BestForWallaWalla 4 months ago on Letter - Voters can do better than Commissioner Dozier

First of all we all Know this letter was written by who other than John Turner himself. I find it humorous that Michael Donavan (AKA Turner) from Hillsboro, Or is going to vote out Duncan and Dozier. Your not a voting member or our county.

This county has never been in as much turmoil and had so much dissension within the county as it has since Turner has taken office. He has not been fair or honest to us, the taxpayers since day one. The idea of splitting the jail is a great idea and I hope when this happens Turners pay will be reduced to reflect his duties.


BestForWallaWalla 10 months ago on Letter - Tom Cooper’s stories are unraveling

mythoughts (Turner) You should agree with the letter. YOU wrote it, and so many others. I find it interesting that our county sheriff has so much time on his hands to write letters, and blog when you should be out doing what it is you were elected to do.


BestForWallaWalla 10 months ago on Letter - John Turner is best of last five sheriffs

Billmov601, he will be BACK in the office in a few days??? Where has he been while WE TAXPAYERS have been paying him? And you may not know it but they have this thing called spell check. Before you go after others, you may want to use it. Funny huh mythoughts.


BestForWallaWalla 10 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Sheriff Turner had divided Sheriff’s Office

Aussiegirl your probably accurate in your statement that Turner would fire Mr. Bolster if he were to win the election. Everyone who went against him 4 years ago has seen his wrath. That's the way Turner opperates. If he doesn't get his way he is very vindictive. Thank goodness Tom Cooper is going to be our next sheriff and no one will have to be scared or tormented by Turner any longer. 4 years of him has been way too long!


BestForWallaWalla 10 months, 1 week ago on Letter - John Turner is best of last five sheriffs

Romine you disgust me. Mike Humphrey's should have fired you rather than moved you to the jail when you couldn't do your job. If I remember correctly, you tried to run against Turner, but since you have no following and were defeated you jumped on the Turner bandwagon. What a joke. Bill Jackson, and Mike Humphrey's should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Turner. They were both far better than he could ever hope to be. You also single out Tomkins. That too makes me laugh. Turner couldn't get along with Loney, and doesn't get along with Dozier either. I am beginning to see a pattern. If Lil Johnny doesn't get his way he doesn't like you. And last, this letter was not even written by you it was Turner himself, and you being the puppet you are allowing him to sign your name.