Bigdog 1 day, 6 hours ago on Letter - Decision not to prosecute isn’t justice

I am amazed you are turning this into a race issue. I see it more as a breakdown in the judicial system and in society. Simply put, neither; any longer place any value on human life. Criminals in general, are coddled and seldom receive any punishment - especially in Walla Walla.

There was an elderly woman ran over and killed at Wal-Mart. the name of the perpetrator was kept a secret, and no charges were ever filed. There have also been 5-6 people mowed over and killed in Tri-Cities this past year – no charges filed in any of those cases. Often times it is hit and run. It is amazing to me that drivers are not being held liable for their actions in what I perceive as a deadly weapon (motor vehicle), when used incorrectly. Do not expect this problem to get any better once the marijuana laws come into full effect.


Bigdog 2 weeks ago on Letter - This economic recovery isn’t real

Thank you for taking the time to categorically spell out the truth - I am glad to see someone besides me can see without clouded vision. It is too bad that more don't realize the real facts before it is too late. These facts speak for themselves, yet the liberals continue to live an existence of denial.


Bigdog 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Letter - You have Walla Walla High School bond questions? Here are answers

The only equitable way to implement a bond would be to assess an increase in sales tax. Punishing the property owners will not fly. With many folks on a fixed income, and rising inflation on consumables, it is simply not fair to punish homeowners. That way everyone would be contributing to the cause. You can bet the many loud mouths pushing this bond would become quiet, once they became included in the contribution. It is easy to say you are for an issue when it will not affect your pocketbook. I am glad the property taxes came out right now. For those who are riding on the fence, that bill should help them in casting a firm NO vote.


Bigdog 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Walla Walla Council member posts his vision of a new Mill Creek through the city

Thinking outside the box is fine when appropriate. This very expensive project is coming from a council member who (despite the majority opinion of constituents), voted NO to maintain and keep open the Pioneer Park aviary. The cost of doing that would probably be less than what the consultant and study costs would be for this new proposal. From the aviary debacle, a lesson should be learned. It is time to freeze salaries at city hall, cut other expenses, and NOT live beyond our means – just like each of us would do in our own personal financial lives. Nothing wrong with dreaming BIG, but now is not the time.


Bigdog 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Pot is legal; government needs to get with it

Marijuana is still illegal under federal laws. This creates a situation where it is prudent for local venues to approach with caution. There are other counties in the state responding in like manner. They do not want to fall prey to federal enforcement, or legal action. Many folks still feel the need to abide by ALL laws. If Feds were enforcing their laws, this item would have never been on the ballot. It is not nearly as cut-and-dried (literally), as you seem to believe it is. Regarding drug dealers…. If Washington models the same approach as Colorado, the illegal vendors will increase business and profits. The supply and demand created an increased selling price due to greed for more taxes. Why would a regular user not just continue buying from his normal sources for a lower price? Growing your own will also seem much more appealing, since possession penalties have been minimized. Bury your stash in your backyard and only carry small amounts, right? I am amused at the administration in Olympia presenting and passing a bill that had never been thought out as to how it was to be administered. I believe this to be more of the source of your frustration as anything. Pass the bill and then read it, right?


Bigdog 2 months, 4 weeks ago on Pay hike for City Hall management sends wrong signal

“Shawa will start on Oct. 19, 2009. He will fill a vacancy left by Duane Cole, who resigned in April. Shawa will receive $140,000 per year, roughly $30,000 more than Cole, who earned just under $110,000 per year”. OK… so from the start Shawa was given 30k more than the previous city manager – not a bad hike? With the current job market then and now, there are many applicants that would be happy to take the position at 110k. Poor decision making in the whole hiring of Shawa. Since 2009 when Shawa started, his salary has escalated up to an increase to a new salary of plus $147k – a 7k increase in roughly 4 years. I know of no private sector job that has made those kinds of gains. In fact, the trend has been towards pay freezes, reductions, and a compromise in benefit packages. Mind you, with a salary that already started out at 30k more than it ever should have. Do the math. As far as Donaldson, he has already turned down increases twice. What a man of ethics and integrity. He deserves his increase for that reason and for what he has invested in his educational background and skills. As far as Shawa doing a great job, I am not so sure. He has done more to damage the goodwill in this community than any manager I have ever seen. Showing up at dawn to oversee the Octopus removal was a personal vendetta I will not soon forget. He needs replaced!


Bigdog 7 months, 2 weeks ago on Bail reduced for men charged in Walla Walla shootings

I am frankly amazed.......when I initially read this article and saw the $300k bail; my first thought was "Finally, for once; Judge Wolfram has made a rational decision behind the bench". Unfortunately, this simply is not the case with this change of mind regarding the bail. These gun toting cowards in no way deserve bail of kind.

It is fortunate none of the victims died. The way criminals are coddled in Walla Walla County only gives a nod of approval that little punishment is in store for them when caught. It is business as usual for most gang-bangers.

I am still reeling from the local decision that gave the Blue Mountain Mall pre-meditated slashing a break in sentencing, after she slit her victims throat in cold blood until she died. She also had intentions to scalp the poor girl. What a barbaric and painful way to die? She in no way deserved a break. the victims are never given consideration and their lives are treated as worthless by local judges.


Bigdog 7 months, 4 weeks ago on Cycling tourists could bring Walla Walla big money

I pray for the cyclists safety since the drivers in town totally disregard the safety of anyone else , be it two-wheelers or pedestrians - and the police turn a blind eye. I hope nobody gets killed. However this does not include the joggers that run two abreast down the middle of the road on Bryant Street early every morning. They have no idea just how invisible they are in the dark of morning and seem to have a death wish.


Bigdog 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Renovation project includes mural

OK so let me get this straight.....this rather large mural is perfectly fine within the city of Walla Walla? Yet the downtown Octopus was not?