Chas 1 week, 3 days ago on Two-thirds majority for tax hikes is unconstitutional

We shall not make men justices, constables, sheriffs or bailiffs unless they are such as know the law of the land and are minded to observe it rightly. 15 Jun 1215



Chas 1 week, 3 days ago on Editorial: City Council’s decision to give Aviary more time pays off

Congratulations to the Friends of the Aviary!

I'm curious of the specifics to the current disagreement on operations? I enjoy our parks and think them well maintained. Are there are veterinary and public health requirements? I read of flocks in Oregon, Benton County, Washington, infected by migratory fowl with the latest avian flu and wonder what criteria, whether financial or public health determine their destruction?


Chas 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Editorial: Greed may put firms out of business

"He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance, with increase" The Preacher. The accumulation of money, a limited resource, itself creates poverty by its removal from the community. It is ancient knowledge. The "trickle down" philosophy was nonsense when I first heard it. The outcome of that policy that brought us to this present was predicted decades ago. I was familiar then of Tulipomania and the hysteria/madness that societies create. Money is speech? The very notion is absurd to me. Where is the case law & long evolution at trial that logically brought about that result? Our legislation has been perverted for personal gain, The Gramm Leach Bliley Act was corrupt. (Senator Phil Gramm did well lobbying for the Swiss bank UBS following his term of office. ) They rewrote bankruptcy law, a protection devised for the People, to turn it on its head and protect the lenders. They lowered taxes during the longest duration of war this country has known. Financial manipulations during times of war has long been, over centuries, considered near treasonous, if not treason. The privatization of government services has a long history, too. It requires corruption of the highest levels of all branches of government. The folly is every generation seems to need to learn these old lessons anew.


Chas 2 months ago on Pain medication overdose deaths in state slow

This reflects national trends that share one public policy in common—they are lowering in states that provide for medical marijuana.


Chas 3 months ago on Letter - Turner unwilling to work with other county officials

Frankly, that Tom Cooper knows what it is to be shuffled about by L&I and doctors and employers who care not that he's a deputy, he's just a claim number, I think will be a terrific and awful life experience that will toughen him. I also expect his empathy to be greater for the terrible experience of L&I post surgical waiting. As a claimant he has very little agency of his life right now. I suspect most people in jail feel the same way.


Chas 3 months ago on Letter - Turner unwilling to work with other county officials

I think politics is too rife with narcissists of all parties, namvet60

Thank you for the complement. We don't always agree, but you endeavor to well reason your position and I respect that.

I think it is as simple as voting: rule of law or Sheriff Turner


Chas 3 months ago on Turner replies to opponents’ claims

I'm not going to sling mud about Sheriff Turner. I'm going to report and add my viewpoint of his record.

Sheriff Turner prides himself as a lawyer. Sheriff Turner has lost at trial and paid ordered penalties by Judgement of the Court. He asserts today he did no wrong.

A lawyer who doesn't accept the judgment of the court places himself above the law. I don't want the senior law official of this County who acts as if court judgments don't matter. What world is he living in? At a distance he appears a dangerous narcissist.


Chas 3 months ago on Letter - Tom Cooper is good steward of taxpayers’ money

Sheriff Turner taks pride that he is a lawyer. Sheriff Turner has lost at trial and paid the ordered Judgment against him by the Court. He states today that he did nothing wrong.

What Sheriff Turner calls a training error, regarding our latest payment for misbehavior of a deputy, I would call kidnapping under-color-of-authority. I don't know we've paid the last on that claim.

Sheriff Turner asserts his judgment is higher the law and courts. At a distance he appears a dangerous narcissist.

Mr. Loney, while we've not spoken in years, and I've not always agreed with your votes, you've earned my respect for putting in the work. When I next see you, I'll, "Thank you."

The most important issues I've tended to agree with you. The qualities and temperament of the man who is the senior law enforcement official of this County must have a high standard. If Sheriff Turner has no respect for the judgment of the Court why would he have any respect for my rights, or, yours?

John Tuner can be judged on his record. It's nothing to be proud of. He's been an expensive four year on-the-job training that does't seem to have taught him anything.


Chas 3 months ago on Letter - Turner unwilling to work with other county officials

I find Sheriff Turner's record to be enough to vote for Tom Cooper. Sealed records are fine. What we know is:

Sheriff Turner takes great pride that he is a lawyer. Sheriff Turner has lost at trial and paid penalties ordered by the Judgment of the Court. That is his record.

He asserts today his judgment was better than that of the Court.

He thereby places himself above the law. At a distance he looks a dangerous narcissist.


Chas 3 months ago on Letter - Too many have had bad experiences with Turner

Sheriff Turner takes pride that he is a lawyer. Courts have made judgment against the sheriff and fines and fees have been paid in penalty. Sheriff Turner denies he did anything wrong.

Sheriff Turner's represents his judgment as higher than the Judgment of the Courts. This is the highest county law official we want? He appears at distance a dangerous narcissist.