BluMtMom 1 year, 11 months ago on Local girl-fight video an outrage

These 'children' & those encouraging them to fight have not been taught respect - for themselves or for others. This is a two-fold problem, in my opinion, First, parents have stopped being parents for the most part. It is no longer acceptable to discipline your kids because you might hurt their little psyches. Second, if the law and the "professionals" who know so much aren't going to allow parents to BE parents and raise kids with proper values and discipline you can't expect to have anything but this kind of behavior from these BRATS (soon to be jailbirds). If the police do NOT step in and do something about this they are as much to blame if not more so than these kids parents. Schools need to become less liberal cesspools and more learning academies once again. Computers and YouTube in school??? Try home schooling if the school can't or won't cooperate! Bet your kid at least will learn how to spell & balance a check book by graduation.