Igor 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Turner’s leadership, integrity, honesty questioned

Right on! As usual, we are on the same track. I served in the Nam too, 1969. Lost lots of good friends to snipers and rockets and I will forever hate the Dems for buggin' out and leavin' my li'l gook pals to twist in the wind. Our darkest moment. The whole thing made me wonder, is there a destructive progressive gene? Where everything our government does is wrong? Good on you Nam Vet! I love your thoughtful comments.


Igor 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Violence stems from brains, not guns

Well told! I've packed since I was a young man because I work in a profession where I get, or used to get, constant death threats.

I once had a guy come to my house at about 0300 hours kicking in my door. I went down in my bathrobe with a baseball bat only to be confronted with a guy with an automatic pistol pointed right at my belly.

I slammed the door and called 911. Fortunately there was a cruiser in my neighborhood and an Officer was there in less than three minutes.

Today I have tasers along with my pistols in my gun safes and can hop to in 30 seconds. No scum bag is ever gonna git the drop on me.

Listen poep0le, there's a reason why the Left wants your guns and it has nothing to do with public safety.


Igor 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Violence stems from brains, not guns

Nam Vet,

You always hit the nail. The kid from Seattle is a genuine hero. When others were running and hiding he went after the shooter. You can tell just by lookin' at his pic in the Seattle Times he's one tough hombre.

As Jim Baker said, the State of Idaho recently passed a law that allows students enrolled in its colleges and universities to carry concealed weapons on campus if they have a permit to pack.

I guess the Idaho Republicans were worried that they might someday have a mass shooting on one of their state's campuses and wanted their kids to have a fighting chance. The lefties were, predictably, outraged.

While there are obvious downsides to such a law, I believe, on balance, that it's a good law, especially if permitees are properly trained and screened like they are here in Washington.

Read John Lott's More Guns, Less Crime. Lott is an economist with a Ph.D from UCLA and has taught at Yale, the University of Chicago, the Warton School of Business and the University of Maryland. Right now he works for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank which I support with small donations from time-to-time. His book has convinced me beyond any doubt that More Guns = Less Crime.

There's a reason why the left wants our guns and it has nothing to do with public safety. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments.


Igor 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Letter - Turner’s leadership, integrity, honesty questioned

Good Letter Jerry! Though I've never met Sheriff Turner, my impression is that he's an extremely poor manager. Anyone that has his Department in constant turmoil from almost the beginning of his tenure does not deserve reelection. You can't run a department the way he has with all the continual strife and discord.

He's overspent his budget and has cost the County an ungodly amount of money defending all the administrative complaints lodged by his underlings. Moreover, he doesn't seem to be able to get along with the County Commissioners either. They've called him out on numerous occasions, even to the point of calling him a liar.

Part of being a good leader and being a good Department Head is instilling confidence and respect in your subordinates. Instead, by all indications, he has ripped his Department apart.

Murders are up, crime is up, and it doesn't seem that he has done much of anything to halt the escalation. And he was supposed to the "expert" in combating gang violence? Not from what I've seen.

Also, Jerry, I rise to your defense on the DUI. DUI is not a crime of moral turpitude and when you served as Judge, you were probably the best District Court Judge our County has ever had.

Good on you, Jerry, for your letter, and I hope that the voters will heed your pleas and listen. Can't fight crime with a law enforcement agency in turmoil. As one who served, if you don't have trust in your Commander, then the unit can't function. A good commander knows how to unify his troops.

Turner needs to go back to L.A.


Igor 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Letter - Warrior class keeps nation free


Thanks man! I can't thank you enough for your comment. When I was in college my fellow students decided to organize a march to protest the war. Everything that I knew about the war at that point convinced me that it was, as JFK said, a just and good war.

My fellow students decided to organize a march to protest. They had several hundred participants. I tried to organize a counter march. I spent lots of time trying to organize but on the day in question only about 5 guys showed up. Not enough to march.

But they all joined the Army or the USMC and are still good friends today. When I graduated from college 1967 I joined the Army. For this I was derided and ridiculed by many of my fellow classmates and friends on the left.

And I still am. Many in my class found a way to beat the draft. Some fled to Canada or found some other way to avoid service.

I have no problem with COs whose religion precludes them from killing. In my case, I’ve never had any objection to killing bad people. As a devout Christian and a staunch proponent of the death penalty, I think it’s a good practice.

After a year in the Nam I was convinced that I’d made the right decision, was proud of my service and was glad to see that we’d finally been able to let the ARVN fight their own war.

But what happened after that still makes me sick. I still feel badly for how our County betrayed the po’ buggers and left them to twist in the wind. Also for my friends that had died over there (some before my eyes).

In the eyes of the left, their sacrafices counted for nothing. Take care PealY. I enjoy your thoughtful, well, reasoned comments.


Igor 2 months ago on Letter - Warrior class keeps nation free

Mine too. I was a bit over the top with my rant last night. I should learn to hold my tongue. I'll never understand those that dislike those of us that served. People forget that most of us didn't have any choice in the matter, i.e., that we were conscripted. Still I continue to believe that the war was a noble cause and I have no regrets. Anyway, I apologize for getting so worked up and for the use of the word "gook." I didn't mean it as a racial slur and was referring to my buddies, some of whom perished in "reeducation" camps. They were good fighters for the most part but we left them "high and dry." You can't fight a war without ammo, spare parts, etc. Our betrayal of our allies was just sickening and I will never get over it. When I went back to visit the place I met a guy whose father had served in the ARVN army as a company grade officer. He told me that his father nearly died in a concentration camp after the war but was luckier than most. That is, he told me that the North simply shot all field grade officers and all the higher ranking NCOs. His dad was spared because he was only a lowly lieutenant. In my humble opinion we do war very well if we're allowed to fight as we were trained and not hamstrung by our corrupt politicians. Sending troops to Vietnam may have been a mistake but leaving with our tail between our legs and abandoning our allies was a huge mistake that we'll never live down. As I said, the darkest moment in the history of our Country. But don't get me started. And sorry to anyone I offended.


