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Wind machines are grapes’ biggest fans

The wind generated by the machines is useful in mixing the warmer air aloft with the shallow layer cold air situated at and just above ground level so that sub-freezing temperatures are mitigated to the point where there is no more danger to the very delicate and susceptible growth.

Frost, mildew lurk, could undo April’s vineyard progress

The general outlook for the next five to six weeks is nail-biting days followed by sleep-interrupted nights, and vineyard managers everywhere will collectively breathe a deep sigh of relief around the second or third week of May.

Sun, warmer temps supplant period of much-needed moisture

A few days of significant rainfall (totaling 1.15 inches at the airport) — some of which fell in thundershowers — boosted the monthly rainfall total to 50 percent above normal (3.03 inches vs. 2.01 inches).

Grape guy flees Valley for Grapefruit League

The Walla Walla Valley enjoyed a delightful first weekend of spring under the benign influence of high pressure that brought generally fair skies and mild afternoon temperatures to the area.

Winter is over? Not so fast ...

Cool high pressure behind Monday morning’s cold front will rule with fair weather until later Wednesday. Then a second reinforcing shot of cold air should zip through the area with a chance of showers followed by clearing on Thursday.

Wet March tempers drought discussion

Throughout the Evergreen State, there is some measure of relief that mountain snow packs are in considerably better shape now than they were at the beginning of the year.

If you like wet weather, this week will be a treat

Several waves of moisture will sweep over the area this week, leading to a mostly soggy series of days featuring lots of puddle-dodging and muddy footwear.

Spring marches on after moisture-impaired February

Only now can we fully appreciate the arrival of the third month of the year and its promise of a gentler, more hopeful and benign weather regime.

End of stormy stretch in sight

Wet and windy weather will continue in the Walla Walla Valley for the next couple of days before a calmer regime becomes established here for the end of the week and the coming weekend.

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Rain, snow quench thirsty West Coast

Mother Nature rolled out her full winter arsenal and loosed a barrage of torrential rain and heavy snow on the (mostly) grateful residents of California, Oregon and Washington.

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