Sheila Hagar

Medical and social services reporter


Sheila Hagar has written for the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin since 1998. While she has often freelanced for much larger papers and done projects for magazines, it's the U-B readers who have lived her life — and often their own — through her “Home Place” columns.

In 2004, Sheila joined the staff full-time at the U-B, becoming the health, social-services and entertainment reporter. She continues to write “Home Place,” as well as her blog, “From the Storage Room.”

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Author works to define end-of-life quality

I first heard about Katy Butler at a health-journalism conference in April. I’m embarrassed it took me that long.

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Derby aims to help drivers survive assaults with competitive weapons

The annual bashing of stripped down motorized metal as drivers ram into each other in an attempt to be the last clunker standing has packed the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds with fans for decades.

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Doctor’s last day marks end of era

When Dr. John Fackenthall closes up his office on Monday, the door will be shutting on the last solo family practice in town.

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Vince Gill bound to be sweetly soothing for Southeast Washington

Vince Gill was not talking about Southeast Washington when he recorded “Look at Us” in 1991. No, the longstanding country music star was crooning about a married couple having made it through the many hurdles of marriage.

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Council nixes code exemption for homeless center

With more gavel work in 90 minutes than he said he’s done in two years, Mayor Jerry Cummins brought Wednesday night’s City Council meeting to a close after members dealt a setback to a plan to build a day shelter for the homeless on Pine Street.

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Homelessness: One problem, two groups working toward a fix

No question Walla Walla has homelessness, housing and health officials agree.

Is there an acceptable level of homelessness?

Just as people and governments wish everyone had a job, they also wish everyone could also have a place they can call home.

City Council to weigh code options

At Wednesday’s 7 p.m. Walla Walla City Council meeting, city staff will present four options for council members to consider for possible exemptions to the building code for indigent housing in existing buildings.

Council member defends right to vote on issue

Walla Walla City Council member Barbara Clark, a founding member of the nonprofit Alliance for the Homeless along with husband Dan Clark, said she does not feel a need to recuse herself from voting on revising exemptions to the city’s ordinance on indigent housing.

Overabundance of squash more than one can bear

Make it stop. Oh, please, make it stop.

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