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New stop-smoking app aims to lead the pack

Your ability to stop smoking just called, and its ready to see you now.

Cyclist death prompts call for safer roads

The bicycle wrecks Dr. Fred Field sees as part of the Providence St. Mary Medical Center trauma team are unforgettably tragic, the surgeon said today.

VA doctor points to gaps in program

A doctor working at an outlying community outpatient clinic managed by the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial Veterans Affairs Medical Center said he is as confused as his patients over the rules of the VA’s new Veterans Choice program.

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Glitches surface in VA Veterans Choice program rollout

Cards recently issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affair are intended to help veterans get more timely care closer to home.

Legislators push to "Ban the Box" asking about criminal backgrounds on applications

An initiative being presented to this session of the Washington state Legislature seeks to prohibit employers from asking about arrests or convictions before an applicant is deemed qualified for a job.

Hagar - Research revises previous views on carbs and diabetes

An article published at CBS News and other places quoted a study published in the December issue of the journal Diabetes that said high blood sugar may slow brain growth in children with T1D — type 1 diabetes.

Direct-pay, home-care docs return

Private and direct patient medical care re-rooted in America’s medical culture more than 15 years ago, said Michael Chesser, executive director for the nonprofit American Academy of Private Physicians based in Indiana.

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What's old is new: local doc makes house calls

“He has a thing,” Holly Sampson tells a knot of people standing at her front door. “He gets all sweaty. Throw a towel over his face or something.”

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Thinking hearts? Think women’s, Walla Walla cardiologist advises

Valentine’s Day this weekend will be stuffed full of hearts of every shape, size and texture — edible and otherwise. And women will be on the receiving end of most of the giving.

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Muddy waters: Navigating the social media morass around vaccines

The issue is currently at a fever pitch in the public, triggered by a measles breakout in several states that originated in Disneyland and was spread by unvaccinated children.

Column: Household reluctantly goes on pantry diet

If you were to poll my family at this moment, they would tell you they’re hungry.

Milton-Freewater examines ways to revitalize community

The organization has invited the Washington state-based Pomegranate Center to “A Look to the Future” discussion 6-8 p.m. Tuesday at the Milton-Freewater Community Building, 109 N.E. Fifth St.

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Gershwin tunes, crooners take stage at Cordiner Hall

The Walla Walla Symphony is not above having a Gershwin of a time. A joyous, better-than-birthday-cake kind of evening.

YMCA names Walla Walla native as new director

Dominic “Dondi” Cortinas has been named executive director of the Walla Walla YMCA.

Online sites change landscape for donors

In Walla Walla, like elsewhere in America, donating to people afflicted by tragedy or in dire need has traditionally been in the realm of the visible.

Donors beware — online fundraisers may not be all they seem

When a Walla Walla family lost a child in a bedroom fire earlier this month, ways to help sprang up as quickly as news and social media reports of the tragedy.

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New York filmmaker turns Walla Walla Valley into movie set

‘The Mobile Stripper’ is about peeling off emotional layers and overcoming the perceptions of others.

Why did the flamingo-pink RV cross many roads in the Walla Walla Valley?

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Walla Walla nursery nurtures succulent dreams

It started as a seed of indulgence, Kim Hoskins-Hinchey recently recalled.

Medicare dings Providence St. Mary for preventable harm

A Walla Walla hospital has landed on a list of those that will be penalized for having had too high a rate of preventable harm to patients, known as “hospital-acquired conditions,” or HACs.

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Walla Walla Clinic expands with therapy facility

The Walla Walla Clinic is gathering its sheep, so to speak.

Flu, pertussis cases climb in Walla Walla Valley

Health officials here today said Walla Walla County is experiencing a greatly increased number of cases of influenza and pertussis, best known as whooping cough.

Hagar: Hey, teacher — leave the kids alone!

It’s taken me a few weeks to recognize why I’m so very mad. Aside from the obvious, I mean.

Sherwood Trust casts net for new boss

WALLA WALLA — Jock Edwards will retire in six months as executive director of the Don and Virginia Sherwood Trust, one of Walla Walla’s leading financial benefactors.

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Valley’s first baby an early bird

Jackson Stueckle appears to already be entrenched in his family’s patterns, starting off with his initials.

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Video: Skillful skillet operator toasts Ducks' playoff appearance

MILTON-FREEWATER — It’s already looking delicious for college football fans this season, what with the Jan. 12 NCAA championship game coming on the heels of Thursday’s first national semifinal games in the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.

