Jo99362 9 months ago on Acceptance imperative for nation’s future

Not only do we need to learn about our country's beginnings of massacring each other and other ethnicities, but also how a generation of people in the 60s & 70s changed society. I still firmly believe that schools should require "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" for reading before graduation, how it relates to the current trend of racism. We are slowly repeating history in a more modern way and to more people, its not about white versus everyone, its becoming "me" versus "everybody else." Where does all this hate come from?


Jo99362 9 months ago on Fireworks law should be enforced

Pretty sure there are a lot of people in Walla Walla who do not subscribe to the newspaper to even know what the rules are about fireworks. Yes, you can report your neighbors setting off illegal fireworks, but it's up to the police department to do something about it, such as, get city council to raise the fines to deter the behavior. There are only so many cops who are able to answer every single call, but it has to start from somewhere for them to track how many calls that they actually get.


Jo99362 9 months ago on Poll shows divide over plans for Walla Walla High School

It would of been helpful to show statistics of who actually votes, the audience the school district has to woo to get more votes. It doesn't help that Tri-Cities has local news stations that report their construction costs are lower than Walla Walla and they are building many times more schools for what one Walla Walla High School was going to cost. Now that Lincoln is successful, the delay in addressing Wa-Hi sooner is now about what is more important for the voters. Doesn't help to garner more votes that the School District spent the leftover Edison money on a separate project.


Jo99362 9 months ago on Muslim influence in US runs deep

"It is almost certainly more dangerous to hire Muslims for sensitive security jobs than non-Muslims"

Hmmmm, so government should not hire evangelical christians because they are more likely to bomb abortion clinics, therefore, they would have pressure from their christianity ideology and/or pressure from their pastor to act on their faith?

Or we should not hire any Asians because of WWII and ancestry ties to communism and computer hacking???

Or all those Native casinos a revenge plot?


Jo99362 9 months ago on Cultural understanding, goodwill and peace

I believe the point is that we are all different based on our past, race, religion, environment, etc. America may eventually get over it's fear/ignorance about Muslims. We eventually got over the issue of Japan & WWII that we didn't need to send any Asian looking people to concentration camps anymore.


Jo99362 9 months, 1 week ago on Walla Walla needs a pool

There is a public pool for little kids, ages 10 and under, at Jefferson Park. Soon, there will be some new splash pads going in at Washington Park, which is led by community members. If you want something done, get organized and do it. The city can only do so much.


Jo99362 9 months, 1 week ago on Muslim influence in US runs deep

Wow. Looks like someone needs to go back to college and learn about the History of Islam. Not all Muslim women wear the hijab, nor is it required, but it's a choice to be modest depending on which Sunni school of thought that they follow. Just like Christianity and the different types of christians who choose to wear a headcovering (Amish, Mennonites, etc.) not because they are terrorists. President Obama says he's christian, why should I question that? Oh, right, because he's black??? Muslims are not race specific religion.


Jo99362 9 months, 1 week ago on U-B's cynical comments on school food puzzling

The schools have a fresh salad bar that the kids do not use, which is nice that its even an option, especially if someone like me cannot have dairy or a family that is vegetarian. The loss in revenue is mainly the amount of food the schools have to throw away because usually the kids do not choose to eat vegetables and/or fruit. When I talk to 3rd graders, I ask what their favorite lunch food is, its usually pizza/hamburger/chicken nuggets . . . then I ask what their favorite vegetable/fruit, they usually like corn, oranges, green beans, and carrots. So kids do enjoy healthy food, they are just not FORCED to eat it at school.


Jo99362 10 months ago on Effort to get reliable input on new Wa-Hi plan is wise

I fully support a complete new science/math building because those classrooms are deplorable. The other stuff added on is what makes me hesitate, like the track issue. Then there are all the school bonds in Tri-Cities and they report their bonds are much cheaper and were for 5 NEW elementary schools, so it makes you wonder.

I will also completely support any stand-alone Lincoln bond. We have to face the facts that not every student is on the college track, students are dealing with tragic family situations where traditional means is not helping them graduate and be productive members of society.


Jo99362 1 year, 1 month ago on Group puts 'food stamp budget' to the test

I was listening to NPR, it was interesting that food stamps does not require someone to have a job/work to attain the service. Essentially, its free stuff that some people feel they are entitled to but no accountability of how its used. I know that people have some crappy lives and/or mental health issues that make it hard for them to have a job (being jobless for over 5 years) but how do we help the ones who NEED it versus the ones who abuse the system?