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A great Place to learn work, social skills

Creating. Destroying. Cycles and recycling, and helping others who may have more challenges to face. These are all parts of a process.

'Rightsizing': How to make your home fit just right

Upsizing. Downsizing. Try “rightsizing,” a concept that means finding the right size living space for a person’s situation.

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Walla Walla Valley Bands anniversary bash an ode to joy

A quarter of a century goes by like a song, full of emotion, full of purpose. The Walla Walla Valley Bands 25th Anniversary Concert on Sunday will celebrate the milestone with music and joy. Lots of joy.

Y’s annual campaign helps kids in need

The 2015 YMCA annual campaign helps to give children a piece of the action — the Y’s Action Zone, that is.

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Annual rodeo seeks to rein in child abuse

Great cause, fun event. Everybody wins.

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Fat Cat’s still purring along at 25

The popular Main Street tavern will raise a mug to its 25th anniversary on Feb. 28.

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Library’s dolls are things of the past

History and reading, dolls and fun — it’s all at the Walla Walla Public Library. A new project, the lending doll, combines all of those elements.

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Local musician in tune with technology

Music, like everything else, has changed over time because of technology. Local electronic musician Connor Vosberg, aka Zenix, creates his brand of music with computer equipment.

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WWU alumni play around with Shakespeare

COLLEGE PLACE — Mix timeless humor, audience interaction and improvisation with Shakespeare and you get the upcoming performance at Walla Walla University. “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]” was written by comedians Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield. The production premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1987, and has since been performed all over the world.

Humane Society helps pets fetch new owners

It’s a new year, with new hopes and beginnings. For animals dreaming of a forever home, the Blue Mountain Humane Society is building on a year of success and plans on continuing the forward momentum.

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Music festival hopes to beat back winter blahs

The usually quiet January gets lively this week with the Winter Chamber Music Festival, which runs Thursday through Sunday. A variety of musicians will play in venues all over town. This year’s featured artists include cellist Meta Weiss and Chicago’s Third Coast Percussion.

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Walla Walla-area electronics recyclers lighten toxic load

Maybe it’s time to clean out the basement, garage or a couple of closets. After all, it’s a new year, a new beginning.

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Students develop attitude of thankfulness

It’s fun to count your blessings — and it might change your whole attitude for the better.

Greenhouse project has students raising funds

The thought of spring excites most people, especially gardeners. This year, classrooms full of budding growers are looking forward to spring — and their new project. Grade K-2 students at Rogers Adventist School, taught by Robin Browning, are planning the construction of a greenhouse.

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Annual tree project benefits seniors

Plenty of those in need in our community find it very difficult to get through the winter and holidays. It’s often cold and dark, and family may be far away. Fortunately this is also the season of giving.

Annual fundraiser benefits Senior Center

Part of the appeal of the holiday season is finding gifts for loved ones, and having fun doing it.

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Boy with autism blossoms at Y

Watching a child develop is a joyous experience. Family, friends and YMCA mentors of 81/2-year-old Ethan Castillo are delighted with his growth and transformation.

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Crafty gifts abound at annual holiday show

The holidays are all about traditions, and the Christmas Trio Gift & Craft Show — now in its 11th year — has become a tradition of its own.

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Iwo Jima vet opens up about experiences

Claro Bergevin, 91, returned in late September from a visit to Decatur, Ill., to join his friend and Marine buddy Harold Miller for a reunion of members of the B Company, 5th Tank Battalion.

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Rider hoofs it to Atlantic from Milton-Freewater

After a huge journey on horseback across the country, carrying the American flag, Samuel Hopkins-Hubbard returned home to Milton-Freewater. His journey, One Nation Ride, brought people together, as part of the ride’s purpose was to unify and strengthen those he met along the way.

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Cancer Center cultivates peace in garden

Time passes, gardens grow and water flows past stones and plants. A garden can be a place to unwind, relax and find some peace.

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Dayton's Elk Drug is a store with staying power

The business is still going strong after four ownership changes and 125 years.

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Comfort, fun in season at Quail Run

Tis the season ... for pumpkin pie. Add a little whipped cream and you can celebrate fall with something festive.

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Retirement more than just sitting around for Waitsburg antiquers

Sandra and Lupe Torres, retired from their careers at the Walla Walla Post Office in 2003, moved to Waitsburg and became entrepreneurs.

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Children's Resilience group helps children bounce back

There’s a movement afoot to heal existing wounds and prevent them in the future. A local group, the Children’s Resilience Initiative, has been working to create and implement strategies for healing and preventing adverse childhood experiences, known as ACEs.

