Kevconpat 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Updated - Warming center finds home at First Congregational

The Good yet very modest People of First Congregational Church are really the most genuine lovely humans beings this side of heaven. Never judgmental and always with their hearts, minds and hands open- to all in need. With Blue Mountain Action council and United Way of WW, they are a perfect match! Heartfelt thanks...... Walla Walla Garden Guys.


Kevconpat 3 months ago on Letter - Union-Bulletin endorsement of Rep. Maureen Walsh questioned

Maureen Walsh was censured by an old-line stuck in the mud Republican party- at least two of the four Republican parties in the county over...WAIT!-......drum roll...... equality for gays. Something along the line for 1.) Domestic Partnerships. 2.) then- Same sex marriage. Marriage Equality. Not really all that extreme, unless you were those old-line stuck in the mud, ya know... Do as we instruct you to do, Republicans or else! So she was censured. Big wup! The public state-wide vote- and that is the way it works did pass marriage equality. WW county didn't, but that did not change the results for our state.

In the past Mary Ruth Edwards website was full of anti gay, anti inclusive marriage equality with extreme warnings of the damage the gay agenda would cause the good people of the state of WA. Gay agenda? I'm still trying to figure out what the heck that was about! Striving for and demanding equality is an agenda? Gay agenda!? It is indeed true that the current web site contains no such warnings or a mere mention of gays and marriage equality. Look, both women are smart and believe in their causes and really have love for this state. Their 'love and freedom' for the states citizens however in my mind is light years apart. Maureen seems to not in the least be hung up on who should be able to marry who AS long as it is permissible under the State laws and recognized by the federal government. Two people, gay or straight may marry each other to the exclusion of all others. Oh yes and the Supreme court evidently agrees. I like Mary Ruth Edwards and she would be a fine neighbor to my spouse and I. Really, you see, we are acquaintances. I just spent time talking with M.R. Edwards for several hours last week. I appreciate both women for their current and pass dedication to education initiatives and to Mary's time in serving our country as a Marine. More freedom? Less taxes? I'll put my vote and (hope) on Maureen.


Kevconpat 3 months, 3 weeks ago on State employees have waited long enough for wage increase

They are different. Six years however, is a long time to wait. The 'raise' is not yet guaranteed. Even I had a paltry increase at my previous employer of which I worked for and very diligently for 3 1/2 years. It was not for the state of WA. I have however moved on to a better financial fit for me and my Family. .........Yes, six years is a long time.


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I'm 57 Y.O. I have tattoos (2) They are hidden unless I wear a Muscle T....Oh yes, My muscles are not really there anymore, but my memories and dreams are fresh in my mind.

I am probably not any different than the people who (are younger) and wear more tattoos and piercings......My last ones were removed about 10years ago. No one asked me to, I just decided to. Ok, there is a slight a difference! ( My earrings- my Tats are still on me. My point: we should all be a little more 'OPEN' minded and Opened hearted to everyone as styles and choices change concerning body art. These (mostly) younger people are most often very smart, talented and ready to work... Are we, (the older ones) the closed minded ones stuck in a place that is out of date? Give them a chance. ( Younger Americans)- Judge them on their aptitude, their willingness to work, their desire to make a difference; their difference as an American individual. Some of these kids are our Kids, for crying' out loud! They have tattoos and piercings.........not machetes to cur-off heads of 'Westerners'. They're NOT the Taliban, or ISIS! I mean........remember when our Parents scolded us for our 'PRIZED' long hair........ guys, and girls too much eye makeup!? Too short of a dress? Chill........ Now, an important point young people........... -------. Go to a job interview with all your hopes and dreams....... Dressed nice and , well conservative. Cover the Tata's,(temporarily!) Get hired, then slowly pass it along- you know, pay it forward. Be YOURSELF. then show your tats and earrings. Your personality. Change will come. Just be sincere and be smarter! This way you'll be who you are without compromise! Our country will be just fine, really!


Kevconpat 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Walla Walla City Council, aviary group at funding ‘crossroads’

This aviary did not morph into an 'albatross' over night. For years and years there had been neglect- band aid fixins', then the big whammy was the huge storm several years back. The enclosure was brought down and along with it huge trees. Remember the STORM!? Let's be fair, here. The aviary could become a real center piece for the city, let alone Pioneer Park. The city needs strong leadership and commitment to this jewel in the rough. The very fact that ordinary people with Shane Laib at the helm have come this far in such short order even as the proverbial time restraints are omnipresent is extraordinary. If Council kills it now when Shane Laib claims they are So very close to funding - would be a huge waste of all the volunteers time and energy. Two months extension is not asking much and could deliver so much more.


