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All kinds of cheerleaders

While basketball players demonstrated their ball control during State District 9: 1B and 2B basketball games Tuesday afternoon at George Ball Court on the Whitman College campus, cheerleaders showed off their fall control during the Asotin Cheer Squad's


Rain hangs in droplets on branches while the glow of defocused headlights from passing cars appear like twin suns rising into Tuesday afternoon's gray drizzle. With the amount of west-side like precipitation and overcast days that have become the norm, tw

Cycling of recycling

A bicyclist zips past a collection of recyclable items bookended by two garbage cans Thursday morning on Isaacs Avenue near Whitman College. The cycle of recycling continues in Walla Walla as new, larger, more-garbage-can-like bins will be distributed to

Skies of read and gold

Wednesday was in the neighborhood for a nice day---finally---as the sun made a quick, last-minute appearance through broken clouds above Walla Walla shortly after 4:30pm. The warm skies offered a prelude to a forecast, over the next few days, for warm te

The Breakfast Club

Caught in mid-flight enroute to an open place in/on line, a starling joins The Breakfast Club with his buddies for a morning of chatter, song and a feast of berries from a tree below.

Disappearing act

Now you see it, now you don't. Heavy fog creates a disappearing act for lines of trees and an appearing act for a dog walker as she emerges from the misty shroud blanketing Tietan Park, Walla Walla and its surrounding areas.

Ghost of Christmas past

With the ghosts of Christmas past sparkling through the fog from branches of downtown Walla Walla trees, a lone pedestrian starts the new year's work week off with a cup in hand and a misty morning stroll across Main Street.

New Year; same old weather

Treacherously slick streets greet drivers on New Year's Eve as vehicles keep a good distance apart while moving slowly along Howard Street next to Mountain View Cemetery.


A straw-piped snowman on-the-go man waits patiently in the back of a red pickup truck on Division Street Thursday afternoon as a bicyclist gives a look while passing by. Unlike The Snowman from the classic children's book of the same title, this mobile p

2009 Pictures of the Year

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin photographer Jeff Horner shares some of his favorite photos from the past year.

Choices.Photography not only captures slices of life, imprisoning them in tiny rectangles to view and contemplate, but it also mirrors life in the complexity and seriousness of its choices. Unlike the more fluid nature of the written word, whose creative

Open wide and say ahhhh

A small sparrow with a big mouth finds a non-frozen branch to bask on in a recent bit of warmer weather. The past few days of ice and freezing rain should have prompted thoughts of warmer locales but flying south is likely out for resident birds like the

Window to any icy world

Frozen outcroppings of icicles from from the round, warm flow of lights surrounding the Falkenbergs Jewelers' clock on the sidewalk of Main Street, while a worker in Brasserie Four pauses to peer out to an icy world.

Tough on the outside with a softer center

Santa arrived via the Walla Walla County Sheriff Department's armored response vehicle to hand out candy to kids in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Part of 2009 10th Anniversary of Shop With A Cop.

A slice of sunlight

Standing in a small slice of sunlight on a bitterly cold, sub-freezing day, a bundled pedestrian has his moment of warmth while waiting for the light to change on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street early Tuesday afternoon. Sunshine has helped raise

Village people or volleyball fans?

There was a motley crew of Warriors, surfers, dreadlocks, hunters and duck and turkey decoys in the Warrior Rumble section of the stands at the Dietrich Dome Monday night as the Women's volleyball team took on Columbia Basin in a tie-breaker playoff.

Hearkening to city's roots

Caught in a moment of timeless awe, Sam Pambrun---the great grandson to Andrew Pambrun, Hudson Bay Company Chief Trader and aide to territorial governor Isaac Stevens---pauses to speechlessly admire the new monument just unveiled to celebrate Walla Walla'

Mounted for the mountains

With the Blue Mountains rising in a patchwork against the sky, a lone, bundled horseman traverses the rim around Bennington Lake on Monday afternoon in a blend of sunshine and cooling temperatures.

Featured Photo

With autumn only one week away, fall gathers in quiet crowds of warm-hued leaves as jogger kathy Brock runs along Park Street near cordiner Hall. "I'll run as long as I can be outside," commented Brock. "Until the weather gets nasty ... then I'll join a fitness center." Brock runs nearly every day.

Night Flight

WALLA WALLA - With daybreak fast approach a pair of birds took turns flying and landing under the moonlight atop the First Congregation Church steeple early Monday morning.

Here comes the sun

Shortly after 7 a.m. today, light from a golden sun bathes the side of a wall on a building on the corner of Second Avenue and Poplar Streets as two passers-by marvel at their shadows. More sunshine is on the way for the weekend with temperatures expected to climb to the 90s on Saturday and Sunday and continue into the week.


Golden fields of stubble met a wide-open, western sky just east of Walla Walla as the remnants of Thursday's sunset paid visual homage to a fair and beautiful land.

Humor, hits with Blake Shelton at concert

The dark silhouttes of cowboy hats swayed to and fro in the festiva seating audience Wednesday night at the 2009 Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Concert is headliner Blake Shelton powered through heart-breaking ballads and rocked the stage and crowd with songs.


Ten-year-old Robert Munroe goes four-wheeling amidst the four-wheelers as he mixes with the big traffic along Pine Street en route to his home. Munroe was hauling two extra wheels on his bike as part of a project with a friend to build two new bikes from free spare parts that people were giving away. The two new bikes, once assembled, would be 10-speeds they hope to race on the street in front of their homes. So far, it has been a two-month project, but completion is close at hand.


Heat hit the Wa-Hi Blue Devils' football field as practice for the 2009 season got underway Wednesday.

FEATURED PHOTO - Prospecting for gold

Prospecting for gold in a field of gold off Prospect Avenue Tuesday Avenue, a lone bee hovers in mid-flight while surveying the treasure trove of flowers before him.