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Milton-Freewater man turns 'canned hams' into glam campers

Long before there was a “tiny house movement,” there were tiny houses — on wheels and covered in tin.

Friends of Children of Walla Walla gets a new top pal

WALLA WALLA — The new year will bring new leadership to Friends of Children of Walla Walla.

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The unsimple tale of Simon the cat

Simon, a tuxedo cat missing since August, is reunited with his family.

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General Hospital concert series aims for the heart

As people entered the sliding doors of Walla Walla General Hospital lobby, they inevitably turned their heads left.

Navigating holiday traditions in 2nd marriage a tricky waltz

I’m becoming something of an expert on second marriages. On my second marriage, anyway.

Local coalition’s proposals aim to address homelessness

WALLA WALLA — It’s the holiday season and the time to seek out some gifts for the homeless population here seemed right to members of The Interfaith Coalition on Poverty.

‘Boot-strappin’ folk’ won’t give up on Garfield County hospital

POMEROY — Garfield County Hospital District head Andrew Craigie counts retired pediatrician Ray Cardwell as among outsiders who want to see the district weather its current hard times.

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Strapped Garfield County hospital gets endowment funds

POMEROY — In the aftermath of a still-fresh tax levy victory, supporters of Garfield County Hospital District have not stopped at the ballot box in efforts to keep the facility alive and see it thrive again.

Flu shot not as effective as hoped

If you’ve followed public health advice, you’re already vaccinated against influenza for the current season.

Hagar: No kidding: ‘Snow Child’ a ‘delicious’ read

You know I rarely do book reviews. For good reason — my recreational reading time is limited to that very brief span between when I crawl into bed and when I can no longer keep my eyes open.

Church to be community’s warming center

WALLA WALLA — After some uncertainty of the “who” and “where” of a community warming center, things are now in place for this season’s coldest days for those who need shelter.

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New food bank manager rolls up sleeves

The size of basketballs, colored like “Outrageous Orange” in the 64-box of Crayola crayons and beautifully bumpy, they fill four fridge-size totes Wednesday at Blue Mountain Action Council Food Bank.

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Video: Tiny turkey tutors share tips for terrific Thanksgiving

In most American homes turkey will be the star on Thursday’s menu. Glistening moistly on a platter in the center of a Norman Rockwell-like table, the big bird carries a lot of weight in the nation’s Thanksgiving holiday traditions.

Pain medication overdose deaths in state slow

WALLA WALLA — While statewide changes to prescribing practices for prescription pain relief in the past few years has helped lower overdose deaths, the quest for electronic sharing of information to ensure drug safety continues to need tweaking.

State tightens Medicaid orthodontia spending

Washington state’s policy for providing free braces for kids enrolled in Medicaid is beginning to straighten out, state health officials said last week.

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Humorist David Sedaris cozies up with Walla Walla audience

WALLA WALLA — David Sedaris wants to be clear — “You don’t know anything about my family they don’t want you to know.”

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Video: Fake month reveals authentic courage

November is “National Diabetes Month.”

Program links Walla Walla doctors, premed students for job shadows

WALLA WALLA — Medical schools in Washington and elsewhere are demanding more and more of incoming applicants.

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Brushes 'n Brix 'n fun, fun, fun!

New business offers paint, food and libations.

WALLA WALLA — Anyone can learn to paint, and have fun while doing so, Barb Newby believes. Might as well make a party of it, in fact, surrounded by friends, wine and snacks.

Program for developmentally disabled returning to Umatilla County control

Umatilla County Commissioner George Murdock says he’s more than ready to take control of developmental disabilities services back from the state — even though shortcomings in the program remain.

Warming center looks for home as freeze hits

WALLA WALLA — A local warming center task force hopes to get invited in out of the cold. And quickly too, as the Valley’s first cold spell becomes dangerous to area residents who don’t have housing.

Updated: Milton-Freewater power issues caused by confluence of nature, maintenance

Today’s flickers and surges in electricity here signaled a meeting between Mother Nature and planned utility work, officials said.

Hospital district vote stuck at ‘razor-thin’ margin

DAYTON — The Columbia County Hospital District must wait at least until Nov. 25 to find out whether its $5.5 million capital improvement bond will pass.

Coroner: Infection led to death of Walla Walla County Jail inmate

WALLA WALLA — When Amber Dawn Nelson died at Walla Walla County Jail on Sept. 21, there’s every chance no one knew how sick she was, including Nelson herself, officials say.

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Sun sets on Walla Walla office of American Red Cross

WALLA WALLA — A nationwide reorganization of the American Red Cross has local consequence, officials say.