

Richard Greenwood has done an excellent job as Walla Walla County coroner.

U-B begins editorial endorsements

Over the next week the Union-Bulletin will be running its endorsements for races and ballot issues for the Nov. 4 election.

Columbus Day falls to PC in city of Seattle

Monday is Columbus Day across America — except for Seattle.

Editorial: City’s sign code enforcement policy is ridiculous

It only enforces the code when a complaint is filed. The code should be enforced uniformly or it shouldn’t be enforced at all.

Seahawk QB seeks to curb domestic violence

Football is a violent sport. So it should hardly be a surprise that those who become the best football players in the world can be violent — and some of that violent behavior occasionally shows itself off the field.

State employees have waited long enough for wage increase

State workers who are members of the Washington Federation of State Employees ratified a contract Tuesday that would give them a 4.8 percent pay raise over the next two years.

Elimination of playground equipment sad sign of times

Can we please put the Bubble Wrap in the closet and let kids be kids?

Green light for future of Aviary is welcome

The Walla Walla City Council made a good call in green lighting the Pioneer Park Aviary construction, essentially making it possible for the facility to remain for years to come.

Reinstating taxes to fund state parks isn’t solution

Resurrecting two unpopular taxes to help stabilize Washington state’s park system funding is a terrible idea. These taxes will likely be even less popular the second times around.

Greenhouse gas reduction isn’t state’s priority

If Gov. Jay Inslee is serious about proposing legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would result in consumers in this state paying more at the gas pump, he needs to get himself some fresh air. He needs to snap out of it.

Forest Service can’t ban access based on film’s content

The U.S. Forest Service was bashed in the media last week when it proposed banning media filming in wilderness areas. News organizations were outraged.

Splash pads crash landing over innovation is ridiculous

What Washington state needs is a Department of the Obvious. This agency could step in when reason and logic have been ignored.

Port shouldn’t put down a dime on downtown land

The Walla Walla City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to endorse the Port of Walla Walla’s consideration of obtaining a $47,200 nonrefundable option-to-buy real estate downtown. It’s not really the business of city government.

Mock higher ed budget-cutting exercise not productive

The state’s six public college and university presidents have grown weary of mock budget cutting drills.

Heritage Park should be open for all to use

A public park, by definition, is open to everyone.

Oregon voters should consider Washington’s legal pot mess

Oregon is preparing for the legalization of marijuana. Will it learn from Washington’s mistakes?

Fake 9-1-1 calls as pranks aren’t funny — they are dangerous and expensive

Throughout history young people (and even some older ones) get a kick pranking their pals. And those pranks change with the times.

Walla Walla School Board should let public help solve problems

Walla Walla School District Interim Superintendent Bill Jordan is certainly well qualified for the job he took on when former Superintendent Mick Miller resigned in June. In fact, with experience as an assistant superintendent in Walla Walla and as superintendent in Prescott for three years, Jordan would seem a strong candidate to take the position permanently if he wanted it.

Cantwell’s call to eliminate Redskins name might succeed

The National Football League is once again coming under fire for allowing the Washington, D.C., franchise to retain Redskins as its nickname. This time by U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash.

WSU-UW turf war shouldn’t get in way of new medical school

Is Washington state big enough for two publicly funded medical schools?

Retirees should not be collecting ‘unemployable’ benefit from VA

Tens of thousands of veterans who are beyond retirement age — and have no intention of getting a job — are receiving substantial “unemployability” benefits.