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Dietary facts, fallacies are everywhere

My wife, Sonia, and I founded, organized and ran the National Health Federation chapter and its yearly conventions when we lived in Hawaii.

Conquering fear is key to natural childbirth

Just what is “natural” childbirth?

Staying healthy most certainly is a laughing matter

In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs tells us: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

Reducing concussions calls for brain power

Recently I happened to watch a documentary called “League Of Denial” on KCTS. Essentially it was about the brain injuries incurred by football players.

Yogurt can help collar baby colic

The bane of motherhood since motherhood began, especially for new mothers, has been the inconsolable crying baby.

Chocolate: The devil’s in the details

I like chocolate! Who doesn’t? It’s the “food of the gods,” after all.

Understanding the difference between hunger and appetite

In past columns we have discussed low blood sugar — hypoglycemia — and how it affects us. Let’s continue that discussion.

Toxic formaldehyde is in many things — even clothing

For the past year this column has spent most of its focus on health related to nutrition. Today, however let’s discuss another pressing problem — the subject of formaldehyde in our environment.

Microscopic 'good guys' do a world of good

Probiotics are microorganisms intentionally introduced into the body for their beneficial qualities.

Eat a nutritional rainbow, including red, yellow

The new nutritional recommendation these days is to “eat rainbow.”

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Growing sprouts a snap in kitchen

In our last column we discussed the many health benefits of vegetable sprouts. Today let’s learn how simple it is to make them in your kitchen during any season of the year.

Eat your sprouts! And here’s why

The cruciferous vegetables — broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale — are known to contain some very potent anti-cancer factors called glucosinolates, sulforophane and glucoraphanin, as well as having many nutritional enzymes.

Mad cow disease a human affliction, too

Mad cow. No, it’s not a reference to an angry or psychotic bovine.

Oils and fats essential to diet

In my columns thus far I’ve mentioned very little about the third leg of the nutritional triad — fats.

Low blood sugar bleeds into daily life

Hypo means low. Glycemia means sugar in the blood. Put the words together and it simply means low blood sugar.

‘Plus,’ ‘Zero’ and ‘Negative’ a simple way to think of foods

You’ve heard it said that this person or that person died of “old age.” Were their bodies uniformly worn out? Did they succumb to some illness? Did they die from a specific disease, or did just one organ fail?

Heliotherapy: Limited sunlight can boost immune system

Last night I was listening to BBC and a panel of “experts” discussing the challenges of modern medicine.

Columnist: Fasting offers quick way to cleanse body

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Lemon rind drink has track record as fever killer

I call it the “Lemon/Blueberry Drink.”

Vitamin E and minerals help out behind the scenes

Vitamin E is important as an antioxidant, for sexual health, heart health and so much more.

Research on vitamin D effects dives deeper

As we head down the vitamin alphabet in columns about outward signs of nutritional deficiencies, this week we examine vitamin D.

Bruising a sign of vitamin C deficiency

Ever wonder why you don’t have to feed your dog salad or fruit?

Vitamin B deficiency signs can show up in mouth, eyes

Last week’s column began a discussion on the outward, visible signs of vitamin deficiencies, starting with vitamin A. Today let’s continue with the family of B vitamins, called collectively the B complex vitamins.

Many nutrition deficiencies visible to trained eyes

Wouldn’t you like to be able to recognize if you are deficient in certain nutrients without going through expensive blood tests?

Children can be taught to eat right food

I have heard so many parents lament, “I have such a hard time getting my kids to eat nutritious food. They only want fast food or junk food and sweets! What can I do?”