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‘For better or for worse’ too soon put to the test

A funny thing happened to Camo Man and me on our way to our first anniversary. We didn’t make it.

WWPD puts out APB for pink glove dancers

The video could win money to help those with breast cancer.

WALLA WALLA — The Walla Walla Police Department wants you — at least 300 of you and in a big, pink way. The agency has joined with Walla Walla’s J.U.G.S. — Just Us Girls Sharing — to try to create the prize-winning video for the “Pink Glove Dance” competition, sponsored by Medline, a medical-supply company. The video will be shot at the track at Borleske Stadium on Thursday at 6 p.m. The Pink Glove Dance debuted in 2009 when 200 employees of a Portland hospital danced to “Down,” by Jay Sean, for a choreographed video. Every dancer wore pink gloves to signal support of breast cancer charities. The video went viral and spawned a national movement, according to Medline’s website. Now it’s Walla Walla’s turn, said Chalese Rabidue with the Walla Walla Department’s Domestic Violence Services. “We need 300 people to show up in pink shirts,” she said. “Any shade of pink is fine. And we’ll supply the pink gloves. We want to make a human pink ribbon.”

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For Walla Walla U. student, personal change means tattoos no longer fit

A theology student undergoes removal of anti-social tattoos from her rocky youth.

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Tattoo removal service offers help in Walla Walla area

Anti-social tattoos can label someone for life, but Walla Walla has a program to remove markings on people ready to move on.

Tough going from tattoos to coat and tie

A former gang member and tattoo artist closes a regretful ‘chapter’ in his life.

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Teen recalls bullying stirred thoughts of suicide

A recent high school graduate recalls hard years in Milton-Freewater schools.

Milton-Freewater puts on the gloves against bullying

The school district will start a new communitywide program this year to fight the problem.

Community Center for Youth, YMCA join forces in Walla Walla

WALLA WALLA — After many months of courtship, a wedding of sorts took place on Aug. 12 when Community Center for Youth merged its efforts with the YMCA to serve teens in the Valley.

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Grant to Blue Mountain Humane Society offers help in spaying, neutering dogs

WALLA WALLA — It’s the dog days of summer at Blue Mountain Humane Society. The dogs just don’t know it yet.

Walla Walla woman charged in grease-dumping case

WALLA WALLA — A woman who has denied involvement in grease-dumping incidents at the YMCA executive director’s home pleaded innocent in Walla Walla County District Court on Monday to three criminal charges.

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Lovett and band large hits at Wildhorse

Lyle Lovett and His Large Band played Sunday afternoon and evening to a crowd of hundreds.

MISSION — Lyle Lovett and His Large Band is, indeed, large.

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Artwork pairs well with coffee, wine and song

And local purveyors beyond the more traditional galleries are lending their walls to give local artists exposure.

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Mystery image appears in Milton-Freewater's Old Pioneer Cemetery

Photographer Nathan Ziegler is baffled by what he captured in a time-lapse photo session at dusk.

MILTON-FREEWATER — Nathan Ziegler wore an inquisitive but puzzled smile as he studied the picture on his laptop computer.

Disability agency partners with Lillie Rice Center

Parent to Parent had been under the county umbrella.

WALLA WALLA — A marriage of missions is predicted to better serve those who support a family member living with developmental disability.

Co-worker deems ‘classic shaving’ a cut above

It goes by a few names — classic shaving, wet shaving, extreme shaving. Traditional. Manly.

Walla Walla County explores contracting out for mental health services

WALLA WALLA — The county is looking at going back to putting mental health services for Medicaid clients in the hands of a private contractor — a move that would reverse a decision nearly a decade old.

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Milton-Freewater woman's voice part of global harmony

Melissa Cunnington’s singing is among thousands of voices in a global virtual choir video.

MILTON-FREEWATER — Nearly 6,000 voices representing 101 countries were chosen from more than 8,400 auditions for the five minutes of the song.

Health data show declines in area

WALLA WALLA — Area residents are living longer, but are fatter and have higher blood pressure — all while some report being more physically active, according to an updated statistical map that dishes out health information on every county in the United States.

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Rock-field discovery has familiar ring to it

Bill Gray is one lucky man. There’s no other way to explain the recent unearthing of his wedding ring that had gone missing for more than 50 years.

State requires certification of reflexology, massage providers

WALLA WALLA — For weeks, local reflexologist Diana Bieker has had to close the doors of her business to comply with a new state law. And that’s a good thing, she said.

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'Dream Team' plants seeds of community

WALLA WALLA — “You have to get it straight on this side,” Luis Serrano said, kneeling on pavement already baking under the morning sun.

Friends, family and homemade pool enriched baker’s life

While our country anticipates the red, white and hoopla of the Fourth of July, Mary Jennings’ family is running strong toward July 3.

Walla Walla schools' health centers land grant

WALLA WALLA — Students will benefit from a recent grant by the Washington Women’s Foundation to The Health Center here.

