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John Jamison

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April showers Walla Walla Valley with torrent of music

In the 14th century, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote of “Aprille with his shoures soote,” linking, in the prologue to “The Canterbury Tales,” the month of April with nature’s abundance and the torrents of spring. If alive today and living in the Walla Walla Valley, Chaucer might well turn his pen to celebrating a month of musical abundance.

Exotica music welcomes spring on Walla Walla stages

The month of birds returning from migrations brings to mind Walla Walla’s linkage with far-flung regions of the world. Musically, we get a month of exotica, of musical tourism.

Music with a heart prevails in February

This month brings heartfelt crossover music to the Walla Walla Valley.

Chamber festival brings hot music to a cold month

January is now the month for the mid-winter Walla Walla Chamber Music Winter Festival, which takes place over a generously stretched Martin Luther King weekend, this year on Jan. 16-19.

Music and the sacred: a heavenly match

Readers familiar with the Old Testament know that even ancient people held a close connection between music and the sacred.

What to listen for as the leaves fall in Walla Walla

By November we’ve settled into our school-year routines and are stacking up firewood. Time for some musical refreshment!