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Dental care a necessity for pets as well as their owners

February is not only the month that contains that famous kissing holiday — it is also the national month of Pet Dental Health Awareness. If the thought of getting a smooch from Garfield or Odie is leaving you a little green due to some bad breath, it may be time to think about getting them a dental cleaning for Valentine’s Day. Routine dental cleanings and home dental care are good at keeping bad breath at bay, and there are more major health benefits behind maintaining your pet’s pearly whites.

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Cooped up with your backyard chickens

My husband and I live close to Pioneer Park, and on our nice evening walks with our two old lady dogs it is not unusual to hear the calling of the peacocks in the aviary. Recently I have been surprised to also notice roosters crowing in our area.

How to keep yourself safe as West Nile wings its way into Valley

When I first moved to Walla Walla I was delighted to discover the diversity of bird species that migrate through this area, as I am a bit of an amateur birder. However, the veterinarian in me also became a bit nervous, as all of these migratory birds put us at risk for West Nile virus.

What causes laminitis in horses, and how to treat and prevent it

Laminitis, or founder, is a debilitating and unfortunately common cause of lameness seen in horses, ponies, mules and donkeys. The horse’s hoof is equivalent to the human fingernail. The pedal bone, which is inside the hoof, is suspended from the hoof wall via thousands of fingerlike projections called sensitive laminae, which fit like a key into a lock of insensitive laminae present on the hoof wall.

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Proper housing key for keeping small, furry pets healthy

Small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils are often the first pet a child will have.

Winning the battle of the bulge critical for your pet feline’s life

“My cat is just a really big cat, he’s not fat, just big!”

Things to consider when cruising with canines in your vehicle

Springtime has me in full planning mode with thoughts of fun summer camping destinations and pet-friendly weekends for our family and our little old-lady dogs, Abby and Jazmin. I am lucky that they both love to travel in the car and will tolerate long trips with gusto.

Warm, wet weather poses parasite problems for pets

Spring is a magical time of year for veterinarians, with newborn calves, lambs and foals being born. However, the warm, wet conditions are also a recipe for a less pleasant thing: parasitic worms.

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