Chas 5 months, 1 week ago on District officials in quandary over Wa-Hi

"The drama classes will still have no classrooms or storage capacity for sets and costumes"

The lack of these was known before the bond was passed and the building built. One only had to read and look at the informational flyers of that 1990s bond. These failures are in part why I lack trust of the district. Technology advances will probably make any new building inadequate within a short timeframe, the library and technology buildings being good examples.

I strongly support a new science building and Lincoln as the greatest priority due safety concerns and lab inadequacies.

Our secondary education model itself appears unsuited to the 21st century. That's another discussion for another time.


Chas 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Why have water towers?

I enjoyed this very much. Infrastructure, workers unseen, we take for granted. More like this, please.


Chas 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Food fight in the US Capitol must end now

The "destruction of the tea" was conducted by men in the dark of night wearing disguise. How can the Republican Representatives who self-identify in this government shutdown be upholding their oath, or affirmation, to uphold the Constitution?

I cannot understand how our own Representative, who voted against food stamps, represents herself as Christian?

The instructions are in the Preamble, "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare."

The AHA is law. The GOP declined participation in drafting the law, they cannot be allowed to thwart and relitigate law by withholding good governance.


Chas 7 months, 1 week ago on Looking at issues ‘rationally’

I think the first error is thinking that economics follow rational concepts. The difference of the face on the bill changes its worth? It's a piece of paper!


Chas 11 months ago on It's time to limit presidency to one term

I appreciate Mr. Westneat's bold thinking. It's also time to become unicameral and eliminate the Senate. None can make the case they've earned their pay, likely few could demonstrate they've understood their Oath and the Constitutional Articles and Sections pertaining to the work they were elected to perform.


Chas 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Bill on assaults in county courthouses raises penalties

A Walla Walla County Courthouse door on Main St. is patched where a Deputy shot through the door (and missed) at a fleeing defendant. I was a young boy at the time.


Chas 11 months, 4 weeks ago on Is this the government we want?

Bullseye Mr. McKern. These yahoos think the United States began in 1776, too. They've forgotten we've a century and half of colonial constitutions, laws, trials, Colonial Supreme Courts, under the British. Those Signers & Founders, many with early colonial ancestry, knew what the New World promised from the lips of their mothers and fathers..

You Mr. McKern know too.


Chas 1 year ago on Personal chef concocts fresh menus, services

As a single man, whose blood work is less than optimum, I've purchased, Tuesday, an entree, sat with Chef Colleen and talked about food. (talked about food like I've not done for a decade) She has a Grocery List that I looked over as we talked and realized would take me down grocery aisles I've seldom visited. Used it, what fun!

The Scotch Broth is the beginning of, I hope, of a long business/client relationship. I'm no longer eating frozen entrees, processed foods. I've made new food discoveries, and will enjoy prepared meals I've never experienced before.

Dr. Bob Sapolsky wrote that a trait of aging well is: novelty. I can't think of a better practice than new foods.

I've recently given serious thought to aging and health. It appears, having shopped yesterday, I'll spend less than before; after four days, I've not eaten so well in decades.