BestForWallaWalla 1 year ago on Headline shows bias against Turner

Ed, you are very uninformed if you really beleive turner is now or ever has "played by the rules" the only rules he plays by are the ones he makes. There will be plenty more to come of this before the elections in a year. He has different sets of rules for his hand chosen few, -vs- the true cops who are in the trenches on the streets.


BestForWallaWalla 1 year ago on Sheriff waylays deputy who plans to run against him

Wallanative if turner does expect the best from "his" employees why is it he is allowing a few of them to do things that are detrimental to our county? The good news is, turner WILL be beat in the election By Mr. Cooper. Many of those who voted for change in the form or John Turner now know the huge mistake they made and will not make it again. Turner has wasted more money in our county than any sherriff we have had. He has been far mor interested in making headlines than being a cop. It's just a shame that we the taxpayers have had to foot his wasteful bill.

I can't wait to say. I VOTED FOR SHERRIFF COOPER. !!!


BestForWallaWalla 1 year, 1 month ago on Walla Walla County sheriff reflects on two years of serving

It may seem like a short two years to John, but to the many others who have had to deal with him and his ways it has seemed much longer. Ask an county commissioner, especially the one who had to quit because of Johns continued behavior. Barry Blackman was being demoted in another effort to surround John with his own from out of area people.

This letter was typical John letter:


I'm sure the next two years will be as painful for many as this first two have been having to hear how great he is. Just know the next election is in two years, and there will be a very solid choice for the voters next time. And we will have the ability to get a quality person into this position.


BestForWallaWalla 1 year, 6 months ago on Sheriff: Budget cuts would imperil programs

turner knew what he was getting into when he ran for the position, now he cries saying he has not got the funds to do wha the previous administrtion did.


We all have to the way the economy is, YOUR not an exception. If you were half as good as you preached when you ran for this position you would have no problem doing so.


BestForWallaWalla 1 year, 7 months ago on Walla Walla County sheriff's sergeant back on active duty

So what your saying is Turner WASTED more of our taxpayer money on a "administrative leave" just to retaliate and now after all of Turners crying of being shorthanded puts him back to work? When will this end? He is not at liberty to discuss? Turner should be in soaps.