BuckBuck 4 months, 1 week ago on College Place parents speak out over coaching decision

@nextgenpub I agree. much ado about nothing. Diaz writes " it was clear after the testimony that all is not well at the new College Place High School, which is still under construction and slated to open for the fall 2016-15 school year."

Based on what? A one sided report about a hiring process that isn't going how a small group of residents would've liked? Please. It's more notable that despite the cacophony, the school board has stuck to a high level of integrity by not dragging Cox's less than positive attributes out into public view.

All I read here is the thinly veiled agenda of the UB to continue its attempts to undermine CPHS whenever possible.


BuckBuck 5 months ago on Letter - Is sun in drivers’ eyes an excuse?

The stretch of road where the rider was hit does not point into the setting sun but rather about 20-30 degrees toward the south. Go to the spot yourself. The setting sun would have been not in the drivers' line of sight - but off to his right, perhaps even obscured by the front right A-pillar of his car.

I can't fathom that 'sun in my eyes' was even an excuse where the accident occurred. He either is completely incompetent, wasn't paying any attention at all, or was distracted in the car by God knows what.

Go see yourself at sunset. The sun's position won't be terribly different - even 2 weeks later.

Charges wouldn't solve anything -- but it might serve as prevention in the future.


BuckBuck 2 years, 3 months ago on College Place reinstates lawsuit against car dealer

Mark W. Gilbert is a menace to our society. I am not in favor of punishment as a form of justice in our legal system per se. In this case, prison time would be for the safety of our city(s) just as in the case of a serial rapist or killer. I find this ongoing story profoundly disturbing -- and my judgment is that this man is seriously ill.