Shelby Paulsen

Shelby Paulsen is the director of The Rising Sun Clubhouse.

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Folate can unlock door to greater focus

The human body is constantly surprising me — especially the brain. New research into the brain continues to inform my academic appetite and I can’t help but share it.

How stress is caused, and how to deal with it

There isn't a one-size-fits-all way to deal with stress, so find what works best for you and follow through with it.

CBT a focused, versatile way to confront issues

When I say CBT, I’m not referring to core body temperature, circuit board technology or the Children’s Ballet Theater. I’m referring to what I think is one of the greatest types of therapy that has been developed.

Examining myths about mental illness can be enlightening

It’s the end of November. Thanksgiving is only a couple days away, and many will be gathering together with family and loved ones to celebrate the holiday season. But before the festivities begin, I want to give out another challenge. There were some very encouraging responses from last month’s article, and I can only hope that the Walla Walla Valley is gearing up to become a stronger role model for other communities in regards to the mental health field.

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