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Family, turtle so happy together

“Reunited and it feels so good,

Nonprofit leader to explore new, private path

WALLA WALLA — Lawson Knight is excited.

Problems over the years led to changes at Farm Labor Homes

The physical state of Farm Labor Homes, as outlined in last month’s report from Walla Walla Housing Authority, is part of what led the newest board members of the County Housing Authority to seek solutions for the labor camp, noted President Kate Bobrow-Strain.

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Troubled past goes up in flames at Farm Labor Homes

Thursday’s intentional burn at Farm Labor Homes is a symbol of letting the past go, said Heather Dunnagan.

Bus driver backs into career, lasts over 30 years

The morning in late May was breezy, the pink flags of Gesa Power House Theatre billowing briskly at just past 6:30 a.m. For a few coffee-deprived minutes, I second-guessed my decision to be at the Valley Transit transfer station so early in the day.

Health provider faces hearing in inmate’s death

The Walla Walla physician assistant is accused of unprofessional conduct in treating the man.

WALLA WALLA — A local physician assistant is accused of unprofessional conduct in connection with the treatment of a Washington State Penitentiary inmate who later died.

Man in area hospital after gunshots reported Sunday

MILTON-FREEWATER — A Walla Walla resident was taken to a local hospital after several people reported gunshots were fired Sunday night on Ballou Road off Highway 11.

Grand boy is glue that sticks family together

There’s something to be said for restraint. Which is not what you are getting today.

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Singing the blues

It’s hard to know what to write about Curtis Salgado that hasn’t already been printed.

Walla Walla pub co-owner pleads innocent in vandalism

WALLA WALLA — A local business owner accused of pouring grease on the property of YMCA director Randy Grant pleaded innocent in Walla Walla County Superior Court on Tuesday.

State Veteran’s Home on track in Walla Walla

WALLA WALLA — While hurdles remain, state and local Veterans Affairs officials assured a group assembled at the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Tuesday that plans for a Washington state Veterans Home are on track.

United Way puts focus on mental health

The local chapter granted $73,000 to Family Medical Center for improved care of the mentally ill.

WALLA WALLA — A new funding focus will put $73,000 toward caring for those living with mental illness in the Walla Walla area.

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Missing 'bride' slows down wedding plans

WALLA WALLA — Where in the world is Poppy Marie?

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Women-only shooting club aims for state chapter

WALLA WALLA — She’s looking for “gals” but sure is getting a lot of calls from men.

What's in a name?

I honestly never saw this coming. While I often publicly have fun at my own expense, it’s typically of my own choosing. And this was not my choice, by any means.

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When there's no other voice for kids

WALLA WALLA — In Marla and Dave Capra’s living room in the center of Walla Walla, two of three children under their care run, bounce and shower a visitor with well-teethed toys. The third, at 7 months, snoozes in a playpen. She’s oblivious to feet pattering on hardwood and excited shouts.

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Athena artist’s work at Marcy’s Bar & Lounge

WALLA WALLA — Jenny Hegdal’s current show hanging at Marcy’s Bar & Lounge was born of desperation.

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Double visions for Mom's Day

WALLA WALLA — It’s quite the Mother’s Day for a number of local families — 11, at the least.

Meals program depends on local largesse to fill funding gap

Home-delivered meals programs in the United States are dishing up a million meals a day, facilitated by 2.5 million volunteers and subsidized with less than 30 percent federal funding.

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Funding for Meals on Wheels nutrition program loses speed

WALLA WALLA — Cuts in federal and state spending on nutrition and other programs mean looming changes in how some senior citizens in Walla Walla and Columbia counties eat, socialize and get some medical needs met, officials say.

Restaurant co-owner charged in grease-dumping case

WALLA WALLA — A local businessman has been charged with trespassing and destroying private property belonging to the executive director of the YMCA.

Laser beams make light work of hair reduction

I didn’t realize I would so quickly be lying on a table with my armpits skyward. Yet there I was last week, preparing to be zapped for no real reason except to bring the laser hair reduction experience to your living room. Or wherever you’re reading at this moment.

Hewitt counsels staffer for gay remark

WALLA WALLA — State Sen. Mike Hewitt said this morning that he has counseled a “staffer (who) lost his temper and made an inappropriate comment” about gays that launched a firestorm of criticism.

Motorcycle ride to collect donations for Christian Aid Center

WALLA WALLA — Toilet bowls may not be inviting, but the Toilet Bowl Run is open to anyone who wishes to help out the Christian Aid Center.

Seattle woman charts low-carb course to fame

I don’t know about you, but when a blogger wears a strip of bacon on her shirt — clarification: a picture of bacon — I’m going to be interested. When deliciously low-carb recipes follow, I’m bound to be infatuated.

Gay swipe ignites local fury

A comment reportedly made by a staffer for Sen. Mike Hewitt has gone viral.

WALLA WALLA — A Huffington Post item reporting a statement about gays reportedly made by a staff member for Republican state Sen. Mike Hewitt of Walla Walla has drawn national ire from bloggers and concern from locals about the city’s reputation.