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Railroad depot has 100-year track record

WALLA WALLA — Happy 100th birthday, depot!

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Walla Walla kitchen tour focuses on sustainability

WALLA WALLA — Gather around the fire. Gather in the kitchen where people talk and laugh over a meal prepared and shared by loved ones. Kitchens and dining rooms have been the social focus of homes for years.

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Dancers put best foot forward in Europe

WALLA WALLA — Victory dance!

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Annual Gran Fondo rolls into 10th year

WALLA WALLA — Run, ride horseback or ride your bike. It’s fun, and all for a great cause.

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Garden fervor growing at Odd Fellows

WALLA WALLA — Big, ripe red tomatoes. Crunchy cucumbers. All kinds of fresh foods from the garden are the rewards of summer. It’s an accomplishment, fun and good nutrition all rolled into one.

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Man credits finding faith with recovery from stage 4 cancer

WALLA WALLA — Every day is a miracle. Ed and Bev Hermsen are experiencing that first hand.

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WSU extends helping hand to community

WALLA WALLA — One hundred candles on a cake — that’s a great birthday!

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Trip of a lifetime sets course for Walla Walla teen

WALLA WALLA — They got in the car and drove away.

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Local woman’s life moves in write direction

WALLA WALLA — Short stories, or maybe a novel? Ever dreamed of being a writer and having a book published?

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Milton-Freewater history on display at Farmstead

MILTON-FREEWATER — A family home, now a museum, is a time capsule of days gone by.

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Seated tai chi: for those who can't stand to exercise

WALLA WALLA — Need more exercise? Sit down and relax.

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Walla Walla Valley civic club gives way to social group

WALLA WALLA — One group ends and another begins.

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Freedom rider takes it one day at a time

Samuel Hopkins-Hubbard has reached Indiana on his journey to the Atlantic Ocean.

Milton-Freewater resident Samuel Hopkins-Hubbard rode out of town April 5 on a horseback journey across America, to celebrate his love of the country. He wants to unite and inspire the people he meets along the way. And he is meeting many people everywhere he goes.

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Program makes an Impact! on lives in flux

COLLEGE PLACE — Ch-ch-changes. Some are challenging, some miraculous.

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Group works to improve women’s lives

WALLA WALLA — One way to celebrate our freedoms and good fortune is to share them with others. This philosophy is at the heart of the Walla Walla Valley Soroptimist group, part of an international organization of women who work to improve the circumstances of women everywhere.

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Dancers honor tradition at every turn

WALLA WALLA — History and culture can be stated in words, but they can also be expressed through music and dance. The beauty of traditional Mexican dance tells many stories as inspired dancers swirl in colorful costumes.

Blue Mountain Humane Society helper collars volunteer award

WALLA WALLA — Helping a shy or timid dog gain confidence can go a long way toward making him adoptable.

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Staff members a great resource at Camp Amanda

WALLA WALLA — Participants at Camp Amanda have a wealth of talent and dedication on hand to help restore their lives to normalcy.

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Camp helps grieving kids cope with loss

WALLA WALLA — This year marks the 30th anniversary of Camp Amanda, sponsored by Walla Walla Community Hospice. The camp program is for children ages 7-14 who have experienced a death in their family — a parent, sibling or grandparent. The camp, held at Camp Kiwanis at Kooskooskie, provides a peaceful, safe physical place and mental space for children to grieve and learn about their emotions.

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Dixie man rolls out charity barrels

DIXIE — What can you do to help others? Bright pink cardboard signs on a barrel suggest a way people can give the gift of hope to someone who is struggling.

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College Place couple creates own Fab Four

COLLEGE PLACE — After four years of trying to have a baby, Celina and Ben Dawson finally succeeded. But they got much more than they bargained for: quadruplets.

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Local woman completes Jordan sojourn

MILTON-FREEWATER — Ruby Mitchell recently returned from more than two years on a Peace Corps assignment in Jordan.

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Only the best rein on the Royal fair court

WALLA WALLA — Each year the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days is represented by the Royalty Court, a queen and two princesses. They make public appearances to represent the fair positively with horsemanship, public speaking, poise and composure.

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Milton-Freewater man saddles up for freedom

Carrying an American flag, Samuel Hopkins-Hubbard embarked April 5 on a horseback ride to the Atlantic Ocean, to celebrate the nation and meet people along the way.

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Family has staying power in motel biz

The Tuttle family has operated the Colonial Motel, a window to the past, since 1973.