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He was also a California police officer and it's not like we can expect him to know Washington regs. He's not a patrol officer.

I've driven company cars and I'd never walk away from one running and unlocked. That's just looking after business.


Chas 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Unattended motor vehicle law prompts question

I agree bgaines but then I've received phone calls and letters of a pretty nasty nature when I've had Letters to the Editor printed with my name and town. mythoughts is wrought up about this and can be here too. It's after all, "thoughts" and usually sparse of ideas. The best writing practice is writing.


Chas 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Unattended motor vehicle law prompts question

Do you read this newspaper mythoughts? do you just troll here? " In a lawsuit filed in federal court in late June, Darrin W. Mercado, 51, contended Deputy Gerrod Martin, along with Washington State Patrol Trooper Shawn Williams and College Place police officers Steven Harris and Robert Harris violated his civil rights by transporting him from Oregon to Washington." Sheriff Turner ays it is a training problem.

Do not accuse me of slander if you will not quote it. "If in fact, UNKNOWN BY ME..."

Seriously. Do you read this newspaper? Do you read what you comment upon?

Your demand for "proof and facts" can be found in the Walla Walla County payout of the above quoted material found in THIS NEWSPAPER. The Sheriff says it's a training problem. The custody of a prisoner across state lines is a constitutional issue. A prisoner has rights. Limited. Yes. But constitutional rights, still.

If law enforcement do not understand that at the most basic level then we're not well served nor well managed at the Sheriff's Office.

That's not out of left field. This distraction of the keys in the vehicle is at risk of becoming one.


Chas 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Letter - Unattended motor vehicle law prompts question

It is not so much to me that the sheriff did this but it was a stupid thing to do.

Sheriff Turner represents himself as a person I do not see him to be. There are contradictions of what he says and how he describes himself and what is being done under authority I find discomforting. I do not think he understands the limited historical role the sheriff is to serve. I do think he understands power, perhaps too well.

I thought the normal procedure for transport of a prisoner across state lines required a court paper of extradition. Custody of the body and all that. In this recent pay-out I've not read any of the law enforcement officers seeking or acquiring papers. I wish the Union-Bulletin would enlarge upon the facts of the case.

If in fact, unknown by me, a criminal was transferred from one civil jurisdiction to another without proper documentation then this is not a small matter. The Sheriff is responsible for the lawful custody and treatment of prisoners, in our name.


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President Bush and Congress reduced taxes during the same time they prosecuted two land wars in Asia. That tells me how unhinged our leaders and voters are from reality. I recall one politician hinting the Iraq war would pay for itself.

A fine letter.


Chas 3 months, 2 weeks ago on County commissioners vote to ban pot businesses

NIDA has failed to provide marijuana for legitimate study contrary to the law and courts. They've not behaved in good faith. I respect you for choosing to help those with substance abuse problems, and I genuinely regret this, but to say medical marijuana is a myth is provably wrong. Big Pharma has Marinol, Sativex, and eight other prescription drugs based on chemicals found in marijuana. In my lifetime we've learned the nervous system has receptors for morphine and canabinoids. Even LSD and Ecstasy are finding use in experimental therapies for mental illness. They're probably not the answer but we continue learning.

I suffer intractable pain and spasm 24/7 due spinal cord injuries. The only medication available has been narcotics. Several years ago I discovered that marijuana allowed me to reduce narcotics on all but the worst days. (and I'm not so stupid as to take a toxic drug the same day I take another that causes memory problems)

I don't require much nor do I achieve a "euphoric high" from either. There is a difference between use and abuse.


Chas 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Bans on access to marijuana undercut intent of Initiative 502

The Washington State LCB had established four stores for Walla Walla County because their research show that legal purchases could support four stores. A marijuana market exists in Walla Walla and has for decades.

So far as growing and processing is concerned, the cities in this state with vacant industrial buildings are welcoming those high paying jobs and taxes. That they didn't allow one store means illicit markets, which I-502 was meant to disrupt and quash, will continue. Their vote should be understood as continuing the present criminal market. Their vote to "protect" the community is nonsense when the result is criminal status quo.

Or, perhaps they think we should thank them from protecting ourselves from ourselves. I think not.


Chas 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Letter - What is more disgusting than truth? Deception

That two of the longest serving Walla Walla Sheriff's Office deputies ran against Sheriff Turner tells me he doesn't manage people well. His former service with the LAPD doesn't impress me, except for his endless self-promotion.

That more than a few elected officials, many whom I know and trust, think the county needs a new sheriff, I'm swayed by their opinion.


Chas 3 months, 4 weeks ago on Area pot zoning efforts face resistance

The intent of the law is to provide product for sales the LCB estimates are lawful customers within the community using the drug currently. It is possible to test the urine of a waste treatment plant and determine how many persons were using the drug. Some portion of this is known to be underage use, which, the intent of the law, is to make it more difficult to acquire. Therefor, the State need the market monopoly. The only way to control the market is enforce sales at stores, That a greater percentage, in this case being a state initiative, the greater percentage of voters who opposed the Initiative lost 100%. For the law to work as intended the sale within counties must be allowed.