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Upcoming Mud Mania aims to raise funds for Rising Sun Clubhouse

In the heat of summer the thought of wallowing in cool mud might be appealing.

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Local Marine prepares for final deployment

John Kelley stood for a long and silent moment Thursday morning, gazing at the soldier in the bathroom mirror.

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Update: American Red Cross shelter to remain open

American Red Cross officials said Tuesday afternoon the shelter at Walla Walla County Fairgrounds will remain open tonight since the Blue Creek fire is not contained.

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Wind keeps Valley's air quality solid in spite of fire

The same wind that is beleaguering fire personnel assigned to the Blue Creek and other fires is providing breathing room in the Valley below.

Hagar - Small town holds big memories for family

I don’t know how to break it to the good folks of Dixie, but it has become clear I am firmly one of the family.

Community steps up to help animals displaced by fire

Those caring for people and animals in response to the Blue Creek fire said they were more than impressed with the Walla Walla Valley this morning.

Blue Creek fire uncontained, forces evacuations

Authorities today said the fire was human caused and is under investigation. A full update will be posted later this morning.

Grass fire breaks out in Touchet

While more than 750 acres are burning at Blue Creek, fire crews have been summoned from Touchet for a grass field fire at 2779 Frog Hollow Road, near Forest Road, about 6:10 p.m. on Monday.

Humane Society, vet practices open doors to nonhuman evacuees

A fire that has burned about 350 acres in the Klicker Mountain and Blue Creek areas is home to any number of animals. The Blue Mountain Humane Society is among those that moved quickly this afternoon to address the need for temporary shelter of displaced service animals, pets and livestock.

United Way of Walla Walla County aims for proven programs with donations

United Way of Walla Walla County announced Thursday it distributed $265,000 to 14 nonprofit agencies.

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Walla Walla Council delays action on day center for the homeless

Walla Walla City Council members will wait to make a decision on a building code change that would benefit planners of a proposed day center to serve those living in homelessness.

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Homeless center idea concerns neighborhood

A group of homeowners in the west end of Walla Walla is making itself clear — a day center proposed by the Alliance for the Homeless for the area is not welcome in their backyard.

Local SDA leaders support women in clergy

Walla Walla University president John McVay was at the 2015 General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church when the proposal to officially ordain female ministers failed in a vote by global delegates.

Homeless alliance to form as nonprofit

More than 100 people voted Monday night to officially form a new nonprofit organization intended to battle homelessness in the Walla Walla area.

Home Place - New models have folks hellbent for Leathermen

I am sorry. I was wrong. You were right. Consider this your belated anniversary gift.

Local Elks, Rotary find ways to rebuild their membership

Service clubs and fraternal organizations face a number of challenges in staying viable, national data shows.

Groups offer competing solutions to area homelessness

Two factions in Walla Walla believe they have answers for the local homeless situation.

Community helping hands need help

Kiwanians here and elsewhere gather in diminishing numbers these days, as is the case with other fraternal service organizations nationwide.

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'Impossible' accomplished: Ground broken on Walla Walla Veterans Home

This, noted Don Schack, is what “impossible” looks like.

Panorama - A Model A meeting

Tuesday evening was plenty warm when Don and Nonda Gibbard began driving to Waterbrook Winery west of Walla Walla.

Milton-Freewater church opens impromptu cooling center

With outdoor temperatures predicted to climb into triple digits this weekend, Oregon health officials have issued a public health warning.

Walla Walla couple proposes homeless day center idea

As Walla Walla County grapples with creative ways to reduce homelessness, a local couple say they think they’re on to a partial solution.

Walla Walla County to eye homelessness plan

An exploration of progress in reducing Walla Walla County homelessness and search for answers will be held Tuesday and Wednesday.

Clinic helps Medicaid, uninsured patients

Medicaid patients as well as those with no insurance can get treated at the dental clinic at Family Medical Center on Rose Street, too.

SonBridge a dental oasis for people on financial fringe

While Yvette Dieu is being seen by dentist Dr. Norman Passmore, her husband James Duncan tries to relax in the waiting room of SonBridge Community Center’s dental clinic.

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Oral health care scarce for impoverished in area

In the Walla Walla Valley, 192 people are waiting to see a dentist, the majority of them for the first time or after a care gap of many years.

Column: Daughter's better half a good catch, perfect match

It’s almost Father’s Day and I’m giving a shout out to someone you don’t hear about nearly enough.

