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Rick Eskil is the U-B's editorial page editor and writes the What's Up With That column.

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Election letters will soon be flooding into Union-Bulletin

Election season has hit. Candidates are starting to declare ahead of the one-week filing period that begins May 12. On the U-B Viewpoints page and in the Perspective section the campaign letters have started to trickle in. It won’t be long until the dam breaks — metaphorically speaking — turning that trickle into a flood.

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Giant wheat piles: How do those work?

The drive from Walla Walla to Pasco has become pretty routine for a great many folks in this Valley. I’ve made it more times than I can remember.

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Why have water towers?

What's Up With That columnist Risk Eskil looks into the region's water system to see why some places still have old-school water towers.

Foley was extraordinary lawmaker

Rep. Tom Foley wasn’t a politician, he was a lawmaker with great political skills.

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Walla Walla history takes an odd turn

When the sandstone facade of the 1902 Odd Fellows Temple was moved to Heritage Park, a subtle change was made.

Why does hospital give free tattoo removals to gang members?

Those lotions and potions pitched as revolutionary ways to remove tattoos quickly and painlessly for a low, low price (plus shipping and handling, of course) have always sounded sketchy to me even — if it is seen on TV.

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‘Chef’ a term of art

A love of food and a zeal to create separates chefs from cooks.

The term “chef” seems to be used frequently today, perhaps too frequently. Or maybe I’m more sensitive to the term living in Walla Walla’s wine-and-food age.

Rose Street flap is no surprise in Walla Walla

The current brouhaha over eliminating a lane of traffic when Rose Street is repaved gives me a strong feeling of deja vu.

WHAT'S UP WITH THAT - High-speed pursuits: Necessary or too dangerous to public?

Local police say they follow strict guidelines.Jeff Callow's yellow 1971 Chevrolet pickup is -- or was -- a familiar sight in Walla Walla, particularly along Howard Street, which is close to where Callow lives.But nobody would have ever expected to see Ca

Today's gravel, tomorrow's roads

The sound of gravel crunching under tires and bouncing off the undersides of cars has become common this summer, particularly in the areas just outside the city limits.

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