Bigdog 1 month ago on Strip club aims for Saturday opening in Milton-Freewater

Bring the strip club over to Walla Walla. I am sure the city manager and his council puppets would be more than happy to accommodate your business. If it will bring in a buck or two, and destroy the quality of life as we used to know it -welcome!

Perhaps a few brothels would be a great idea too! I heard this used to be a mecca for that kind of activity. We need to get this all set up before the big concert. Weed, booze, strippers, and prostitutes - what a great legacy we will be leaving! Get high, get naked, and jump on the pile - right?

It is amazing to me that a handful of people are solely choosing the direction this town takes. Not much different than DC - so what the hell.


Bigdog 1 month, 1 week ago on Letter - McMorris Rodgers is no longer credible

Walla Walla is a sanctuary city - Turner was more than happy when the word came down from DC that he no longer had to detain any illegals in his jail. This I could never figure out, or fathom. He thought this was great news. I had no problems with his method of operation until that UB article came out. Public safety is not a concern of his.

Sad part is... the republicans chose NOT to defund both ACA and the open border plan Obama concocted. And they are surprised Trump is so popular...... they balked on their commitments to those who elected them.


Bigdog 1 month, 1 week ago on Letter - Customers and parking come first

If customers came first there would be no fee assessed to go downtown and spend money during the upcoming train wreck concert? It is amazing to me that no downtown merchants stood up to the city on this bad call. I guess they want to alienate the locals from being future customers. That is fine - Tri Cities is readily available.


Bigdog 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Something must be done to make Walla Walla streets safer

Unless it involves the promotion of booze, weed, or pleasure trips at the taxpayers’ expense; the council is simply not interested. There seems to be a silent agreement NOT to enforce any traffic laws, here. Citizen safety is sacrificed in the name of tourist dollars.


Bigdog 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Homeless center idea concerns neighborhood

This is so typical of the liberals. They come up with these fantastic ideas, as long as they are not located in "their" neighborhoods. So now it is Mr. Wilson's problem to figure out just where this homeless facility should be located? I think not. He is already going above-and-beyond, in living in, and trying to build up an area that has been neglected for years. He does not need more trouble added to what he already has.


Bigdog 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Column: Court reins in regulators; more to do

Moot point. Obama and company will have this planet annihilated long before the greenhouse gases will.


Bigdog 2 months ago on City sends contract to MumFoo producers to cover services

The city has no business being in involved in concert promotions. They do not know the first thing about a successful launch. They have already made commitments to the consultant, and spent money on a trip that could have been done via Podcast, or by phone. Who knows what other expenses have been incurred the public is unaware of? Putting taxpayer’s funds at risk is not being prudent nor responsible. There is no guarantee this alleged contract will be honored.


Bigdog 2 months ago on Editorial: Supreme Court ruling gives ACA chance to succeed

Most of the so-called success is artificial. Despite “being insured", many cannot find providers that will accept Medicaid. More and more, doctors and clinics are refusing to see these patients. Dentists never have…..

I witnessed an individual at the Walla Walla Clinic recently being told - "we are not accepting your Medicaid insurance anymore". The poor lady stated she had been treated the previous month. It seems ACA patients are no longer seen at that facility.

There is also collateral damage within the workforce. The deductibles and premiums have gone up for everybody else – how is that good? There are millions that were cut to 29 hours (since ACA considers FT employment as 30 hours). They were all hoping to gain those hours back, had things gone as they should have. The fight to repeal is only starting.


Bigdog 2 months, 1 week ago on Port settles with airport contractor over missing fuel

Poor decision making never seems to stop with the port. You do not negotiate a new lease with those that have blatantly stole from an organization. Not only did they steal but they hid the crime for a very long time. What will the Holm's do next? They have got to be laughing all the way to the bank with this settlement!

What would have been in order - would have been criminal theft charges, securing a judgment, and seizing the perpetrators property. At $500 per month, this won't be paid off in our lifetime. This is not realistic. Some reorganization / dismissal of staff and termination of the port finance officer should have been done immediately. The state auditor needs to take a look at what the port is doing with public funds.