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I don't care who the Republicans run just so long as he or she can whup Hillary. If the GOP is stupid enough to pick Trump it will be a landslide for Hillary.

So far Bush is the only one with half a chance. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/president/. Bush may be a moderate (he needs to walk it back on Common Core) but he did a pretty good job as FLA Gov.

My theory on Trump is that he's a Democratic operative. He's given lavishly over the years to the Democrats but very little by comparison to the Republicans.

The real danger is that the Republicans will select someone other than Trump and then The Donald will run as a third-party candidate thereby handing the election to Hillary on a silver platter.

Perhaps Hillary wouldn't be all that bad. After all, she'd have ol' Bill to tell her what to do and if she listens to him maybe, unlike 'Bama she'd try to work with Congress for the betterment of the people.

P.S. Please tell me where I'm wrong on my facts, history and science. I've love to be enlightened by someone of your high intellectual caliber.


Igor 4 days, 19 hours ago on Letter - Bipartisan effort needed to end violence, injustice

I agree that we have more people incarcerated than need be due largely to the "Three Strikes Your Out" laws and determinate sentencing.

For users drug treatment is a better alternative. But for dealers harsh sentences are still in order. I've seen too many lives destroyed by drugs.

I don't know where you got your figures on what it costs to send a kid to college these days but it's more on the order of what it costs to incarcerate an inmate.

Our justice system in not perfect. As DNA evidence has shown, many innocent people have been incarcerated, but we do more than any other country to protect the rights of the innocent.


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I enjoy your letters, primarily because they provide much insight into the workings of the progressive mind, something that has baffled me ever since the first election of Obama. Correct me where I’m wrong, but the new Progressive Manifesto seems to be premised on these four concepts.

  1. All people are good. The reason why people do bad things is that they’ve been abused and held back by “The Man.” If we give ‘em mo’ betta free stuff they will better behave themselves. This I call “The Income Inequality” argument. Expanded, the reason the third world hates us is that we’ve exploited and oppressed them from time immemorial. But if we’d give ‘em mo’ betta free stuff not only will they behave, but they’ll also like us too. This I call “The United Nations Income Inequality” argument.

  2. Mo’ betta gubmint is always the answer. This I call the “Bernie Sanders Solution.” Though I agree with Dr. Philpot that Sanders is not a true socialist, he is a “mo’ betta gubmint” proponent, who wants to raise the marginal tax rate to 90%. Hillary’s tryin’ to one up him with her 45% LTCG tax. Either one would send us into another recession unless we can borrow a few more trillion from China.

  3. The Republican War on Women. So preposterous it’s not even worth mentioning.

  4. AGW. Again, so preposterous it’s not even worthy of discussion.

Last week ‘Bama pardoned a whole bunch of dangerous drug offenders because they’d been incarcerated for nonviolent crimes. If you and Obama don’t believe that the selling of dangerous drugs is not a violent crime, then I submit that you haven’t examined the facts.

As one that has spent nigh on 40 years in law enforcement, I can tell you that drugs are the leading cause of violence in our society. I’m not talking about weed. I’m referring to heroin, cocaine and meth, especially the latter.

So far as your comment on “vindictive, aggressive, military polices,” I can only assume that you’re talking about Vietnam. Though I concede that Iraq was a mistake, Vietnam was not.

We were obligated under SEATO to come to the aid of RSVN. As one who served under fire in “the Nam,” I can attest that we had won that war before we bugged out to leave 4 million to die at the hands of the VC and the NVA.


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And it truly is a religion. It fundamental tenants, like those of all the great religions of the world, necessarily have to be taken on faith.


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Hey Mlesko70,

Where you been the last few years? Since Barack Hussein Obama took office? Lies, lies and more lies. The age old hallmark of the Left, who seem to have taken a lesson from Goebbels. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it . . . It thus becomes vitally important for the media to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of lie, and thus by extension, the greatest enemy of the State.”

Sound familiar? Come 2016 the main planks in the platforms of our “Progressive” candidates will be “Climate Change,” “The Republican War on Women,” and “Income Inequality.” Ol’ Joe Stalin and Uncle ‘Dolph only had the last one to help propel them to power, but today’s Left will be relying heavily on all three in the next big election.

No one with half a brain that has studied the literature believes that Climate Change is a threat to mankind any more. Yes, the planet has warmed and cooled over the eons, but up until 2014 the temperature has remained constant for the last 17 years despite all the awful CO2 emissions and all the gloom and doom predictions of the 97% of all leftist Climate Scientists.

The “Republican War on Women?” Well, another fiction. It’s been illegal to discriminate against people in the work place on the basis of their sex since 1964. Try that and you’ll get yourself sued quicker than you can say “Climate Change.” It’s a fact. “Income Inequality?” Ah, yes, the siren’s song of the socialists from their earliest days. ‘Cause it just ain’t right that some should have so much when others have so little.” “A chicken in every pot.”

Right. Socialism has failed miserably everywhere it’s been tried, starting with Plymouth Colony. After two years of socialism our Pilgrim Fathers created a system of private property and abandoned their socialist mandate. The Colony was withering theretofore. Afterwards it prospered. And the list goes on and on.

So Bruce M., how’s yer health plan? If you liked it I’m sure you’ve kept it and your doctor too, and are probably saving ‘bout $2,500.00 per year like all the rest of us. NOT! Hey, if you hung out with Cathy McMorris and a few of us Vets you might actually get to like us. (Hah! Just funning!)


Igor 1 week, 2 days ago on Letter - McMorris Rodgers is no longer credible

Kool Aid? Perish the though! I stick to gin. I doubt that I'd blog at all if it were not for you and Singleton. You're both always spot on.


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Foley was the one whose focus seemed to be on D.C. rather than E.W. during his last few terms, which is why he was defeated by George Nethercutt in 1994. That said, he was a friend of mine and a first class guy. In his defense his duties as House Speaker took up a great deal of his time, which is perhaps why he became somewhat estranged from his electorate.

I haven’t seen the same with McMorris. She’s always been responsive to my letters and emails. Recently she came to College Place to meet with a group of disabled Vets who’ve been having trouble getting help from the VA.

I attended the meeting and was impressed with her heartfelt concern. She had with her a man on her staff who’s her liaison to our local VA. He’s been helping me with my quest to obtain hearing aids from the VA. I’m deaf because of my time in the Army and Vietnam. I still don’t have the aids yet, but with the help of McMorris I’m almost there. She cares deeply for our Vets.

I don’t dispute the fact that she follows the Republican Party line. But this doesn’t make her the demon you make her out to be. I realize that most of the Progressive Dems think that Republicans are evil. Most of my Republican friends think that Democrats are either naïve or stupid or both. Neither side is correct, of course.

But that’s the nature of politics, which is why we have wars and revolutions. Hopefully the Left and the Right can continue to find common ground in our Country. But I ain’t gonna hold my breath. We haven’t been this politically polarized since the Civil War. Perhaps if we reinstituted mandatory service that might bring us closer together.

The draft brought me closer to the diverse elements of our population and I’ll be forever grateful that I was impressed into the service of my Country. It made me a better person, albeit a conservative. Do thoughts like this make me a bad person?