Igor 2 months ago on Letter - Warrior class keeps nation free


Thank you Al, for your service. I presume you’re a Nam Vet too. I served as a 1LT USAR Cu Chi 1969. Rockets and mortars at Cu Chi, where I was stationed, were a regular occurrence. I lost many good friends.

I wouldn’t leave base without a fully armed squad in a ¾ ton and an M-60. Snipers and mines were everywhere. I find the assertion that “we don’t do war very well” not only offensive to me personally, but also an affront to my fallen comrades. Hurtful and outrageous. I take Bruce’s assertion as a personal affront.

Our troops never lost a fight on the field of battle in the Nam and we had won the war before I rotated back to the states. The Cambodian Incursion was staged from my base at Cu Chi and our other base at Tay Ninh.

After we’d killed ‘em all and burned their stuff the war was over. I could drive anywhere in III Corps with impunity. We did not lose that war, Bruce, we just bugged out, thanks to yer liberal Democrats pals and their weak kneed Republican allies.

Just like my li’l gook brothers, I felt betrayed. We had promised to support our allies, but we left them to twist in the wind. The darkest moment in our history. The pics of the tank crashing through the gates of the Presidential Palace almost broke my heart and still bring a tear to my eye.

A few years ago I met up with a “brave man of conscience” that fled to Canada. He and I nearly came to blows. What about the people we left behind thanks to the Democrats? I know 'cause 8 years ago I went back to the Nam to seek out some of my li’l gook friends. Most had been murdered by Ho! Every time I hear some Democrat talk about all the lives we saved by buggin’ out of Vietnam I just want to throttle him.

Pol Pot murdered about 2 million of his countrymen ‘cause they wouldn’t knuckle under to his Marxist way. When the North rolled over the South they murdered about a million (I know some with whom I served that were greased), and there were almost a million that died at sea.

Help me, Bruce, understand how our military is bad for our planet. I’m proud of my service and I absolutely loathe those like you and your Marxist pals that continually run down our military and those of us that served. Without us, your life would be a hell of a lot different. What did you do in the war, Bruce?

Help me, Mr. McCutchen, understand why war is bad when I answer my summons and go off to kill bad folks that would destroy us, but folks like you sit here at home tellin’ us were bad people for all our killin’. I just don’t git it Bruce.

I’d like to meet you sometime, Bruce, if you got the guts to look me in the eye. I’ll meet you, Bruce, any place you designate, if you got the nerve, which I doubt. If we agree to meet, I think I’ll bring ol’ Al along. He don’t like you much either.

Those that served and died are my brothers. Those that fled to Canada are scum! The Vietnam War was a noble cause.



Igor 2 months, 1 week ago on Letter - I-594 is sensible effort to prevent illegal gun sales

Outstanding! I'd could support private background checks if I could be assured that our government would not use the information supplied for the NICS check to compile an owner's registry. But I don't trust our government, state or federal, to obey the law. In fact, after six years of Obama, I pretty much expect that government won't obey the law.

For those fools that think that disarming the law abiding will decrease crime, I commend John Lott's book, More Guns, Less Crime. For every accidental shooting, there are hundreds of cases where people with firearms prevented a crime.


Igor 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Report: Climate change already apparent in Pacific Northwest

People that have bought into all the climate change hype need to read the John R. Christy article that appeared in the March 23 issue of the U.B. Though the temperature has risen a fraction of a degree since thermometers were available to measure, it has not risen one iota in the past 17 years despite the predictions of those on the left. Their predictions were all based on tortured data and computer models which obviously were deeply flawed.

The temperature of the world has risen and fallen over the past several hundred years, way before we started dumping massive amounts of C02 into the atmosphere. We know this from oxygen isotopes entrenched in the polar ice caps. The Middle Ages, when it was the warmest, was a time of great prosperity for mankind. People were even cultivating crops in Greenland. If the planet has warmed a bit in the last hundred years, there's no evidence that the warming was man caused or, if it was, that we can do anything about it.

The left likes trot out the Michael "Climategate" Mann hockey stick graph to support its position on the issue. That graph was based partially on "pre-thermometer" estimates of temperature, which have been severely discredited by all variety of scientists. But one dares not speak the truth in this regard without risking litigation. A frightening but also entertaining article on Mann's lawsuit against the National Review appears in the May 5 issue of that magazine. Apparently one can no longer question the "settled science" of those on the left without risking civil action.

First Amendment? What First Amendment? We don't need no stinking First Amendment! Disagree with the left on just about anything and they'll do what they always do, namely, resort to the courts. If you can't push your agenda though Congress then you sue. Or, at least, that's the way it was before Obama. Now all you have to do is simply request an illegal executive order. Much more efficient.


Igor 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Columnist: Common sense calls for repeal of Second Amendment

Well told! At first I thought that the Large editorial was too absurd to even merit a comment. But your comment is very well taken and I agree with you 100%. So long as we can maintain our Bill of Rights we will remain a free people. The fundamental purpose of the Second is to guard against oppressive government. An armed citizenry is and always has been the best defense tyranny, whether at the hands of a left wing or a right wing government. Why some folks don't understand this completely escapes me.