Kahunga 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Cheesemaker in ag zoning limbo

I didn't see anything about a zoning change causing the problem. It is the opposite. They need a zoning change in order to operate legally. They have been out of compliance ever since they started selling on their property. I do hope they get the zoning changed..


Kahunga 1 month ago on Letter - Need for Wa-Hi science building questioned

My guess is, if this contract is partially funded by federal money, prevailing wages must be paid no matter if union or not.

The prevailing wage law is very corrupt, but that is for another article.


Kahunga 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Wind power industry wants tax credit restored

Plus we are all paying more for electricity since the wind power companies get paid for their wind generated power whether it is needed or not. This, in a State with tremendous hydro power that is not even considered renewable. How crazy can it get?


Kahunga 5 months ago on Robbing Peter to pay Paul gains Paul’s support


I think you left out part of Wiktionary's definition of 'mental gymnastics'. I believe this is what Norman was referring to:

'Inventive, complex arguments used to justify unjustifiable decisions, or situations.'


Kahunga 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Octopus mural should have stayed

I wonder if Curtis believes all the shop owners, downtown, have the right to paint whatever they like on their store fronts. It could turn into a tacky mess very quickly, though I am not saying the octopus was tacky. Just too large for the zoning codes.


Kahunga 1 year ago on RLD library plans a bargain for taxpayers

Wasn't the $245,000 to cover operating costs? What will be the operating costs of the new libraries? I am guessing it won't be a "bargain".


Kahunga 1 year, 1 month ago on New Wa-Hi plan must be built on consensus

Here is a reason I just recently learned. Washington State code requires an architect for work on buildings over 4000 S.F. I am not sure just when this kicks in, but certainly on the scope of the school renovations. Our project is much, much smaller in renovation but requires an architect.

So, some group has a good lobbyist to get that cost increase through our legislature.