Kevconpat 11 months, 1 week ago

I'm 57 Y.O. I have tattoos (2) They are hidden unless I wear a Muscle T....Oh yes, My muscles are not really there anymore, but my memories and dreams are fresh in my mind.

I am probably not any different than the people who (are younger) and wear more tattoos and piercings......My last ones were removed about 10years ago. No one asked me to, I just decided to. Ok, there is a slight a difference! ( My earrings- my Tats are still on me. My point: we should all be a little more 'OPEN' minded and Opened hearted to everyone as styles and choices change concerning body art. These (mostly) younger people are most often very smart, talented and ready to work... Are we, (the older ones) the closed minded ones stuck in a place that is out of date? Give them a chance. ( Younger Americans)- Judge them on their aptitude, their willingness to work, their desire to make a difference; their difference as an American individual. Some of these kids are our Kids, for crying' out loud! They have tattoos and piercings.........not machetes to cur-off heads of 'Westerners'. They're NOT the Taliban, or ISIS! I mean........remember when our Parents scolded us for our 'PRIZED' long hair........ guys, and girls too much eye makeup!? Too short of a dress? Chill........ Now, an important point young people........... -------. Go to a job interview with all your hopes and dreams....... Dressed nice and , well conservative. Cover the Tata's,(temporarily!) Get hired, then slowly pass it along- you know, pay it forward. Be YOURSELF. then show your tats and earrings. Your personality. Change will come. Just be sincere and be smarter! This way you'll be who you are without compromise! Our country will be just fine, really!


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