Helpline cuts rental assistance programs; BMAC to take over

Helpline has announced it is ending its administration of two government housing assistance contracts. Instead Blue Mountain Action Council will assume responsibility for facilitating the programs.

Board looks for a Dayton hospital rebuild architect

DAYTON — A $5.5 million renovation voters approved in November for the Columbia County Hospital District is to revving up.

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For doctor and family, helping others a shared commitment

The question posed by Dr. James Appel to those attending Walla Walla University’s Sunday morning graduation commencement was, “Is it worth it?”

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Overdose antidote drug nearly perfect tool

Naloxone might not quite be a knight in shining armor, but it is a most effective soldier on the front line fighting drug overdose deaths, experts say.

Umapine? Doing fine

If you ask Wikipedia, Umapine, Ore., is a unincorporated community in Umatilla County, first established as a railroad stop for the Walla Walla Valley Railway in the early 1900s.

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Baby alpaca fights to make weight in rocky start

Born May 24 at about half the weight of a typical newborn alpaca, Little Guy is fighting for all he’s worth to overcome a rough start at Old Homestead Alpacas, a fiber farm on Stateline Road featured earlier this month in a story about veterans becoming farmers.

Updated: Soil testing for Valley Fever culprit improves

Washington state public health departments finally have some ammunition to go after a relatively recent — and totally unwelcome — newcomer to the region.

Column: Remembering the gift of ‘good’ on Memorial Day

Just a glimpse of Ronnie’s face could change my entire day.

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History in stone

A former Walla Walla couple traverses the state to log what they find in old cemeteries.

Begun as Decoration Day in 1868 and made a national holiday in 1971 to honor those who died in U.S. wars, Memorial Day is a time people journey to cemeteries to pay tribute to veterans and others.

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Former Dayton man heads to Nepal to lend a hand

After a 2013 collision with a deer when he was riding his motorcycle in hills surrounding Dayton, Teeters found himself grateful to be alive and prepared to live with whatever physical health limitations his shattered leg, ruptured spleen and broken ribs dictated.

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Nepal offers lesson on disaster preparedness

In Nepal, Booth Teeters sees firsthand every day what lack of disaster preparation looks like.

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Ubiquitous beetles under columnist's skin

Today we are going to talk about a common enemy in the West: the boxelder bug, also known as elder bugs.

Catchy names aimed to catch up on M-F development

At a community meeting last week, urban planners Matthew Arnold and Martin Glastra van Loon of Portland-based SERA Architects Inc. used catchy titles to unveil ways to capitalize on Milton-Freewater’s historic and natural assets.

Milton-Freewater on brink of decision about future

The time is now for Milton-Freewater residents to decide how their farm town on the edge of the Walla Walla Valley will capitalize on a growing wine industry poised to bring more wineries and tasting rooms — and a bumper crop of tourists.

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Former soldiers apply know-how to Walla Walla fiber farm

Two llamas and some help from the Farmers-Veterans Coalition of California have helped the Walla Walla couple create Old Homestead Alpacas fiber farm, which will have a grand opening June 13.

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Walla Walla student film festival goes global

Like any 4-year-old, SPIFFY is looking forward to a big birthday celebration.

Column: Dachshunds a hard habit to break

Someone took my dog home without my permission. I mean, not actually without my say-so, since presumably they haven’t an inkling their new dog is my heart’s desire.

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Pop-up art does just that in Milton-Freewater

A new door opened up for local artists, commercial property landlords and art lovers in Milton-Freewater this weekend.

WW County gonorrhea rate climbs 70 percent

The annual number of gonorrhea cases diagnosed in Washington state rose significantly again in 2014 following a big uptick in 2013, the Department of Health reported Wednesday.

Home Place: To love in vein

There could be no denying it — my shower stall looked like Charlton Heston was parting the Red Sea at my house. Why else would the tile suddenly be bright red?

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VA campus, Catholic Charities open doors to homeless vets

It’s taken nearly four years to get shovels in the ground to create new housing options for veterans here living in homelessness, but Friday saw that first step taken.

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Seed planted on Valley stages blossoms on Broadway for Heather Botts

From Milton-Freewater church musicals years ago to the Broadway staging of “Doctor Zhivago,” Heather Botts has come a long way.

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Panorama - Camping, Harris Park style

It’s not urban camping. Nor is it the off-the-grid variety.