Kevconpat 4 months, 3 weeks ago on West’s appeals court to hear same-sex marriage bans

Meanwhile, despite the court fights - Families go on doing what Families do, everyday. On Hobson Street, Between Roosevelt and Edison Elementary School where my spouse and I live, children play together, go to school together, text, sometimes quarrel then make up and the whole scene starts again! (My child , all grown up lives in San Diego with her Family and two teenage children.) Our neighborhood is awash with vibrancy, laughter and a lot of kids! The Parents meanwhile take care of these children and sometimes take care of their neighbors children. One of our neighbors children takes care of our 4 animals when we are out of town. Most of us on Hobson are home owners but the few who rent have been here for quite sometime. It seems everyone say's hello and waves as they go along through the day. In a way we are a big American Family; Seven Heterosexual household Families and Two Homosexual household Families. Meh...NO one cares. Together we all await A Supreme Court decision in confirming Marriage equality for all. You see, we have all ready settled it here in our neighborhood.


Kevconpat 4 months, 3 weeks ago on County commissioners vote to ban pot businesses

Wow, sounds like it is very good that you do not use either, (I assume)... I think you need some education to 'mellow' out your ignorance.You're against it, fine. Get the facts, please. Pot vs alcohol....... Medicinal marijuana is a 'myth'. Really !? I'm glad you seem to know it all. I know alcohol can be very devastating and does kill thousands......... Let's get real here, though. What's liberal or conservative have to do with controlling the sale of pot and it's medicinal value as well. Abuse of alcohol or pot would be dangerous, but this is about adults who legally would buy and consume it. If they screw up, seriously, what's new. People screw up everyday. People under the influence of most drugs while driving are dangerous, but you are way off base. In your world we would leave the marijuana to the street gangs. This is what you are really saying, chicoli. The alternative ,( I say) is worth trying. Where have you been living my good man- for the last 60 years?


Kevconpat 4 months, 4 weeks ago on County commissioners vote to ban pot businesses

For those commissioners who voted against the peoples choice to legalize, use, sell and tax pot, I hope they,(the commissioners) enjoy their cocktails at home, making sure their children are not allowed any access to it- even it's sight (or to you) when you are drinking in a social setting. I'm sure you're all so very proper while sucking down the suds. Alcohol is a drug, controlled and taxed! Hmmmm...Oh yeah, and your friends, family and co-workers, I'm sure none of them EVER smoke pot. Oh my! Never in you group, right! Hypocrisy at it's best. Stupidity at it's most if you're standing up for Family Values? Really!? This is however, what I expected. This from one who no longer uses..........not for over 15 years, but knows enough and understands enough that the majority who do are smart, law abiding, safely using ... adults. Let's leave all the selling of pot to the illegal druggies to sell to children,(No ID check!) and those who want or need it medicinally to buy from them. Isn't this what we were trying to get away from? Great choice!. Good decision. NOT! You two commissioners are such hypocrites. Almost as bad as those who rail against same sex marriage. Get a life.......Think about being adult and letting adults be in charge of their own personal choices, responsibility. Perhaps this is too much to ask for. Nothing political in your decision in this conservative area, what ever that means. Ever hear of the Nanny State!?


Kevconpat 5 months, 1 week ago on Letter - Pledge support for Pioneer Park Aviary

Our city has a budget of 24 million- or so. The fact that they refuse to fund the Aviary is tragic. The $$$ is there, the guts are not. What happened to their compassion and Family Values? Was this place not a special truly Family Values venue? In hindsight it will be a huge loss for WW with the city council, mayor and city manager the ones to blame . As can be seen and heard many citizens were willing to give of their their own time and pockets. Thank you Ms. Johannessen and countless others. I feel like we were given the old heave-ho. The beautiful birds and other creatures that gave us hours of love and quiet education right in our own backyard. - Look- I know there are many pressing needs. The Aviary however, was a unique asset for the whole community. It helped keep WW unique, delightfully quirky in this modern rush, rush world. All the years that it has been here will be for what? It's like throwing out your older family members because- well they cost too much. Shame. Our city will regret this. Yep, this coming from a "west sider" and spouse who chose to live here for the peace and tranquility which will now be so much less.