Jamie 2 years ago on Arcola Rais

Just wanted to say that I will miss Grandma June/Arcola. I know the rest of her step-family including the ones not even mentioned in Obit loved her & always will. We werent included nor notified of her her passing. Just wanted to let all who reads this know that we loved her & always will. She was always nice & loving toward all of us. I have so many great memories of her. The best one was when she got to meet her step great grand daughter Kaylee. Who walked for the 1st time at her house. The other great memories of when we went & saw her in the summer of 2009. From the Rais side of the the family tree ... love, light & peace to you Grandma June. Will miss you. Thank you for being such a wonderful & loving lady in my life. I loved your laugh & all the stories you would tell me about my Grandpa Wes. The whole grapes nuts and half & half milk in the morning heated up even when I didnt think I would like it. But grandpa said ... oooo she will like it... lol ... The mornings in the flower gardens. xxxooo