90fatboy@q.com 1 year ago on Can you balance Washington's budget?

Typical bureaucratic response, threaten to cut the whole program. The problem with government programs is there is no accountability in management.

How about reforming each "program" by management and administrative reductions, leveraged by comprehensive reform of productivity measures for each state employee. Balance the budget by eliminating government waste. Make it a model for the Fed.


90fatboy@q.com 1 year, 1 month ago on Gilbert, CP settle suit

Not too big to fail, but to leveraged to fail. The city had to give in or they get nothing if he goes out of business and/or bankrupt. Bad investment for the citizens of College Place, terrible partner for anyone.


90fatboy@q.com 1 year, 2 months ago on College Place sues auto dealer for $2 million

It seems like there was another lawsuit reported in the paper not too long against Gilbert Auto for not keeping contractual obligations. Hope the city recoups their money or more taxes are in store...2 million dollars is A LOT of money for College Place, especially with the economy so slow.